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Same Mentality at Home

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON -- As early as Wednesday afternoon, Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien said that the Bruins must not change their attitude going into their home opener in TD Garden.

"The one thing that we do have to do as a team is understand that our game shouldn't change...because we're at home," said Julien. "If it does then we're going to get ourselves in trouble.

"What's gotten us success is the way we've worked hard together as a group. We've stuck with the things that we believe in, and if we decide...that we're going to go out and be cute for our home fans, we're going to get away from what we call 'our identity' and what we've accomplished so far.

"Is going to be a tough game because you've got one of the better teams in the league coming in with revenge on their mind, and you've got us making sure that our focus is in the proper place play a real good game against a real good team."

Coach Julien's attitude did not change on Thursday. In fact, Julien was even more emphatic that the B's must remain within their game plan despite the obvious adrenaline pumping through their veins.

"It's always exciting to get that home opener and play in front of your fans," said Julien. "I think the biggest thing right now for our team is to bring the type of game that we’ve brought lately back to our home rink. That sometimes is a challenge in itself.

"Hopefully our guys are ready to do that and build on what we’ve done well and what’s given us success, and give our home fans that kind of performance."

Julien said that he understood the high expectations of the Bruins fans.

"Of course, and I think we should have high expectations of ourselves," said Julien. "Right now our challenge this year is to rise to the expectations of everyone, but mostly ourselves."

But given the club's subpar home record last year, Julien said the B's aim to create a more inhospitable TD Garden when visiting teams come a calling.

"We want to give our fans a much better performance than we did last year," said Julien. "We certainly want to get better at that."

Julien said that the club had been told that performing for the B's faithful in Boston was a priority.

"You have to mention to the players that this is a new year and let’s not live in the past here," he said. "Let’s live in the present and let’s establish our home dominance here -- especially with our first game."
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