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Quick Update...

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Just checking in before practice…

My lines were slightly off yesterday. Here is how they should have looked:


Did anyone check out the story on hockey masks and the gallery from the Hockey Hall of Fame?

If anyone wants to chime in on your favorite hockey mask, I might use some of your stuff this afternoon in the post practice blog! Just hit the feedback button below.

I think my favorite (non-current) Bruins masks are Cheevers’ and Andy Moog’s bear mask.

Good choices?

There was also the crazy skull one from the movie Youngblood. Remember that one?

One more – Sean Burke had a nice one with lighthouses on the sides when he was with the Hartford Whalers.

Anyway, speak up and let me know your favorites if you have a second.

Comments from Coach
“If we went through a stretch where we played four games in five nights, then we would have a lot of bodies unavailable. Now, Andrew Alberts is getting close to being able to play again and that’s a good thing – and he’s only missed a couple of games. If you are in that compressed schedule, then you lose bodies.”
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, on how the schedule has helped the Bruins

“You just have to try and generate [some offense]. Maybe spark one guy. You know what happens when you put a new guy on a line, the whole thought process…starts to change a bit. That’s what you are looking for. Maybe they can relax, maybe they can work a little play, and maybe they can do some different things. We’ll see how it looks in practice.”
Lewis, on the line changes

“You want line combinations to work and there has to be purpose to the lines. You know, we haven’t clicked offensively, so that’s why it’s been changed. I’ve talked about having a defensive line and two offensive lines, but right now everyone is sort’ve at the same level. We’re trying to establish some of that chemistry and flow to generate scoring chances.”
Lewis, on the importance of line chemistry
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