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Shawn Thornton Chat Transcript - 3.19.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Shawn Thornton
Welcome to Bruins Chat!

The_Linesman: Hello everyone, Shawn is on his way and we should be on schedule, please start putting in your questions and hang tight...

Shawn Thornton: Hey what's up everyone... let's get started!

BsGal127: Hi Shawn.  What's the most difficult part of being a fighter in the NHL today?
Shawn Thornton: Well besides getting punched in the face, just getting mentally prepared for guys that are a lot bigger than me.

BruinsFan27: Hey Shawn, thanks for bringing an Old Time Hockey feeling back to have played on both coasts, is there a difference in hockey atmosphere on the east and west coasts?
Shawn Thornton: I think the West Coast has a lot more physical brand of hockey. The travel in the East is a lot easier on you.

GahhhdenGuy: Hey Shawn, who do you consider the hardest puncher you've faced in the NHL, past or present?
Shawn Thornton: Tough one to answer...A guy I played with, Louie DeBrusk.

xhtank60: Hi Shawn. What do you do to get pumped for a game?
Shawn Thornton: Try and block out all of Marc Savard's terrible pregame music!

beproud42: Savard said you enjoy Britney Spears' "piece of me". Is this true?
Shawn Thornton: No. Completely false

derekroy19: what do you think your chances are in the playoffs? We need a cup here in Boston!!
Shawn Thornton: We have to make the playoffs first, but once we are in there, I like the group of guys we have.

bruins_fan8: What was it like to win the Stanley Cup last year?  And do you think you can do it again this year?
Shawn Thornton: I hope we can do it again this year. Last year was an incredible experience. It's great to think about but my focus is on this year and this team.

zach: I really like Reich-Sobotka and you as a line. How good do you think Sobotka can be?
Shawn Thornton: For such a young kid, he plays with such poise. He is only going to get better as he gets older.

mbonanno07: Did you guys do anything to celebrate this weeks numerous B's birthdays?
Shawn Thornton: I went with Andrew Ference to the Dropkick Murphys concert on Monday night, awesome show.

Bostonfan17: Hey Shawn, what do you like to do in the off-season?
Shawn Thornton: Golf, train and enjoy the down time.

Cam_Neely: How do you feel about the Habs tomorrow?
Shawn Thornton: Going to be a tough game, it was good to have a couple of days rest before. The boys will be ready.
BSFAN4LIF: Hey Shawn! You have any tips for someone who wants to be a fighter like you in the NHL?
Shawn Thornton: Score goals, there's more money in that!

Bruinsfan88: If you could play golf with any three other bruins past or present who would they be?
Shawn Thornton: Cam Neely, Stan Jonathan and Jeremy Reich because I can probably take his money!

djwilson19: Any pregame superstitions?
Shawn Thornton: No real superstitions, just more routines. I have figured out which way of preparing for a game works best for me.

savvy_91: Hey Shawn, I've noticed that sometimes on the road the team seems to need an early game fight to get energized.  How do you and the other fighters gauge this energy and how do you sort out who fights?
Shawn Thornton: There's fights for three reasons as far as I'm concerned...
To stick up for a teammate.
To stick up for yourself.
Or to create energy or momentum.

GahhhdenGuy: What was the story behind you and Lucic in the opening 2 fights against the Capitals? Was it pre-meditated?
Shawn Thornton: It wasn't premeditated for me. I think it might have been for Luch.

DanielleluvsBs: Who are you closest to on the team?
Shawn Thornton: I try and hang out with everyone as much as possible. Usually I end up eating with Schaefer, Metro, Hnidy and Timmy on the road, but I get along with everyone...or at least I think I get along with everyone!

beproud42: so Wideman said if he was stuck on a desert island he'd choose you to be there to wrestle any wild animals- how do you feel about that? Would you want him on the island if you were stuck there?
Shawn Thornton: I heard about that...I'm not quite sure what his purpose on the island would be, so I'm not so sure he would be invited!

Seabass8: Hey Shawn, have you ever had to pull out the fisticuffs at training camp to win a job?
Shawn Thornton: Not to win a job. Last time was 10 years ago, I prefer fighting guys on other teams, not potential teammates.

Saskatchewan: Have you ever fought Reich?
Shawn Thornton: Yes I have.

Tnichs: Where did you work before playing in the NHL?
Shawn Thornton: I worked in a steel factory where my dad works in Ontario

charasavvy: Do you enjoy playing in Boston?
Shawn Thornton: Love it. Love the city, love the fans, love the restaurants.

Hailey: what is your favorite city to play in?
Shawn Thornton: Other than here, Toronto because its close to my hometown

DanielleluvsBs: Who's your favorite player of all time?
Shawn Thornton: Wendel Clark

knuckle_chucker: How often are you asked if you are related to Joe and Scott?
Shawn Thornton: Too often!

extreme91886: Have you ever had to play with someone who you had roughed up when you were on different teams?
Shawn Thornton: Yeah, it's not as awkward as you'd think.  It's just a job, we get over it pretty quickly.

BSFAN4LIF: Why did you choose the number 22 for your jersey?
Shawn Thornton: There's not many numbers left here to choose from... they are all in the rafters!

mbonanno07: Does your family get to come to games a lot?
Shawn Thornton: Only when I'm in Toronto.

Tnichs: What music do you listen to before a game?
Shawn Thornton: I listen to everything... except Britney Spears!

tasteofink07: hey Shawn, I will be attending the game tomorrow against the Habs and I was wondering how much physical play is going to be needed from you and your teammates to be able to come out with the 2 points
Shawn Thornton: We have to play physical every night, but we have to keep our emotions in check.

Seabass8: What do you think about Metro being nominated for the Masterson?
Shawn Thornton: I think no one deserves it more.

machoman911b: Who's the biggest guy you've fought before?
Shawn Thornton: Probably Boogard in Minnesota.

cam: What was it like scoring your first NHL goal?
Shawn Thornton: It was in Carolina, Steve Thomas passed me the puck... great feeling.

maine_boy13: What is the thought or feeling you have when you get ready to drop the gloves?
Shawn Thornton: Good nervous energy.

machoman911b: Shawn who do you think will pick up their first fighting major first, Sobotka or Krejci?
Shawn Thornton: Sobotka. He tells me every day how tough he is!

Bosbruins9875: Hey Shawn Have u ever fought with P.J. Stock.
Shawn Thornton: Yeah we have fought twice, he's a tough character.

tasteofink07: hey Shawn, have you ever been to a rock concert and been in the mosh pit?
Shawn Thornton: Lollapalooza when I was in high school was the first and last time I have been in a mosh pit!

Kapler_Fan: Have you been to Fenway Park?
Shawn Thornton: Yes, twice... one was Game 1 of the World Series.  A tremendous place to watch a ballgame.

keenebruin: Anything you would change in the NHL these days? rules, or etc?
Shawn Thornton: I am a traditionalist. I think the game is perfect the way it is.

Bostonfan17: What sports do you like other than Hockey?
Shawn Thornton: Lacrosse, I have one cousin who plays in the NLL and another that plays at Duke. Lacrosse is big in my family.

mlbbruins: I've been a lifetime bruins fan but this year really stands out in my mind. Is it just me or are you guys having a lot of fun playing together?
Shawn Thornton: We are having a blast. Great bunch of guys, I have fun every day coming to the rink.

BruinsFan27: What do you think of the big crowds the Garden has been pulling in, can you guys feel the crowd from the locker room?
Shawn Thornton: I really noticed how loud you were last Saturday. We've definitely been able to feel the intensity from the crowd the last few
home games.  It has been great.

BigBadBruin8: What's the best rivalry you've ever been a part of, at any level?
Shawn Thornton: Probably Oshawa/Peterborough in Junior.

mlbbruins: Do you think you've got a couple more 2 goal games left in you for the stretch?
Shawn Thornton: Unfortunately I think I have used up all my 2 goal games this year!

score_4: Shawn, are you having fun with your video blog? I know I look forward to watching it every day
Shawn Thornton: Yeah it is fun.  Something different for the fans, letting you know what's going on.

keenebruin: Do you have a better taste in movies than Alberts? What do you think of his reviews?
Shawn Thornton: I don't have the luxury of sitting around all day and watching movies!  I do enjoy his reviews though...

Danny82307: When you were young, did you ever think you would be playing in the NHL.
Shawn Thornton: I dreamed about it, but never thought it would actually happen.

BruinsFan24: Who do you think will win in the Western Conference playoffs?
Shawn Thornton: Tough one, a lot of it depends on matchups in the first round. I'll go with my old teammates in Anaheim though.

xhtank60: At what age did you start to play hockey?
Shawn Thornton: 7, which I think is a little later than most Canadian kids!

machoman911b: What top 6 forward on this Bruins team do you think would have the best chance to win a scrap against you?
Shawn Thornton: You can probably discard Savard and Kessel off that list...Kessel is my roommate on the road, I don't even let him have the remote!

knuckle_chucker: have u seen a bruins #22 jersey yet?
Shawn Thornton: Yeah, I think it said Donovan on the back though.

LoohBearforprez: Will you please convince the guys to grow the rally mustaches for the playoffs.
Shawn Thornton: Love the playoff beards.  We have some guys that could be in trouble though!

GahhhdenGuy: Who do you think could grow the best beard.... and who would have the most trouble?
 Shawn Thornton: I think Wardo's will be thick, but very, very gray! Some of the younger kids might struggle...

The_Linesman: Were going to take a few more...

nick_bucs: hey Shawn its been great to see you play haven't had guys like you Lucic and Reich in town for a while, does it feel good knowing you guys are responsible for bringing some of the fans back?
Shawn Thornton: To hear that is a huge compliment. We each have our physical styles of play and it's nice to have that appreciated here.

biggins99: What has been your favorite hockey moment
Shawn Thornton: Winning the Cup last year.

machoman911b: Is it true that George Parros (Anaheim) just grunts when people ask him to fight and then absolutely unloads when the puck drops?
Shawn Thornton: I don't think they can understand him because of his mustache!

beproud42: Crosby v. Ference earlier this year- what did you think?
Shawn Thornton: Andy battles hard every night, good to see him get in the mix.

The_Linesman: One more...

Stockfan42: What was your favorite moment from all of this year's games?
Shawn Thornton: Luch getting the Gordie Howe hat trick in LA

Shawn Thornton: Thanks everybody, good questions... see you here tomorrow, big one for us.

The_Linesman: Make sure to join us next week at 2:00 for Andrew Alberts.
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