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Zach Hamill Chat Transcript - 6.18.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Zach Hamill: Hey, thanks everyone for coming! Let's get started.

JColarusso: Hey Zach. Do you, as a player, feel that this Bruins team is poised for a great future with youngsters such as you, Milan Lucic, and Phil Kessel in the system?
Zach Hamill: Yes I think so. I think the scouting staff has done a great job of scouting players and bringing players in that want to win and know how to win.

steevedugas: Hi Zach, would you like to have Kyle Beach as a teammate in the big league?
Zach Hamill: Yeah for sure. Anytime you can get a player like him not only on your line but also on your team, you have to be happy about that. For his sake, I hope he goes top 5, top 10, but for our sake I hope he slips! Very unlikely though.

Berg37: Zach what are your expectations for the 2008-09 season for yourself? glad you are a Bruin?
Zach Hamill: After this season I just wanted to get back home and start working out, get bigger, stronger, faster. I want to have a good training camp and show them what I can do there. I'm really looking forward to camp this year.

gorskic: Zach, got to see you at the prospects game against the Devils last year. What do you feel you have worked to improve the most since last year's training camp?
Zach Hamill: I think I have gotten stronger and a little faster. Going to Providence was a huge asset for me, and a great experience. I think I have improved on knowing what it takes to be a professional.

dhoustonsmith: Can't wait to see you in NHL shoot-outs. Are you still working on that between the legs shot of yours?
Zach Hamill: Haha. Yeah I kind of want to mix it up a bit.... add a little bit of creativity. Hopefully I'll be able to try it in a NHL game.

torontoBruinsfa: Zach, do you feel you are ready to make the leap to the NHL? Would you be content with a 4th line role, as that is likely the only spot open on the roster unless some trades are made.
Zach Hamill: I think going to Providence really showed me what it takes to get to the next level. For me to make it, I have to get bigger, stronger and faster and I am working on that. I want to go in and impress the coaches at camp and really just take it one day at a time. I think that is the best approach.

fan37: hey what was your favorite team growing up? and are u excited to be drafted by Boston?
Zach Hamill: My favorite team growing up was Vancouver. I was definitely excited about being drafted by Boston. They showed interest in me right away so it was good going to a team that was high on me and wanted me in their system.

ihearthockey87: Hey Zach! Is there any player in particular that you try to emulate?
Zach Hamill: There are players that you grow up looking up to.... Yzerman, Sakic.... Now I try to use other player's assets and use them in my own game.... like Ovechkin's shot, Crosby's hockey sense and passing.

mattyf3: what was it like playing your first few games as a pro?
Zach Hamill: I loved it. It was an unbelievable experience for me. It showed me what you have to do to make it on that level. It was nice being part of the team but also contributing to their success in the playoffs.

DraftDAY: How about them Celtics!!
Zach Hamill: I watched them last night. It was great seeing those guys work so hard and win the championship for Boston.

Bruinsfan3037: You keep mentioning the "different level." What are the major differences? Are the rules more lenient in the NHL? Does it make it harder?
Zach Hamill: I think the game is so much faster -- both skating wise and thinking wise. You have to think twice as fast because the game is so quick. I have to use my hockey sense to my advantage because the game is that much faster. Plus the guys are older, more physical and stronger, which makes it tougher to play and different from what I've seen.

hockeystick1234: outside of hockey what is your favorite sport?
Zach Hamill: Playing, I like baseball. Watching, I like the NFL.

torontoBruinsfa: Will you be at the Rookie Camp this year?
Zach Hamill: Yes, I will be there for the week.

nick_bucs: hey Zach, was it exciting being drafted to an original 6 team that seems to be going in the right direction?
Zach Hamill: Very exciting. To see not only the young prospects but also the veteran, younger guys do well is encouraging. Making the playoffs last year was huge and I hope to be a part of that in the future.

BestHockeyMom: Hi Zach.... What type of activities did you do in the off-season as a kid?
Zach Hamill: Just about the same thing every day; wake up, train in the morning until about 1 or 2 and then hang out with my buddies.

gorskic: Zach, when you watch a hockey game (from the press box or even on TV), what kinds of things do you follow? look for?
Zach Hamill: Being a hockey fan, I like to watch certain players and follow them every shift, watch how they move across the ice and see plays develop before they happen.

top_shelf: we've all seen the video of you on youtube shooting it between your legs in a shootout in juniors......did you plan that or just spur of the moment?
Zach Hamill: I planned it a couple of games before, but I never actually did it in a shootout. I had been struggling a bit during shootouts so I figured why not, tried it, and won the game.

sportzriter13: did the change in speed catch you off guard or was the coaching staff able to prepare you for it?
Zach Hamill: The coaching staff prepared me for a lot. I think every game I adapted pretty well and kind of got used to it and started contributing.

BRUIN23: Zach, what feelings did you experience when you were being drafted?
Zach Hamill: A lot of nerves before, but after, just excitement. It was a special time for not only me, but also my friends and family.

Peanator: Hi Zach, first I like to tell you good luck for the camp this summer. My question is : With which 2 Bruins forwards would you like to play with on the same line ?
Zach Hamill: Thanks. Bergeron would be nice, I look up to him. Marc Savard would be good too with the way he passes and his vision on the ice.

Bruinsfan3037: Have you gotten a chance to meet the current B's?
Zach Hamill: Yeah last year at training camp I was with them for a couple weeks. I got a chance to meet them and watch what they do and how they approach everything. It was a cool experience.

B_s_fan: Hey Zach. With which player in the NHL do you compare yourself with on your playing style?
Zach Hamill: Probably Chris Drury, an averaged sized guy with great hockey sense and who always battles hard. I look up to guys like Drury, Yzerman, and Sakic....I try to take other players assets and incorporate them into my own game.

Berg37: Any players or staff members so far that have helped you a lot since joining the team?
Zach Hamill: I think from day 1 all the scouting staff has been really good to me and really helped me out with my game. Peter Chiarelli, Don Sweeney, the coaching staff in Providence and Boston.... really everybody. They are all helping me get my game to the next level.

steevedugas: Zach, what kind of music do you like, who's your favorite band?
Zach Hamill: I kind of listen to everything.... don't really have one favorite band, just listen to whatever's good, whatever's on.

bergeron1: What's is like to play with Chara?
Zach Hamill: Definitely is a good thing being on his team so you don't have to play against him!
hockeystick1234: growing up, who or what was your greatest influence and/or motivator i.e. teacher, parent, sibling?
Zach Hamill: Probably my parents and my brother. I followed my brother a lot and what he did and how he approaches everything. I grew up wanting to be like him and still do.

Bruins_in_09: Zach, what do you think about all the recent championships by the other Boston teams? Do you think it gives extra motivation to the Bruins to join in on the fun?
Zach Hamill: Yeah I think with all them winning it brings a winning atmosphere to the city. Hopefully the Bruins can win a championship like the other teams here have and hopefully I can contribute to that.

GoBsGo: Saw you play for Everett quite a bit (Thunderbirds season ticket holder here). What part of your game do you see having the best carryover to the big club?
Zach Hamill: I think my hockey sense and smarts is probably one of my best assets and the number one thing I used the most when I went to Providence. It helped me a lot at that level.

swoopstache: Hi Zach, huge fan here. How does the development camp help bring together the young guys on the squad and make it easier for you during training camp?
Zach Hamill: It definitely is a huge advantage. Being able to know the guys and get comfortable with them on and off the ice really helps and makes it easier down the road.

Dark-shadow11: Against which NHL team would you like to play?
Zach Hamill: It would be nice to one day play in front of my friends and family in Vancouver. That would be an honor to play in front of them in my hometown and home city.

Bruins2008: Hey Zach, Do u ever feel a little competitive with your teammates to do better, to put yourself in the best position to be called up to the B’s over others?
Zach Hamill: Yes and no. I think in the back of everyone's mind you want to get called up to the big club, but at the same time you are all on the same team working together. And if you aren't working together, then you aren't going be successful as a team or as an individual.

BruinsRock: I walked around last night at the celtics celebrations telling everyone Bruins next year. Help make it true!
Zach Hamill: Thanks, I'll do my best to make it happen!

Bruinsfan3037: What is your favorite movie? Which summer movie are you looking forward to? Zach Hamill: All time probably Remember the Titans. Most recent one I just saw was Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Quirkstre: How excited are you about how free-agents are eyeing Boston as a place to come play, especially after Blake Wheeler has made a verbal commitment to the Bruins and will likely sign on July 1st?
Zach Hamill: I think with the prospects and young guys coming up the future is bright here. I think the free agents realize that and the players that want to win will come to Boston.

JaredFromNH: anyone on the providence team you hang out with regularly?
Zach Hamill: Every guy there treated us really well. Us young guys stuck together a little bit - Jordan Knackstedt, Levi Nelson, Jeff LoVecchio - but everyone hung out together.

Dark-shadow11: do you like to watch the red sox?
Zach Hamill: I slowly started watching them and am slowly becoming a sox fan. Went to Fenway last year during Dev Camp for the first time and threw out the first pitch. That was cool. Definitely something I'll never forget.

Buck997: Hi Zach.... I was wondering if you could add anything to the scouting report on your teammate Kyle Beach...... do you think the B's should try to move up to get him?
Zach Hamill: He's a special player who I imagine will go top 5, top 10. If he slips to 16…the Bruins organization could take him and get a special player. He's a hard-nosed, competitive player that plays on the edge and has some scoring touch. An agitating kind of player.

JaredFromNH: There's been some buzz going around about Jeff LoVecchio...what's his game style play like?
Zach Hamill: His speed is unbelievable and he can hit hard. He is a quick, hard nosed player who has some touch around the net.

Bruins2008: What is your favorite thing to do or see in Boston?
Zach Hamill: Haven't spent too much time in Boston yet. Fenway was really cool as I said, but I'm definitely looking forward to check out what the city has to offer when I come back this summer.

shanks: What are your goals coming into the 2008-2009 season?
Zach Hamill: I just want to have a good training camp. That is the most important thing to me right now. Other than camp, I don't want to look too far past that.

Zach Hamill: Thanks everybody for stopping by, hopefully see you guys this summer!
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