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Practice in Pacific Coliseum

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
VANCOUVER -- For most fans, seeing a player go down in a practice is a scary moment, but for skaters and coaches alike, it's just part of the business.

Today's example: Rookie Brad Marchand, felled by a shot, had to be helped off the ice during the B's practice in Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum.

"Well, I mean, to me it’s always been part of the game," said Boston Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien.

"You don’t want to see that happen, but you practice and those kind of things happen.

"I really felt when I saw the shot going it’s just one of those things where he got banged up a little bit.

"But I feel confident that it’s been a stinger, and hopefully that’s all it is."

Julien also said, "My information is that he should be fine."

Coachable Kelly
Kelly is 12-11-23 in 59 games this season.
According to Coach Julien, Chris Kelly has been a welcome addition to the Boston Bruins roster.

In fact, the former Ottawa Senator forward garnered one of the most impressive compliments a bench boss can convey. Julien agreed that Kelly was "coachable."

"Oh yeah. You tell him once and he gets it," said Julien. "A lot of times we haven’t had to say to much to him because he gets it. He reads the game rally well, and I think he’s a real intelligent player.

"What we’ve heard about him and what we see right now is bang on. We’ve been told by people who have had him how smart and how well he adapts.

"In two games we’ve seen that," he said. 

Kelly also displays an ability to adapt.

"Well I think not only does he adapt to your system, he also adapts to the situations in the game," said Julien. "You can only [teach] so much and...guys with good hockey sense are good hockey players.

"He has great hockey there is a lot to be said about that because that’s where trust comes in.

"You can say, 'You know what I can put him out there in those situations and he’s smart enough to adapt' and he’ll make the right decision nine out of ten times."

Czechs Catching Fire...
Krejci is 9-36-45 in 53 games.
David Krejci has a three game points streak with 1-5-6 totals.

"Yeah, you can see it coming around," said Julien of his center. "I thought last game was probably the game where he skated the best.

"I thought he really skated well in Calgary and [with] some of the back check, back pressure, and that’s what makes David a real good player.

"When he skates the way he skated last game the rest of his game just follows," added Julien. "He’s going to catch fire this is the time of year to do that.   

Krejci's fellow Czech, Tomas Kaberle, doesn't have any points in his first two games with the Bruins, but that doesn't mean he hasn't had an immediate impact.

"He’s had a couple games with us," said Julien. "Just the transition, the calmness, the poise and all that stuff that he bring to our back end -- today’s game requires all of that.

"without the red line and without the clutching and grabbing and that, it’s important to have guys that can move the puck.
Kaberle has that ability in spades.

"The transition game today has become something really important as far as getting some offense going," added Julien. "We’ve been working real hard as a team in that area and then we got a guy who is already pretty [good] at it as well.

"He’s a real good addition I think our guys in the dressing room are really happy to have him here."

Remarkable Recchi
Recchi has 11-31-42 totals through 60 games.
Coach Julien was asked again about his wunderkind forward, 43-year-old Mark Recchi. Julien labelled Recchi with yet another adjective -- consistent.

"I mean, Mark [Recchi] has been consistent since he’s been with our team," said Julien. "Again I think he might be third on the team...but he’s one of those guys that puts up numbers, he’s one of those guys that comes to play hard every game.

"He leads by example, I can never say enough about his off ice presence in that dressing room>"

On Saturday, Recchi's family from Kamloops, British Columbia will be on hand to watch Mark ply his trade, but they might never see what makes Recchi so valuable to the Bruins.

"The experience, poise, what he does with the players means so much," explained Julien. "Sometimes you really respect the guy who brings something to the dressing room and there is something to be said about that.

"He also being it to the ice, at that age I think that’s phenomenal.

"We’re a lucky team right now to have him."   
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