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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Changes on the way to Toronto

In pro sports there are always difficult decisions to make and one of those difficult decisions led the Boston Bruins to put Nathan Dempsey on waivers today.

Other teams have 24 hours (until noon tomorrow) to claim him.

"For him professionally, I am certainly sure he wishes he’d be picked up by somebody to stay in the league," said Bruins Head Coach Dave Lewis. "Selfishly you’d like to have the option of having him in the organization and bringing him back like we did Tenkrat."

As far as this space goes, we wish Nathan Dempsey the best of luck. He is a class act.

Best wishes, Nate!

Additional D-news
Other news came in the form of an injury report.

"Yorkie is going to be unavailable for a little while -- lower body injury," said Lewis. "He won’t be available for tomorrow’s game for sure…he’s not coming on the trip."

"We have six now, and we’ve done that for a while," he explained of his defense corps.

Lewis also further explained that York’s injury had nothing to do with the knee on which he recently had an operation.

Line-up limbo
As far as Marc Savard and P.J. Axelsson, the other missing persons from today’s practice, Coach said, "Savard, it’s personal thing…he’ll be with us tomorrow."

As far as P.J. goes, keeping him off the ice might be a way to preserve the forward for the next game versus the Leafs.

"Axie, same thing [back tomorrow]," said Lewis. "Just wanted to keep him off the ice."

So, at practice there were three full lines, an extra forward, and six defensemen in uniform.

Yellow Jerseys: Sturm, Bergeron, Boyes, Murray
Teal: Primeau - Mowers - Donovan
Gray: Chistov - Kessel - Tenkrat
Defense, Black Jerseys: Chara, Mara, Jurcina, M. Stuart, B. Stuart, Alberts

The "lines" made tons of rushes pounding the goaltenders with pucks.

Hannu Toivonen, back up from Providence, Tim Thomas and Brian Finley all made appearances in net for the B’s today.

Finley made some easy stops and says he is feeling pretty good.

Hannu saw a ton of rubber today and looks to be well on his way to cracking the lineup.

Thomas saw a fair number of pucks, but was first off the ice and should get the start tomorrow.

"You know it’s good," said Coach when asked if he was happy to see Toivonen back. "He just came off three games in three nights and is happy to be back here, to get himself back on track.

"He’s healthy again, he said his leg feels pretty good. And so it’s going to be good to have him around. To get some experience with our guys again -- the shots, the pace of the game.

"And we’ll get him into a game here, sooner rather than later," said Lewis.

"I know a lot of goalies like to play a lot of games," said Coach. "But I think to get by in this game…with the pace and with the grind of the season, you need two guys."

20 games in
"We’re only a quarter of the way in," said Lewis when asked about his handle on the team at this juncture. "I think we have a group of guys who still can play better.

"And we’ve got more than a handful…that can elevate their game. And that’ll only be good for us.

"It’s up to the coaches to figure out who they are and figure out how to get a greater performance out of them," said Lewis.

Last, but not least
Paul Mara, who was jokingly referred to as the "Thug from Belmont Hill," was pretty subdued while talking about his bout with noted instigator, the Leafs Darcy Tucker.

"A lot of the way he plays is agitating and frustrating," said Mara. "That’s why he is who he is."

But Mara refused to be brought into a war of words as reporters asked Paul about Tucker’s comments about a return match.

"You know if he is looking for trouble, he is looking for trouble," said the defenseman. "It’s part of the game that happens out there, and if it happens, it happens.

"We’ll see."

Fisticuffs aside, Mara agreed that he is a player you have to be aware of.

"You never know what he is going to do," he said. "He is an intense character and…he plays extremely hard and you have to be ready every time he is on the ice."

Look for more from Paul Mara in tonight’s BruinsCast.

Heard and learned
"It’s a hard fact that I wasn’t good enough to play here and I wasn’t doing well enough, so I was just trying to work on my game and get better. And do everything as well as I could…the guys have been great [in both Boston and in Providence], they’ve been awesome. It was probably good for me to go down there and play a couple of games and get back at it -- get back in form. And hopefully, the things I worked on down there will transfer to the game here. It should be good."
Goalie, Hannu Toivonen, on working in Providence and being called back up

"It’s just a natural instinct. He’s just competing hard and knows we have to step our game up. That was just part of the game…it’s just a natural instinct, if you want to get involved, you get involved. And he did. He did a great job getting in there and, obviously, sticking up [for his teammates]. It was a heck of a battle."
Assistant Coach, Doug Houda, on fighting and Paul Mara’s scuffle on Saturday

"It’s a testament to him -- [11] goals this year on the power play. That’s probably one of the reasons he plays, that people are always watching for him. He’s physical and he’s intense…for him to have 16 goals, he’s a skill player, but he also brings that physical mentality to the game."
Defenseman, Paul Mara, complimenting Darcy Tucker
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