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Pyatt vs. Pyatt

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
MONTREAL -- One has 600 games of NHL experience under his belt; the other has played just 35. One is playing for his fourth team in the league; the other has only ever known one crest. One has racked up 352 career penalty minutes; the other has served just 10. One has 212 points to his name; the other just notched his fourth. One might be more seasoned, but when the playoffs roll around, both have just as much chance at winning the Cup.

With the end of the regular season just around the corner, the heads of the Pyatt household are looking forward to watching their sons duke it out for hockey’s greatest prize.

“The good thing is that at least we’re not in the same conference, so our parents don’t have to decide who they’re rooting for,” laughed Tom Pyatt, who is five years younger than his brother Taylor of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Back at home base in Thunder Bay, ON, since Tom made the jump as a regular in the Canadiens’ lineup, his parents have been logging some major overtime in front of the tube.

“They’re really proud to have two sons playing in the NHL, but it’s a little complicated for them, too. It’s keeping them really busy,” explained the rookie Habs forward. “Sometimes we’re both playing on the same night and they’ll have to flip back and forth. They’d definitely prefer it if we played each other a lot more often to simplify the process.”

They may not be fighting it out over bathroom time anymore, but despite the 4,227 km separating them these days, the Pyatt brothers are as close as ever.

“We’re always texting each other. I’m always really interested to see how it’s going with him. He played an awesome game the other day – he had a Gordie Howe hat trick,” beamed the younger Pyatt of his big brother’s success. “He’s really happy in Phoenix and he’s having a great season so far.”

The Pyatts had the chance to face off against each other in the big leagues for the first time on November 12, much to the delight of their ex-NHLer father, Nelson.  While playing each other again this year isn’t out of the question, it would mean some Pyatt on Pyatt violence in the Stanley Cup Finals.

“That would be amazing,” offered the Canadiens center. “It’s a long road to get there and we can’t get ahead of ourselves – we have to focus on the present. But it would be incredible to play in the playoffs against my brother.”

One thing’s for sure: if it does come down to an all-Pyatt Finals this year, there will be at least two impartial fans in attendance hoping for a tie.

Vincent Cauchy is a writer for Translated by Shauna Denis.

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