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6 Things: Pranks

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
When Eddie Lack was playing junior hockey in Sweden, one of his teammates took it upon himself to help Lack plan his birthday party.

The teammate, who shall remain nameless, sent out 1,000 birthday invitations to help spread the word of the celebration. Nice guy, right?

“It was for a fake birthday party that I wasn’t having because it wasn’t my birthday,” laughed Lack. “People showed up, but I wasn’t there.”

Pranks are as commonplace in hockey dressing rooms as they are in everyday life. With April Fools' Day around the corner, the Vancouver Canucks revealed some of the best pranks they’ve seen but definitely not been a part of because they're all really good guys who would never do immature stuff like this - wink.

Here are 6 Things you should know about how to prank a teammate.


“I don’t do the pranks, someone in this room does the pranks and there’s two of them that they’ve been pulling on me. Someone locks my iPhone, so if you type in the wrong password enough times it locks it for five minutes, then 15 minutes, then an hour and so on. Someone did that to me and I still don’t know who it was.

“The other one is that they always use my phone to play music and someone keeps downloading Beyoncé and Ricky Martin albums onto my phone. I don’t know who it is. I have to change my password.”

-Zack Kassian


“I had a coach glue my dress shoes together during a game, but they didn’t actually stick, I just had glue all over my shoes and it wrecked them. He was a former video coach. He thought it would be funny to glue the shoes together at the sides, then I just pulled them apart because they didn’t stick and there was just glue everywhere and it ruined my shoes. The shoes I got married in too. And he still denies it to this day, but someone caught him red handed.

“Another good one: we were in Denver the one year and someone nailed Hordichuk’s shoes into the bottom of his stall. So he went to lift them up and he couldn’t get them out. That was funny.

“There’s pranks going on around here these days too, a lot of it has to do with people’s phones and stuff like that, but I’m too old for that stuff now.”

-Kevin Bieksa


“In junior, guys would get their clothes all taped up in a ball and thrown into the freezer after they were wet, so their clothes are frozen stiff after they come out from practice.

“Water under the helmet is a classic. You fill up a Gatorade cup full of water and then the guy goes to drag his helmet off the shelf and the water comes flying down with it. I’ve never had the frozen clothes done to me, but definitely the water behind the helmet. That’s a tough way to start practice, a little wake up call for sure.”

-Ryan Stanton


“We had this one guy one year and every time he’d go out to practice, they’d grab his street socks and take them to the training room and sew them shut. So every time he was ready to get dressed after practice his socks were sewn shut and to this day I don’t think he knows who was doing it. It was always pretty fun to see; I got blamed for it for a while there too.

“I’ve been a part of a few pranks. Water cup under the helmet is the classic. I can’t tell you any more than that, I may need to use some of them in here someday.”

-Mike Zalewski


“Once in junior, I’m not going to name any names, but we had a guy who had some old gloves that he wanted to keep wearing. There was a rumour there were mice in the dressing room and our equipment guy found a dead one and one of the guys stuffed it down into one of the fingers of the glove. It was quite the reaction when he put his hand in there to find a dead mouse in there. A little over the line maybe, but it was funny. That was one of the better ones I’ve seen.

“In the AHL earlier this year they tired to put a name on my helmet, but I saw it before I went on the ice, and they got me once with the water cup under the helmet, just basic small pranks, they’re funny though.”

-Nicklas Jensen


“There were these two guys I played with in Charlotte and they were best friends and did everything together. One guy drove an Audi and the other guy bought the same car, so we as a group thought it would be funny to saran wrap both cars together. So we did. I was part of that one, it’s three years later so I’ll come out and say that yes, I was a part of that one. They’re in Charlotte so maybe they won’t hear this, but yes, I am admitting to being a part of that. It took about 10 guys to pull it off, a few more distracted them while we went outside and got it done. Work of art, really.

“I’m not much of a prankster because I can’t take a joke, so if someone was to do it back on me, I’d lose it. So I don’t really mess around.”

-Zac Dalpe

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