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Working for the Weekend

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
4:05 p.m.

Like the rest of his club, the Bruins coaching staff is ready for the busy schedule ahead.

"It's an opportunity to, hopefully, get on a roll here and somehow we just have to find ways to win hockey games," said Coach Julien of the Bruins upcoming three games in four nights stretch.

When asked what he hoped would come out of the next road stretch, Julien was unequivocal in his answer: goals.

"Scoring goals is definitely the thing we'd like to accomplish and that's going to make a big difference, I think, in our game," said Julien, who sounded like a man who was pleased with the recent direction of the club. "A lot of it is pretty good, competing better, competing smarter, and somehow we have to find some way to score some goals.

"It's hard to win games when you just score one goal. And the same thing in Ottawa. We needed our goaltender out to score the other two and make it, 3-3.

"Somehow that has to get better."

In my recent live blog, the fans gave their own input as to what the Bruins should do to improve scoring. More quality shots was one popular answer, as was being more physical.

Julien agreed with both.

"If you look at the number of shots we had...we're not any different than any [other] teams," said the coach. "Probably the quality [will go up when the Bruins start] getting more traffic in front of the net; getting those shots through and also more traffic in front.

"But at the same time, we have to jump on those loose pucks and win those battles."

That seems to be the crux of the B's recent scoring issues -- winning individual battles.

"We talk about getting position in front of the net, and once you've got it, keeping it and not getting pushed out," said Julien. "A lot of it is, again, is about being determined and being hungry and being quicker than the other guy at jumping on those loose pucks."

Julien said the B's had a perfect example of that hard work almost paying off last night when the Bruins hit the crossbar late in the third.

"We got the shot through and again there were two guys screening -- Zee [Chara] and Rex [Recchi] -- [one of them] tipped it and it hit the crossbar," said Julien. "We need more of that.

"That's what we tried to do that today in practice is get better net front presence and hopefully get our shots through."

11:48 a.m.
Hey, I am blogging live, this morning. Click here.

11:09 a.m.

Patrice Bergeron, who tallied Boston's lone goal on Thursday, has scored in five of the last seven games at a 3-3-6.

His coach, Claude Julien, is feeling pretty good about the center's game.

"As I mentioned last week, he has been our best forward, by fa," said Julien postgame on Thursday. "And since the beginning of the year, he’s been our best and most consistent forward.

"When you talk about ups and downs and everything else, he has been as consistent as you could ever ask.

"He’s having a great year. He’s playing extremely well. He’s very reliable and that goal he scored tonight is [well deserved] because of his play," he said.

But Bergeron is only watching one stat: B's wins.

"I though we played a good game all along," said Bergeron. "Unfortunately, with that much time left, to get scored against [hurts]. You know?

"I thought we were having most of the good chances in our side and You got to take advantage of that."

But there are positives to take from the game.

"I thought the intensity was there, the emotion," said Bergeron. "We were on the puck, we were creating some turnovers by skating and moving our feet.

"That’s the type of start up you need."

Now the B's just need to work on their finish.
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