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19 Stories: What the fans say

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

As we are getting set for Markus Naslund's retirement ceremony on December 11th, we wanted to bring the ultimate question to our fans: Why should #19 be raised to the rafters?

This week we put the question out on Facebook and Twitter and received some great responses.

Twitter: @VanCanucks: It's our turn to ask you: Why should #19 be raised to the rafters? Submit your responses before 5pm and you could be featured on CDC.

Facebook: With the celebration date set, it's our turn to ask: Why should #19 be raised to the rafters? Leave a comment letting us know and you could be featured on


@JagGill10 @VanCanucks dedication, committment, talent and also giving as much back to the community earns you to be honored like Nazzy will Saturday!

@ANISHASTRAVESTY @VanCanucks Why shouldn't #19 be raised to the rafters?! Its the least we can do after all Nazzy did for the Canucks!

@vancan19 @vancanucks 19 should be in the rafters cuz Nazzy epitomised 'Canuck.' Outspoken, skilled, humanitarian, Captain! Long live 19!

@BentleytheGreat @VanCanucks There's no reason #19 shouldnt be raised to the rafters. Naslund was a true Canucks captain who played with his heart every game

@HockeyChick7788 @VanCanucks Nazzy didn't get the credit he deserved when he was here or when he left. After all he did 4 us this is how we can say "thanks!"

@passittobulis: Naslund scored 756 points in a #Canucks uniform. We could send him 756 thank-you cards, but this might be easier.

@notalallstar: @VanCanucks because he's a rockstar

@zemmer @VanCanucks great player, top goal scorer and did a lot for the community

@DeCobrey: Naslund was a great community captain, both on the ice and off the ice.

@steph0nezy: Naslund did so much for the city of Vancouver, even though he didn’t have to. It was great to see him here with all the commitment.

@tpoole00: Because Naslund played with heart and gave a lot back to the community during his time here


Corey Nightingale: Thanks #19 a terrific captain and great player, an excellent representative of our community on and off the ice, thanks for the memories Markus!

Reem Barahmeh: He was and will be forever my best player, and one of the best to wear a Canucks jersey ! To let him go like that, was one of the silliest mistakes Mike did ! He wanted to be a Canucks & to retire as a Canucks, and if anybody had the right... to do that it's him ! It was such a painful moment and it really broke my heart to see him going, without even getting the appreciation he deserves at least form the fans ! He was upset about it & that was clear because he played only a year after that and then retired in such a young age ! He is a great person on and off the ice,he's amazing!! and I'm sooo happy and glad that he'll finally get the recognition and the thanks that he deserves.

Anson Wong: He has the quality of a player who deserves to be raised up in the rafters as well as the numbers. He is our all time points leader after all as well as a long serving captain of the team.

Drew Atchison: I liked Naslund as a person and a player!!! He did quite a lot for the Canucks organization..

Julie Jamieson: Naslund and Linden were definately excellent role models ..Makes me proud they were Canucks and I agree Stan also deserves rec.

Juanita Currie: Aclass act on and off the ice. A great role model and like Trevor Lindon very humble . A great Canuck!!!

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