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Rookie Ice Girls Ready for 2012-13

by Renee Anderson / Boston Bruins - The 2012-13 Boston Bruins Ice Girls rookie roster has been announced and of the 625 young women who applied, only 62 were called to audition and just 10 made the final cut.

The new Ice Girls. For a full photo gallery click here.

Over a two-day tryout process the girls underwent a series of interviews, an on-ice assessment, a photo and video shoot and a quiz to test their Bruins and hockey knowledge.

Each candidate was judged on her poise, energy, charisma, personality, physical fitness and familiarity with the team.

“I think it’s important that the girls understand the time commitment,” said Fasha, a veteran Ice Girl who will be retiring from the squad this season. “It’s not just about the photo shoots and the marketing and whatnot.

“It’s about the fans and the charity work we do as well.”

The Bruins Ice Girls were implemented a decade ago to serve as fan ambassadors and role models for young women in the community. They attend all of the home games and over 100 community events each season.

Fasha’s favorite memory was the Belle of the Ball, which is an annual charity event that provides local girls with prom dresses.

“The Ice Girls collect prom dresses and we have a drive,” she explained. “We not only donate a percentage of the dresses, but we actually help out on that day and are personal shoppers for the underprivileged girls.”

Her experiences not only helped other girls, but also influenced her own personal development.

“It definitely has led me to be more outgoing and it helps out with my current job dealing with clients,” she said. “It definitely helped me be a better person, and I’d say it bettered every part of my life.”

This season’s team captain, Holly, is sad to see some of her teammates go, but is looking forward to returning to the ice for her fifth year with the organization.

“We’re losing a lot of veterans so there are definitely big shoes to fill and that’s going to be a new experience,” she said from TD Garden. “But I think the girls we chose are a really good group of girls with great personalities, and I think they’re going to blend in well and make it a very easy year for me.”

Holly said the rewarding combination of community events and hockey games has kept her coming back year after year.

“I will talk hockey with anyone,” she explained. “And I think sometimes people are impressed that I know so much about hockey since I’m a girl, so it kind of gives me a chance to interact and get down to it with fans.

“And I’ve really made a lot of great friends over the years, so it’s been a really great experience.”

The captain offered the rookies some advice as well.

“Try to get the full experience of being an Ice Girl,” Holly said. “It’s different being behind the scenes versus being a fan in the stands, and you can really immerse yourself in everything and really get excited about all of the games.

“Enjoy every moment of it because you’re going to remember it for the rest of your life.”

One of the new Ice Girls, Krysten, is hoping to follow her captain’s guidance and have a successful first season with the team.

“I can’t even believe it’s happening, it’s a dream come true,” she said upon receiving the good news. “It’s one of those unreal, surreal moments.

“I’ve grown up with the Bruins, and ever since the first time I saw the Bruins Ice Girls I knew that was something I wanted to do and that was something I wanted to be.”

Like many of her teammates, Krysten will be attending school during the season and she plans to commute two-hours both ways to participate in games and events.

“It’s definitely a commitment, but it’s something that I love so it’s going to be worth it,” she said. “I can’t wait to come to games and cheer them on and throw the T-shirts and get the crowd going.

“But really the most important part to me is the charity work that we do… I have always been a big proponent of giving back so I’m really excited to get involved with the community.”

Krysten will be joined by Devin, Kendall, Lauren, Emilie, Deanna, Michelle, Kaeleigh, Jenn, Alexandra and a number of returning veterans.

She is excited to support the Bruins and “cheer them on hopefully all the way to the Stanley Cup!”

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