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Whitfield Speaks from Experience

by Dyan LeBourdais / Boston Bruins

Boston, MA -- Veteran forward Trent Whitfield has been a professional hockey player over 12 years, so there’s no doubt he’s seen some scoring droughts in his career. And after the B’s shutout loss to the Detroit Red Wings, Whitfield preached patience and said with hard work the Bruins will make their own luck.

“Well it’s come to the point now where we’re starting to squeeze our sticks a little too much,” said Whitfield to bostonbruinsTV. “Chances are there early and we’re not getting those bounces going in, they’re going the other way.

“But we’ve just got to keep our positive mindset and…just play hard for 60-minutes, and if we do that we’ll get our bounces.”

Hopefully those bounces start soon.

The only time the Bruins have scored more than four goals in regulation this season came in their second regular season game of the 08-09 season when they took the Hurricanes for a 7-2 victory on October 3rd. The last time the B’s scored more than two came in a 4-3 shootout victory on October 24 versus the Senators.

Tonight, the Bruins will get the chance to break through their doldrums in the TD Garden when they faceoff against the Montreal Canadiens at 7p.m.

For Whitfield and the Bruins, the game against the Habs might be the perfect tonic.

“It’s in the back of our mind now that we’re not getting breaks and [it feels] kind of unfair,” explained Whitfield. “Boo-hoo on us,” chuckled the veteran forward making a joke about how things like this happen to teams now and again.

Clearly Whitfield and the Bruins understand that no one in the NHL is feeling sorry for the Bruins.

“It’s just one of those things where we [need to] stick together as a team [and] we can’t get down on each other,” he said. “At the moment I think we just got to keep it simple, keep the pucks and bodies to the net and [get a] quick couple bounces around the net, start feeling good about ourselves again and then the puck will go in for us.

“Just go to the net, keep it simple and when things start going our way then we can start being a little bit more creative.”

Whitfield also reminded the press that not everything had gone south for Boston. Tim Thomas, for example, played very well against his hometown Red Wings.

“Yeah, he played well in New York as well, it’s just unfortunate we’re not able to put the puck in the net for him,” said Whitfield. “We got a couple posts tonight and we’re that close [and] if we keep sticking to the game plan and play together, I think we’ll start scoring.”

There’s no time like the present because, unfortunately, power forward Milan Lucic and all-star center Marc Savard aren’t stepping onto the ice on Thursday night.

“Well exactly, you can’t wait for those guys,” said Whitfield. “Those guys obviously are key players on our team and you miss them, but [other] guys got to step up.”

Whitfield added, when your team has a hard time scoring, it’s natural to “try and do things more on your own, individually.

“You know, things aren’t working when you’re chipping and charging, you try and beat guys one on one where it’s just not possible and turn pucks over,” he said. “But you have to stick to the system.

“You keep it simple, turn some pucks and bodies to the net and maybe one will bounce in off a leg or off your back or something like that.

“That’s what we need right now.”
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