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Sunrise - February 14, 2012

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Considering the fact that Fort Lauderdale is always warm and almost always sunny, it’s no surprise that most people passing through or living there know how to party pretty hard. For anyone stumbling out of bar at two in the morning well beyond the point of being able to operate a motor vehicle, the taxi companies in Ft. Lauderdale have developed an ingenious way of making sure no partier will ever again have to spend the night in a ditch because they couldn’t remember the number for a cab.

When it comes to calling a taxi, things are kept simple by only needing to remember a single digit. Basically if you can count you already know the number to a Ft. Lauderdale cab company. Calling 222-2222, 333-3333, 666-6666, 777-7777, 888-8888 or 999-9999 will get you picked up with minimal effort and brainpower.

In the Florida Panthers’ arena, fans can find the “Den of Honor”, a mini-museum in the main concourse dedicated to numerous players and specific events that have been immortalized throughout the team’s history. As expected, it didn’t take us long to find a section highlighting the famed rat-related exploits of Scott Mellanby.

According to the story, Panthers’ forward, Mellanby, saw a rat in the dressing room just prior to the start of a game during the 1955-96 season and dispensed his own brand of pest control by one-timing it into a wall, effectively killing the rodent. Following his run-in in the room, Mellanby hit the ice and scored two goals in that night’s game, causing John Vanbiesbrouck to dub it a “rat trick”. From that day forth, Panthers’ fans made a tradition of hurling plastic rats onto the ice during important games, eventually causing the league to institute a rule in which the home team now gets a penalty if its fans delay the game by throwing objects on the ice. As illustrated in the picture below, Canadiens and Panthers fans clearly have at least some common ground.

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