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Spotlight on... Josh Gorges: Part 1

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

From sun and sand to snow and wind. That was how it went for Josh Gorges in 2006-07, who was acquired from the San Jose Sharks in late February. Get to know more about the youngest and newest member of the Canadiens' blue line.

Who is your role model/idol and why? I'd have to say my dad.  He's been the guy I've looked up to my whole life.  His work ethic, his determination to be successful, the way he takes care of me and obviously the rest of my family, he's been my biggest role model.

Toughest building you've played in and why? Hmm...that's a tough question.  I'd say Detroit.  For whatever reason, the games I've played there have always been tough games.  They always have good teams.

Besides the Bell Centre, what's the loudest building you've played in? I think the Bell Centre takes the cake, for sure. (laughs) But aside from Montreal, Calgary's pretty loud and Edmonton's pretty loud too.  I'd say one of those two.

You wore No. 6 in SJ and wear 26 here.  Is 6 your lucky number? 7 was the number that I've always wanted.  When I first made the team in San Jose, Brad Stuart was wearing No. 7, so I took 6 because it was the next closest.  Then I came here and 6 was taken, 7 is retired so I just took whatever was available.

Had you ever been to Montreal before the trade?  I came here with San Jose last season but other than that, I'd never been here.

What has surprised you most about Montreal?  I guess I'd say how cold it was when I got here.  I wasn't quite used to it so it was a bit of a shock.  Coming from California to snow and bitter cold winds, it's a shock.

Your favorite restaurant in San Jose was a sushi place.  Have you had sushi here yet?  Yeah, I just wish I knew the name of the place. (laughs)

So, where's the better sushi - here or San Jose? The sushi there was pretty good. It's close but I think the sushi here is a little better.

Who did you share a room with on the road?  Maxim [Lapierre].

Any "secrets" from the road?  None that I can share. (laughs)  Nah, I'm just kidding.

Are you in touch with any former teammates?  Oh yeah.  I talk to Scott Hannan a lot, Ryan Clowe, Joe Thornton.  Actually, I keep in touch with a lot of the guys but those are the main guys.

First concert you went to?  I think it was the Beach Boys and I think America opened up for them.  I was maybe eight or nine years old.  My whole family went.    

Best concert you ever went to?  Nickelback was a good one.

What's your biggest pet peeve?  People who talk too much.

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