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Trade Deadline 2009

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
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7:26 p.m.
John Bishop is the beat writer for He covers the Black & Gold hoping to offer a positive look at the team, not only from the stands and the press box, but also from inside the locker room.
Mark Recchi
Conference Call

Hey guys. I just want to tell everybody how excited I am to be part of the Boston Bruins organization and I am looking forward to being a piece of the puzzle to help this team be successful.

6:31 p.m.
GM, Peter Chiarelli

Chat Transcript
Peter Chiarelli:We were happy with the deals made. We had those in place and we worked hard to get them. We looked at a couple of bigger deals but there needed to be a shuffling around of cap space. At the end of the day we weren't able to get the bigger ones done, but overall we are happy with what we accomplished ...More

6:24 p.m.
Steve Montador
Conference Call

Hi everyone; thanks for joining us.  I guess, just to start, I’d like to say that I’m excited to be a Boston Bruin.  I’m en route now; I’m at the airport, and can’t get there soon enough – looking forward to tomorrow’s game against Phoenix.

6:22 p.m.
GM, Peter Chiarelli
Post-Deadline Presser

You’ve seen the releases, but I can announce again: we’ve acquired two players today.  We have acquired Steve Montador, defenseman from the Anaheim Ducks for Petteri Nokelainen, and we’ve also acquired Mark Recchi from the Tampa Bay Lightning.  That one was a little more complicated, but we sent Matt Lashoff and Martins Karsums, and we got back Mark Recchi and their second-round pick in 2010, so not this coming summer, the following summer.

5:22 p.m.
Peter Chiarelli is currently chatting (see the front page of and ended a press conference at 5:00 p.m. In the meantime, right now Steve Montador is talking with the press via conference call and Mark Recchi will talk with the media at 6:30 p.m.

Look for a transcipts and podcasts, shortly.

4:01 p.m.
More thoughts from Ristuccia...

Aaron Ward
On getting the emotion back to the teams game…
Aaron Ward
I think that’s the easiest answer.  We have to get the ingredients to get us back to where we should be.  It is not like we’ve lost it, just we’ve gotten away from it. The character play that players, keeping it simple and establishing the identity that is synonymous with the Bruins this year.

On if the long season is…
I don’t think complacency as a professional should be something that is a byproduct of a long season, but it happens.  You see teams going through a roller coaster ride and ours at this point has to stop.  The line has to be drawn in the sand.  Enough is enough.  We don’t like having to answer these questions and we don’t like coming… into the locker room disappointed with the performances.  I think overall it’s times that you sit down and talk amongst players, coaches, and with whoever will listen and whoever will talk.

On the trade deadline…
I think you’re conflicted as a player, because players inevitably move on.  You’re happy when it’s not you, but you’re sad that a key component to your team, especially when you’re successful, no matter what role you played in the team, to see anybody go is an upsetting aspect of this game, but you understand it’s a business, and it’s tough.

Head Coach Claude Julien
On bringing Montador to the team…
It’s official.  We picked up a defenseman that gives us some depth.  It gives us some toughness as well, back there.  He’s a well-respected player who competes hard every night and that’s what our team is all about. 

On Montador’s ability to play both forward and defense and if coach likes that…
Yeah. The last couple of years he’s played both positions, so again, another guy that’s versatile.  We’ve got one that’s a left-hand shot, and we’ve got one that’ a right-hand shot.  I guess those angles are covered right now.

On making a trade on the deadline…
For me it’s just adding a player that’s going to help our hockey club. It’s depth, you always fear the worst and if you don’t have depth in your line up then it makes it tough.  He is a guy, again, that’s got experience in this league and he’s the kind of player that we like, and what he brings to the table every night is important.

On what his message was to his team…
There was no message to the guys.  There’s not much a coach can say to players on a day like this.  We just went out. We had a practice that had a lot of energy to it and I am sure that they had a lot bottled inside, so we kept it short, we kept it to the point.  And then we got off the ice and this is one of those days where I don’t think you can accomplish a ton because their heads are obviously all not 100 percent there, but I like the energy that we showed today.

3:29 p.m.
Bruins acquire Recchi for Karsums, Lashoff

NHL Live! reactions from E.J. Hradek and Bill Clement

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Mark Recchi got his start in Canadian junior hockey playing for Westminster (WHL) in the 1984-1985 season. The 41-year-old right winger was then drafted by the Penguins in the 4th round of the 1988 NHL Entry Draft (67th overall). He spent the next four seasons alternating between Pittsburgh and their farm club in Muskegon (IHL).

Recchi, 195-pound, 5’10”, has played for six different NHL teams during his 19-year stint in the league and for two different IHL clubs. He took home the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1991 and the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006.

Recchi, from Kamloops, BC, Canada, has played in seven NHL All-Star Games (between 1991 and 2000).

He had been signed to Tampa Bay on July 8, 2008, as a free agent. Click here for the official release.

3:09 p.m.
The deadline has passed...
But that does not mean the day (or the activity) is over. Keep it here to hear if any other moves made it in before the deadline.

2:31 p.m.
Thoughts from Ristuccia
The Bruins did have practice, by the way, and the Ristuccia contingent was talking about last night's loss and the trade deadline, too.

Milan Lucic
On getting the B's back on track...
I think we did a good thing this morning addressing what is going on.  You have to address what you know, what you need to get better at.  It is good that we know what we need to get better at and now, in order to make that step forward, we need to go out there and do the things that made us successful.  Today we went out there and made sure that all of our passes are on and hopefully we’ll have a good pregame skate tomorrow and try to come out with a good start and have a good 60 minutes. 

On the trade deadline…
We have great chemistry in this room.  We have had great success playing with each other all season long.  Whatever moves they make they are trying to do what is best for the team.  For a guy like me I don’t try to worry about those things too much because I cant control it.

On getting the deadline day over with…
I think there are still a few hours left into the deadline.  It is a stressful day for more guys than for other guys.  Personally, I think there is a little too much hype that goes into this day.  Things don’t usually happen with all the rumors that are speculating.  It will be nice when things are all said and done and get this trade deadline over with.

Michael Ryder
On the mood of the team on trade deadline day…
It is always a tough time of year.  There are a lot of moves that can happen.  We try not to think about it too much.  We are trying to concentrate on getting back on track.  If management decides to move players or get players in, we know that it is for the best for our team.  Its out of our control.  For now we will just go with the team that we have until we hear something else...We had confidence as a team all year.  We know we can win.  Right now we are going through a tough time, but we know we can win with this team.  It is just a matter of us doing it night in and night out.

On what he feels has gone wrong for the team as of late…
 Just probably battling and competing.  We seem to be losing battles and not being as physical as we were in the beginning of the season.  When teams hit us we respond well and we didn’t do that last night...I don’t think we show as much emotion as we did earlier in the year.  Maybe we were letting our mind slip.  We just need a little mental toughness.  We need a lot more emotion and when we play with that our game feeds off of it.

2:21 p.m.
The front office has been in meetings for most of the afternoon. We'll have updates ASAP.

12:55 p.m.
Hello Steve! Bruins Acquire Montador for Nokelainen.

NHL Live! reactions from E.J. Hradek and Bill Clement

A 29-year old defenseman from Vancouver, BC, Canada, Steve Montador began his NHL career with the Calgary Flames in the 2001-2002 season.  He was signed as a free agent by Calgary in April 2000, from Peterborough Petes (OHL), having also played for the St. Mike’s B’s (OPJHL), the North Bay Centennials (OHL) and the Erie Otters (OHL) since the 1995-1996 season.

In four partial seasons with the Flames (94 total games played as a healthy reserve), Montador posted four goals and five assists. During those years, he continued to alternate games between the NHL and the AHL Saint John Flames, where he tallied a total of 11 goals and 29 assists.  Montador also spent the 2000-2001 season with the Saint John Flames, posting one goal and six assists.

After spending the 2004-2005 lockout season in France, the 210-pound, six-foot Montador was acquired by Florida during the 2005-2006 season.  He spent three seasons with the Panthers, registering 10 goals and 28 assists.

On July 11, 2008, Montador was signed to a one-year contract with the Anaheim Ducks (free agent). He is only one of three Ducks to play in all 65 games this season and has totaled four goals and 16 assists with the California team (+18 in the last 55 games).

In his seven seasons of professional play, Montador has compiled an impressive 18-goal, 49-assist record.

Is his off-time, Montador serves as ambassador for Right To Play, which is an organization that promotes child education, development and disease prevention in Africa, Asia and the Middle East through sports and fair play. In support of the athlete-driven program, he traveled to Tanzania with Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference in 2007 to visit the local schools firsthand. Read the official release, here.

12:23 p.m.
Back to you Peter...


On how things are going…
Well, we made one trade that we can’t announce yet, so you’ll get that.  It’s, again, it’s a depth trade, that trade, and we’re working on a couple of others right now.  I think noon was a big turning point because waivers expired then, and some teams picked up guys and wanted to see if they picked them up or not.  So that’s where we are right now, and we’re continuing to be in our War Room, and we’re plugging away here.

On characterizing the negotiations with other teams…
It’s tough because there’s a lot of resistance due to the salary cap, due to the teams being tightly bunched….When you make a trade, you’re putting yourself out there, so there’s an inherent reluctance, so all those things play as factors into this thing.

On his lunch…
Low-fat yogurt.  No, I’m just kidding – Quizno’s sub.

11:08 a.m.
It's Don Sweeney's turn...


On what’s been happening so far…
Don Sweeney
We’ve got something in the cooker that may come down relatively shortly here and obviously we think it’s going to improve our hockey club immediately. Hopefully it goes through; we’re waiting for Pete to give the final word to the other team and we’ll go from there and obviously making a bunch of other inquiries in different situations, see how it goes

On what his role is today…
Well it’s obviously, everybody, it’s a combination [of things, dealing] with our current team and our prospects, be it providence or within the draft, signed or unsigned, when other teams are talking about your prospect [it’s important to know] what your strengths and weaknesses are…So as a group we always talking about that, so I think that’s its good to have everybody’s opinion, where are strengths and where our needs are, and then the other side of the hat comes on you’re facilitating, do trade conference calls or whatever the case is as that time.

On being a former player and on trade day…
Well obviously there’s anxiety that goes through your locker room this given day. And everybody takes a big sigh in and around 3 or 4 o’clock because it’s just, it’s the unknown factor. I’ve been on both sides of it, where the team has been out of the playoff race and you’re wondering are we a seller? …Everybody should understand, though, that both teams are trying to improve their hockey clubs, so just because one team turns around and moves a piece doesn’t mean they didn’t want [the player] it just means the other team really wanted [the player]… so its not a reflection on you as a player.

On what to tell a young player about a trade..
Well that’s the obvious thing you’re going to point out. The players that I’ve had that exact conversation with, they turn around and understand that maybe you’re going to get an opportunity, earlier or a bigger stage, going somewhere else. Everybody’s goal is to play in the National Hockey League and hopefully trades work out for both sides of the two organizations and it’s a win-win.

10:31 a.m.
"Yes," the video links are not working. "No," it is not your browser or our code.

The servers are being slammed and no doubt there are some issues to work out at HQ.

Thanks for your patience. In the interim, try our podcasts!

10:10 a.m.
We are in a bit of a holding pattern and waiting on our next interview. The War Room looks very busy and nobody could spare the time, at the moment. JB

9:24 a.m.
Cam Neely checked in with us...


On trade day and what’s happened and his role in the ordeal…
Chiarelli and Neely
So far its just a lot of still trying to figure out what may be available to us and what it would cost to acquire those players we’re interested in. More importantly, it’s sitting down with Donny [Sweeney] and Jim [Benning] and Peter [Chiarelli] and trying to give them my best advice that I can. These guys know the players a little better than I do, especially on other teams. They’ve been in the business a little longer from this side of it, but you know we have a pretty good understanding of what we need for our hockey club and what our fans expect of our players.

On being a person “who gets things done” and how he deals with the possibility of the Bruins doing nothing…
Well, we’re in a very unique situation this year; we feel we have an opportunity to go deep in the playoffs. Although you don’t want to gut your lineup, because that certainly will prohibit you to go deep in the playoffs and we do have to protect for future years, its not just the one year we’re feeling like we can…this is a good opportunity.

On if he thinks Trade Day will be long…
Yeah I do, I know Peter’s certainly planted a lot of seeds and we’re just waiting for other teams to respond. We have an idea of what’s out there, we know what teams are looking for from us and at this point nothing seems to fit.

8:18 a.m.
Peter Chiarelli just spoke with us...


On what the Bruins are looking for today…
Peter Chiarelli
Well, we’d like a good, I guess a good fit, chemistry-wise, into our line up.  I’ve been looking at both forwards and defensemen.  Ideally, a guy, to give us a little bit of flexibility next year, a guy who’s on an expiring contract.  So we’ve got three or four guys in mind, and we’ve pushed these deals along a little bit, and we’ll see where they go today.

On if there will be deals today…
I think there will be deals.  I don’t think there will be as many as last year.  Last year, we saw some on the day before, and we haven’t seen, we didn’t see that yesterday, so it’s just difficult with the teams close to the cap, with so many teams in the race, especially in the Western Conference, that still think they’re in it.  I believe there’s three or four teams under the playoff mark in the Western Conference that still are like three or four points out, so that’s a pretty tightly-knit group, pretty tightly bunched group, so we’re just going to try and…We’ve got some good deals.  We can’t stray from our strategy and our plan.  We’ve got some good deals in place, and if we can execute on one our two of them, it’ll be great.

On if the deals will be early or late…
My sense is that it’ll be a grind, just based on the talk that I’ve had leading up to today.

7:31 a.m.
By the way...
If you are looking for news beyond I-495, is planning extensive coverage of the trade deadline, as well: The countdown is on to the 2009 NHL Trade Deadline. Whether at work or play, NHL fans will have the opportunity to stay connected to all the action leading up to and throughout Trade Deadline Day 2009 through unprecedented coverage by the NHL Network, and NHL Radio ...more.

7:01 a.m.
General Manager Peter Chiarelli is in the house and so are we (me and the interns). So keep it here for the latest facts and figures.

And while you are at it, go here for a refresher on what this day looked like last year.
Angela Latona, Angela Stefano and Pete Smith contributed to today's Bear Essentials.
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