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Season Pass

We are pleased to introduce the Season Pass, which integrates onto one ticket all your Boston Bruins game tickets; your ProShop discount; and any applicable memberships. The Season Pass simplifies your ticket management experience and protects you against fraudulent ticket activity. You will now have everything you need to maximize your game experience in one place. Please review all benefits and FAQs below for more information!

Season Pass Benefits


  • Season Pass includes your game ticket, your retail discount and any applicable memberships
  • Enhances security with your game tickets
  • Protects against fraudulent ticket activity
  • Allows you to display your status as a STH or GPH at games
  • Simplifies ticket management
  • You will now have everything you need to maximize your game experience in one place



Mobile Ticket Instructions

Season Pass FAQ's

No. Season Pass serves as your ticket throughout the entire season. You will receive one Season Pass per seat. You may also access your mobile tickets on Account Manager.

This new approach assures security of your game tickets, protects against fraudulent ticket activity, and simplifies the ticket management process for you throughout the season.

Your Season Pass is not replaceable. However, you can continue to manage your mobile tickets in Account Manager.

Your Season Pass includes your game ticket, Pro Shop discount, seat location, and account number. Any applicable memberships will also be included.

Yes, your Legends passes will be located on the back of your Season Pass.

You will receive your Season Pass in early September before the start of preseason.

We highly discourage distributing your Season Pass to guests when you're not attending the game yourself. We recommend transferring tickets to guests in your Account Manager.

The game ticket on your Season Pass becomes null and void.

At this time, playoff tickets are not included in your Season Pass. More information will be provided at a later date.

No, you have the option to utilize mobile tickets in Account Manager if you decide not to use Season Pass.

Do not share a photo of your Season Pass barcode on a public platform. This barcode contains your entire 2019-20 season tickets and by sharing a photo of this barcode you are exposing yourself to potential larceny which will deactivate your game tickets.

You are welcome to wear your Season Pass proudly or carry it like you would a credit card.