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Thoughts on Tonight

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Heard in and about the room...

Boston Bruins Head Coach, Dave Lewis
On the importance of tonight’s game:
Today’s game is really important for us. If you look at the standings, like everybody does, you can see what the value of this game is…It’s going to be a great game. [It’s] a fun game to play in, anyway.

On what needs the need for consistency:
We have to establish some consistency. We played a good game against Atlanta, giving them few shots and few chances against. And then, for whatever reason we were flat, particularly in the second and third period, against Philadelphia. We don’t want that at all. We have to start the game with a certain energy and passion and we have to play that way through the middle of it and we have to finish like that. It’s almost like “survival” for us.

Speculating on why the team came out flat on Thursday against Philadelphia:
Just emotional. As much as you’d like to think it’s like a camera, and you just turn it on every time and it always works the same way, human nature is not like that. We were affected by whatever, and that affects our whole team, not just two or three guys. It was like a team effort basically.

On Mark Mowers:
He’s a versatile guy. I’ve played him at left wing, right wing, and center, up and down the lineup. He seems to be skating well right now. The two goals were big. Somebody on the bench says he got new sticks, I don’t know if that was a factor or not. He’s a smart player, a veteran player, that understands the game and he “thinks” the game pretty well.

On Phil Kessel’s play as of late:
He is playing in our zone, but he gives us a really good dynamic carrying the pucks from the tops of the circles in our zone all the way into the attacking zone, like probably nobody else on our team can do. I think that he enjoys that and that may be because he’s playing a little more at center now. He finds that area to go and he likes to attack.

On Andrew Ference:
He’s a very competitive guy. He’s got great composure. In the locker room you u can see it too. He has a presence about himself. That’s good, it’s good for us. I think he enjoys his teammates. He’s starting to get to know them on a personal level…all that’s part of the process of becoming a member of the Boston Bruins. It’s not just because you put the jersey on, there are other issues you have to deal with, too.

Captain, Zdeno Chara
On getting and keeping the momentum up during the game:
We have to make sure that at [the beginning] of every period we start with a good tempo and lots of energy.

On tonight’s full house:
It should be a full building with the fans. The emotions will all be pretty high. It’s going to be an exciting game.

On the series with Montreal:
We’ve got some games in hand. We have to use them to our advantage. We have to win them. We want to fight for the playoffs. It’s very important.

Center, Marc Savard
On tonight’s game:
Tonight we’ll play in front of a big crowd. It’s going an emotional game. Obviously we need the two points. [Montreal] is one of the teams we are chasing. We gotten them three times, and that’s six points. Hopefully we can get them all…It’s really easy [to get excited playing Montreal]. They’re a team that’s ahead of us so we’ve got to go out there and get the win. It’s an exciting game, it’s going to be sold out.

On recent difficulties:
We seem to find a good shooter in a good spot, it’s just [that the puck] hasn’t been able to get in there. On the power play we let a couple in that we probably shouldn’t have. We’ve got to straighten those things out to win games. It comes down to that. There have been a lot of one-point games as of late, so [it’ s important] to have good special teams.

On Thursday’s loss against Philadelphia:
It’s frustrating after a loss like that. There wasn’t much emotion. We’ve got to find it within ourselves. We’ve got to fight every day, we can’t lose any games like we did the other night. We’ve got to move on and be positive. It’s tough to be positive, but we’ve got to be.

Defenseman, Bobby Allen
On whether or not he is excited about tonight’s game growing up a Bruins fan:
I think it’s more excited just for the consequences of the game. We really need this one and it is do-or-die for us. This is a team we’ve got to catch. It’s special for me. I grew up cheering against the Canadiens when I was a kid, being a Bruins fan. Being able to play a big game against them close to the end of the season is going to be fun. The building is going to be jammed, it’s going to be a great atmosphere. I’m looking forward to it.

On tonight’s crowd:
[When the building is full] you can feel the energy. There will be tons of energy in the crowd tonight. The Bruins fans in this town obviously don’t like the Canadiens. It’s a great rivalry and it’s going to be a great game. They are battling just like we are.
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