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On the road with Brendan Gallagher

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Perhaps the best way to get to know someone is to take a road trip with him. Some conversation, a little music and a long stretch of asphalt can form an enduring bond between travel companions. Settle in and buckle up; we’re hitting the road with Brendan Gallagher.

Leaving from Montreal, what would be your destination for a road trip?
I’d love to go somewhere warm, probably to the Bahamas. It’s not too far so you won’t lose much time getting there.

The Bahamas? You can’t go there by car…
Oh, I have to go there by car! In that case, I’d probably drive to Florida. No, California. I’d go across the country and head straight for California.

Where would you stop between Montreal and California?
I’d probably get a souvenir from every province or state I drive through and then stop at Disney Land. And for sure I’ll take a plane on my way back. There’s no way I’ll make the same drive on the return trip.

Who would be your co-pilot?
We’ll be spending so much time in a car, so it’d have to be someone with a sense of humour. If I can bring more than one teammate, then I’d have Gio, Davey and Danny in the car with me. It’d be a tight squeeze so I picked the smallest guys. There’ll be plenty of space, plus they’re all great guys.

What vehicle would you use?
Probably an SUV. Something big like an Escalade. It needs to be big and spacious.

What would the theme song on your road trip?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Miley Cyrus these days, but I don’t see myself being in charge of the music. Maybe a country song, “Break down here” [by Julie Roberts]. I wouldn’t want to break down for real, though!

What kind of car games would you play?
My parents played the silence game with me a lot when I was young. They wanted me to keep quiet for as long as I could.

Where would you stop to eat along the way?
I’d certainly stop at a McDonalds for a McGallagher, but I’m not sure they have that in the US, so I’ll make sure to stock up before setting off.

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