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Tim Thomas Chat Transcript - 2.20.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

THE_LINESMAN: Welcome everybody! Thanks for joining us, Tim is here... so you can start submitting your questions and now and we will get started...

Tim Thomas: Thanks to everybody for coming today.

mofnb: What advice would you give to a young goalie on how to be successful and make it to the pros?
Tim Thomas: Practice as much as you can and have as much fun doing it while you're young.

JColarusso: Tim, what was it like playing in the All-Star Game?
Tim Thomas: It was an incredible amount of fun. Just to be picked to go to the game was one of the best accomplishments of my career. To be around the best players in the world was a great experience.

MariaAG17: What is your favorite thing to do in Boston?
Tim Thomas: Being home with my family, spending time and relaxing around the house with my family.

plo373: What's the best part of being a Bruin?
Tim Thomas: Just being in the NHL and being able to compete every night against the other best players. Playing in an Original Six city with educated hockey fans is great.

hockeykid23: What is your favorite team to play against?
Tim Thomas: I enjoy going to the Canadian cities. The energy and atmosphere up there is great. There is no one team in particular though.

valdalee14: Hi Tim - I just want to give you a HUGE thank you for bringing a playoff hockey hunt back to Causeway Street. If we're in - I know you could take us far. You ROCK!

Federko: Hi Tim. I was wondering how it is to play under Claude Julien and what you see as the biggest differerence in coaching style from last year to this year?
Tim Thomas: Coach Julien is a great coach. It's obvious in the standings this year. It's hard to say -- it's just little things. He's asked the players to buy into his system and it's showing up in the standings.

nick_marra: What was it like playing in Providence and Europe for all those years and then finally getting into the NHL?
Tim Thomas: I had a good time playing in Providence and Europe. It wasn't the NHL, but I was getting paid to play a sport I love. When I finally got the chance, I just wanted to prove to people that I could play at the NHL level. All the hard work paid off.

Bruins4life: What was your favorite sport when you where a kid besides hockey?
Tim Thomas: Baseball. That was my summertime sport. Hockey was always my favorite sport though.

Bruinsbaby119: How are you feeling about the game tomorrow night?
Tim Thomas: It's important for us to get the victory. We scraped out one last night and it's important for us to get on a roll right now and put some points in the bank.

bmrfan: What's your favorite Boston eatery?
Tim Thomas: There are so many good places. I really like Pagliuca's in the North End. And Tresca of course for #77.

bruins877: Do you find it easier to play when you face a lot of shots or only a few?
Tim Thomas: Depends on the night and depends on the quality of shots. It really just depends on the night.

thomas5: What is your most memorable moment as a Bruin?
Tim Thomas: It's hard to pick. My first game when I got the call up. I had been waiting for so long to rise up to the challenge. It reminded me of the Eminem song Lose Yourself -- you only get one shot.

MandRBsFans: First, thanks for all you bring to the team, and for the postitive role model you are. You’ve got a great story as you’ve made your way to the NHL.
Tim Thomas: Thanks very much.

timsta28: Have you talked to Bergie lately? How is he?
Tim Thomas: I saw him after the charity auction. His spirits are pretty high and he's happy to be hanging out with the guys.

Tigershark64: How do you anticipate what a forward is going to do on a break-away?
Tim Thomas: Years of practice but also there are certain guys who you know their tendencies. Like Whitney last night, his first tendency is to go high glove and if you take that away, he likes to go five hole.

Jonathan_C: Who wouldn't you want to face in a shoot out?
Tim Thomas: Krejci, after last night! I would have to say Patrice Bergeron. He has this one move that is pretty successful, even though I know it's coming.

thomas5: Do you have anything that you do before a game as a type of ritual?
Tim Thomas: No ritual, but routines. If it's a ritual, you become too dependant on it and it can turn into a superstition.

Tom_Mitchell: How much do you think the Yoga in the offseason helped you this year. You've definitely played a notch above where you used to. Do you think that had an impact? Are you still doing it?
Tim Thomas: I think it did help me. Our schedule is so busy during the season that I haven't been able to keep up with it, but I plan on doing it again in the offseason. It definitely helped with my flexibility.

jodinjazz: Who is your favorite goaltender, either past or present?
Tim Thomas: My two favorite growing up were Steve Penney and Rick Knickle. They were on the same team that won the championship in the IHL. Steve Penney ended up playing with the Canadiens and Knickle was the oldest to ever play his first game in the NHL.

Jill_Larson: What do you like to do when you are not playing hockey?
Tim Thomas: I enjoy going out to dinner and in the summer I enjoy fishing.

joycey43: Have you ever been afraid to block Chara's slap shot in practice?
Tim Thomas: Yes, even in practice, I've been afraid of it!

macksb: You're the man Timmy!
Tim Thomas: Thanks. Keep the questions coming.

plo373: Hey Tim are you still a big Hunter?
Tim Thomas: I've had to put it on hold for the season, but I plan on picking it back up after the season.

bruinsfan4: What did you think of Savard winning the All-Star game?
Tim Thomas: I thought it was great. He waited a long time to get his all-star bid, and to get back to Atlanta and get the game-winning goal was awesome.

Old_time_Bruin: Who is your NHL mentor?
Tim Thomas: I didn't really have any. I came into the league late. I've been working with Bob Essensa for the last five years and he's been a big help.

dropkickmurph14: What's it like playing with so many young guys like Kessel and Lucic? Is there a generational gap or do the veterans find it easy to relate with them?
Tim Thomas: I find it easy. I've always been able to relate to younger players for some reason. I enjoy their excitement for playing the game.

CroatianBruin: Timmy, do you like to go on a long road-trip? Who is your roommate?
Tim Thomas: I enjoy seeing different cities, but I don't personally like being on long road trips. I don't have a roommate -- I sleep with a fan and no one likes the fan.

duboispt06: What music do you like to listen to before a game?
Tim Thomas: I'm an old fuddy-duddy. I'd just rather go out without the music.

youngblood24: On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is Lucic?
Tim Thomas: He's an 8, with the potential to go to a 10.

Erica: How do you celebrate after a big win?
Tim Thomas: I don't because our PR people ruin the celebration after the game. Just being in the locker room with my teammates after the game and letting it soak in is my favorite part.

hockeylady: Are there any future NHL'ers coming up in your family?
Tim Thomas: If there are they'd be a long ways off. My boy would probably be the closest and he's 2.

Durk: How does PR ruin the celebration?
Tim Thomas: It was just a joke. They shut off the music so we can answer questions.

icegoalie30: Who's the biggest prankster in the locker room?
Tim Thomas: There's no one that really stands out, but Savvy and Axelsson have some prankster in them. It's a tie between those two.

lucics_crew: Do you think the fans should be louder at the home games? I think we're too quiet.
Tim Thomas: I think it's our job to make the fans loud and we hope to do that in the future.

bruinsfan321: From your perspective on the ice, who is the most dangerous player in the Eastern Conference?
Tim Thomas: For me personally, it's Ilya Kovalchuk, with Ovechkin a close second.

Tigershark64: How do you phase out the crowd in order to focus on the game? is there a trick?
Tim Thomas: I don't have any real tricks. Sometimes it's easy to do, but other times you just have to focus on something else.

RAY_B_: Do you get along with your partner Alex Auld?
Tim Thomas: Yes. I've been fortunate in my career to get along with every goalie I've played with. Maybe goalies are just really good guys. They say goalies have a reputation for being weird, but I think forwards just say that to distract people from their weirdness.

blackngold355: How does Julien get you guys going before/during the game?
Tim Thomas: He gives us a talk before the game and inbetween periods. At this level, it's our own job to get ourselves fired up. If you don't have the inner drive to get yourself fired up, you're not going to last too long here.

THE_LINESMAN: We have time for a few more questions so get those last ones in now!

blackngold41: Timmy, are you a fan of fighting in hockey?
Tim Thomas: Yes. When I grew up in Flint that was one of the major draws to the game. I believe there's a place for it in hockey and something blue collar fans relate to.

steevedugas: Is there some stress in the team with the trade deadline coming?
Tim Thomas: There's stress in this game at all times. There's a little bit at trade deadline time, but there isn't that much time to think about it because we have to prepare for the next game.

bruinsfan321: Besides Z as the captain, is there a player who is an informal leader -- a player that gets everyone to ratchet up their performance?
Tim Thomas: It's the a whole group of guys -- the veterans -- Savard, Murray. Shawn Thornton is good in the locker room too.

jennysavard91: Is there a certain person on the team you get along with the best?
Tim Thomas: Yeah, Glen Metropolit is probably my closest buddy on the team. But I get along with everyone. This is the closest group of guys of all the teams I've been on in the NHL.

Tim Thomas: Alright, last question.

Nick_Medford: What's the story behind the Bruins Hardhat?
Tim Thomas: It's something that we actually just started last night. It's a reward to the guy who's not always the scorer or the guy that shows up on the scoresheet, but does his job really well and makes a difference in the game. It can be given out for a number of different reasons. The person who does that gets to wear the hardhat in the locker room after the win.

Tim Thomas: Let's do one more.

pshaaww: Will we see you in the playoffs?
Tim Thomas: I certainly hope so. And I think we're going to do it.

Tim Thomas: Thanks everybody for the questions. Sorry I couldn't get to them all, but I had a lot of fun.

THE_LINESMAN: Thanks everyone! Join us next Wednesday at 2 to chat with Milan Lucic...
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