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With Seguin in the Fold, the B's Move On

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Los Angeles -- The wait is over. The newest member of the Boston Bruins is Tyler Seguin. And after the first round of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, B's General Manager Peter Chiarelli was very pleased to talk about his new forward.

"Well, he's a terrific player," began Chiarelli. "He has a terrific skill set. He’s still growing.

"His improvement has been tremendous over one year to the next to the next.

"[He's] very smart, terrific hockey sense, vision, good stick, very underrated wrist shot. He’s got the whole package," he said.

The Bruins meetings with the prospect helped the club discern the young man's personality.

"I thought he was very confident," said Chiarelli of Seguin. "He was very focused. He was very goal oriented. He really had a direct, definitive [list of] things he wanted to do.

"I talked to a bunch of the people that were at the combine and I think you people [journalists] were impressed too. He's an impressive young man."

After listening to Seguin talk about how much he wants to become a better "two-way" player, there's no doubt that the B's coaching staff will be impressed, too.

"He already is a good two-way player and the fact that [he wants to improve] speaks to his hockey sense and his smarts," said Chiarelli. "For a player that is responsible like that at that age, especially with that skill package, that’s pretty impressive."

Chiarelli was asked what he expects from Seguin during the 2010-11 season.

"Well one, he has to make the team," said Chiarelli. "I expect that he will make the team but you never know. He has to make the team and that will be a decision in the fall.

"If you remember some of the fellows in the past [of] his age, body type and a guy like [Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven] Stamkos, it took him a while to get used to [playing in the NHL]. It took him a while to get his confidence and his strength so I would anticipate that line of improvement and progress as far as getting acclimated to the league."

For now, however, the draft moves on and the B's scouting staff will have plenty of work to do on Saturday.

"What happens in that first round is everyone focuses on that first round," said Chiarelli. "There was one move with Vancouver and Florida.

"I would anticipate there would be more talks [Saturday]. It’s a little more relaxed and easier to discuss those types of moves."

And there is plenty of talent out there, too. But the B's have a strategy and they are sticking to it.

"Well we go back and we look at it," said Chiarelli. "I talked to our guys briefly there at the end and I don’t anticipate many changes, if any.

"Our list was pretty tight. It was a good list. There’s not a lot of variance as it stands right now.

"I don’t think we’ll make many changes," he said.
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