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Two More Book Signings in the Book

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins -- The last of five book signings by team contributors to the Bruins championship season commemorative book “Full 60 to History” were held this week at the Boston Bruins Proshop and at the AT&T Store on Boylston Street in Boston.

Fans who purchased the book on-site had the opportunity to have their copy signed by Zdeno Chara on Tuesday and Shawn Thornton on Wednesday.

"I’m obviously honored to be signing the book," said Chara, whose essay "My Dream" precedes Chapter 9. "It’s a great book, with a lot of beautiful pictures.

"I’m sure at this time of the year it’s a great Christmas gift," added Chara from his seat at the Proshop on Tuesday.

Chara wasn't alone in that thought. Lots of fans lined up to purchase the book, meet the Bruins captain and get Chara's autograph.

“I’ve been here since 10 A.M., and I'm super excited,” said Ryan, the first fan in line to see Zee. “I love [the book]. There’s lots of great stuff in it.”

Patrick, a fan from Quincy added, "We’ve been waiting a while, but it’s great to see him — can’t wait to see him and ask him to sign the book.”

Even the rain couldn't keep fans away on Wednesday and a long line stretched out the door at AT&T.

"The book, I got halfway done and it was really cool so far," said a B's fan named Julie. "I read every page, and I won’t miss a page about anything."

Another fan, 9-year old Jeff, said, "I’m going to ask for a picture with him."

"It was an honor to be asked," said Thornton, whose essay "Back 'Home' in Belfast" precedes Chapter 3. "I hoped people liked what was in there.

"It was a pretty special occasion for me to go to Belfast so I hope it gives a little bit of a inside scoop of what happened over there."

Like many who have leafed through the volume, and thanks to the heavy dose of inside info, Thornton said he thinks "Full 60 to History" will serve as a keepsake of the B's Stanley Cup season.

"It was obviously pretty special," said Thornton. "I mean all the pictures, the behind the scenes stuff will help [jog memories] for years to come.

"I know my parents are excited to get it too, I sent a few copies home the other day they’ve been asking and asking for it."

As for the reception of the fans who lined up to get a copy signed, Thornton sounded genuinely touched.

"They were lined up around the corner by the time I got here," said Shawn. "I never expected that for myself, so it was very nice of people to show up and they all seemed very happy to get their books signed and be here."

John Bishop is the co-author of "Full 60 to History."
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