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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
I can’t believe that on the cover of the Saturday Herald is a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Smith kissing. It just seems odd to me that those two are on the front page of a newspaper kissing. Is it really "cover" material?

As I’m writing this, I haven’t read today’s paper yet so I am not really sure of the other possibilities. But I would think that there has to be some other options.

I personally would love to see a nice photo of the Olsen twins drinking a latte. Maybe we could have gotten a close up of Jessica Simpson just so we know that Proactive works. Another great one could have been a nice shot of KFed smoking a Kool after earning some respect in the studio. How about a really tight shot of Paris pouting, that is front page worthy for sure. Or maybe even better would be Paris and Nicole in a warm embrace. I know that has always hurt me to know that they don’t have such a simple life.

Or we could just keep it local and go with the Brown’s. Whitney and Bobby are at a whole different level when it comes to good family fun. I just can’t figure out why we have to be so narrow-minded about the news.

I know I said this before about other couples, but I do hope that the Smith’s make it! I think that the two of them together could do great things in the world.

P.S. – I love the Herald. It keeps me in touch!!
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