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10 Questions With...

by John Gibson / Vancouver Canucks
At the recent prospects camp held in Vancouver, 2007 Canuck draft picks, Taylor Ellington and Dan Gendur sat down to let us get to know them a little better.

A surprising tidbits including the Powerpuff Girls, Chinese food, and a little bit of good old WHL rivalry with fellow prospect Mario Bliznak.

What artists/bands are in your iPod right now?

Ellington: “I have a lot of country on there. A lot of Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks.”
Gendur: “For me, I like a bit of everything. I like country as well. When I ride the bike I like to listen to techno to get my heart going and get pumped up. And Metallica too.”
Ellington: “Everyone says Metallica! (Laughs)

What was the last movie you saw?

Ellington: “Knocked Up. I thought it was hilarious.”
Gendur: “Knocked Up as well. I loved it.”

What’s your favourite TV show(s):

Ellington: “I really like Trailer Park Boys.”
Gendur: “What about Power Puff Girls?” (Laughs)
Ellington: “That was Dan Gendur who said that by the way, make a note of that.”
Gendur: “No, no, I’m kidding. For me it’s probably Everybody Loves Raymond.”

What’s your favourite NHL team?

Gendur: “Canucks all the way for both of us.”

Who is your favourite NHL player?

Ellington: “I really like Chris Pronger.”
Gendur: “I have two, Daniel Briere and Matt Cooke”

What is your favourite food?

Ellington: “I’m really into Chinese food.”
Gendur: “Steak is my favourite.”

Do you play any other sports?

Ellington: “No, not really. I used to mountain bike a little bit, and still do.”
Gendur: “I like to golf.”

If you’ve been traveling, do you have a favourite city/country?

“Not a lot of traveling, just basically through hockey. But of course we love Canada.”

If you weren’t playing hockey what would you want to do for a career?

“I have no idea.”
Gendur: “Probably something in sports, or sports management.”
Ellington: “What about the insurance industry?”
Gendur: “Yeah right - my parents do that.”

What was your most memorable hockey moment?

“Not this year, but last year we had a great playoff run. It was amazing. We got by Vancouver (Giants) in the third round. It was a great experience. All the games were on TV. It was awesome.”
Gendur: “I’d probably say the overtime winner against Vancouver in the middle of the season.”
Ellington: “You’re just rubbing it in eh?” (Laughs). [Mario Bliznak of the Giants is sitting across the table].
Gendur: “Well they won the Cup in the end, so it’s not really rubbing it in!” (Laughs). “It was just a garbage goal, but there were 9,000 fans in the Everett Events Centre, and they don’t really like the Giants too much with the two teams being so close. So it was pretty cool.”
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