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Tim bits...

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Some more thoughts from the starter:

“It depends on the night and what’s going on. If it’s a really loud crowd on the road, then it’s pretty hard to talk. If it is just getting helter-skelter out there, then I don’t want to mess with the guys because they don’t have time to think, they have to do what they have to do. The other times in the middle, I try to be vocal. I try to let them know who is on them or what we’re going to do.”
Goalie, Tim Thomas, talking about on-ice communication

“No, that’s you guys’ job [to think about the last one]. I can’t. I’ve played thousands of hockey games and you can’t think like that…that’s the way I look at it. Yah, I am [pleased to be making the start]. You try not to get surprised at anything in this game. I was ready to play if they told me I was getting the chance. That’s how I was preparing.”
Thomas, on making the start, forgetting about the last one

“Yah, I think there is more pressure on everybody. We know we have to turn it around…you are just trying to the best you can. You can’t allow yourself to think of the pressure like that. You have to think of it like an opportunity – an opportunity to be the hero, rather than the other way around.”
Thomas, on pressure

Ok, we are almost there, just about two hours before gametime.

See you on the flip side.

Go Bruins!
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