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Patrice Bergeron chat transcript

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Patrice is here. We'll get started now.

Patrice - What have you changed in your game since the lockout to better yourself? Also, are there any role models that you have on the team in the way that Martin Lapointe was for you in 03-04?

Patrice Bergeron
Last year, during the lockout I went to Providence in the AHL and I really improved my game there and learned a lot. Also, this summer I did a lot of work in trying to become a better skater. I had a strength coach to work with to try to get stronger on the ice. This year, there's no guy like Marty Lapointe. He was awesome in my first year, but now I feel like I've grown up a little bit more. I'm more on my own now than two years ago.

Patrice, Tim Thomas has been playing great lately. How has this affected your confidence and the confidence of the whole team?

Patrice Bergeron
Timmy is playing great right now, and I think that just shows how much depth we have in goal. I'm not surprised by what he is doing right now. I always felt he was a great goaltender, so for sure, that gives us great confidence on the ice. It's allowed us to concentrate on our game and feed off him.

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What's your favorite part about playing in Boston?

Patrice Bergeron
The city is awesome. It's such a sports city with the Red Sox and the Patriots. And they have won a lot, so it gives us a challenge to try to match the other franchises. Also, it's close to my home in Quebec City, which is only six hours away, so my family can come and see me sometimes.

Do you feel a lot of pressure from playing for the Bruins? There is the legacy that is the Bruins, the success of the Pats and the Red Sox, and the fans in Boston are some of the most die-hard fans in the country. Is there an overwhelming pressure to bring home a cup to Boston?

Patrice Bergeron
As I mentioned, it gives us a challenge. We always want to do good, and obviously as a hockey player, we want to win. We're working on it, it's a long process. We don't feel pressure, but we know the fans want us to do well. We know they're behind us. It's a great sports town and it's fun to be a part of.

Patrice, the Bruins have two big games coming up versus Les Habitants... are the guys talking about that Home-and-Home series and how big those games are?

Patrice Bergeron
Yeah, we're talking about that. We're playing them tomorrow and they're going to be huge games. Right now we're tied in the standings. Obviously, we have to take it game by game and we have struggled against them in the past. We're just going to have to be ready for them tomorrow.

What do you feel was the biggest factor in your adjustment to play with Marco Sturm? Who is the fastest skater on that line?

Patrice Bergeron
Marco is definitely the fastest skater. Pretty much the biggest thing I had to adjust to was his speed. Sometimes I was looking to make a tape-to-tape pass and the puck ended up in his skates, so I had to adjust to that. Now, I know I can put the puck in front of him and he has the speed to get it.

Out of all the teams the Bruins have faced, which have been the toughest to play for you personally?

Patrice Bergeron
I'd say Ottawa. They are a good team even though we've beaten them a few times this year. A couple of days ago we beat them 5-0. But it's still very tough to play against the Senators. You have to be prepared mentally and physically. Also, Montreal is a tough.

How does it feel to be 20-year-old professional hockey player?

Patrice Bergeron
It's awesome. Obviously I have to appreciate what I have. I don't really think about how I should be at school right now and that I'm actually playing in the NHL. Sometimes I have to stop and think about that and appreciate everything that's happened to me. I'm really enjoying my time right now.

Patrice, once your team is healthy, what additions do you think the team needs? (IE- offensive defenseman)

Patrice Bergeron
That's a tough question. I really like the team we have right now. When we're all healthy, I feel like we'll be a great team, and I'm really looking forward to when that day will come. It's not up to me, management makes those decisions, but I think right now we're playing well as a team and our chemistry is really good. That's what you need to be a good hockey team.

Who do you think is the best Bruins forward of all time?

Patrice Bergeron
Cam Neely, but I was too young to see a lot of the older players. From what I've seen, I'd say Cam Neely for sure.

What is the greatest goal you ever scored in your career?

Patrice Bergeron
It's the goal in the second game of the playoffs against Montreal two years ago in overtime. Any overtime goal is great, but because it was against Montreal and in the playoffs, it was especially great. I was really happy with that one, and I think so far, it's the most important goal I've scored.

Who has been the biggest leader on and off the ice since the Thornton trade?

Patrice Bergeron
I think it's Brian Leetch. He always knows what to say and do on the ice and has been a leader pretty much his whole career. He leads by example and is always working hard. You can learn a lot from a guy like him.

Brad Boyes looks likes he's gonna be a great NHLer. How do you see his development over the season?

Patrice Bergeron
Boyes has been great. I saw him play last year in Providence, and he had a great year there. So this year, I'm not surprised by what he's doing. He's got great vision and he's got the assets to become a great NHL player, so I'm excited to see him continue to develop.

Is there a story behind why you chose No. 37?

Patrice Bergeron
That number was given to me when I was in juniors my first year. It was kind of a rookie number. There were ten numbers left and I thought it was the best number available, so I picked it. I did well with the number and when I got to Boston, I just decided to stick with it.

What kind of music do you like?

Patrice Bergeron
Pretty much just rap, but I don't really mind anything. In the dressing room right now, it's mostly rock. If I could choose, I'd pick rap. People like Eminem and Fifty Cent are pretty much my favorites.

Do you think your team has benefitted as much as you could have hoped since Thornton's departure?

Patrice Bergeron
I think we needed to regroup as a team. We had some new guys come in. It was an adjustment getting to know three new players, but I think over the past ten games or so, we've been jelling and becoming a better team. Joe was a great player and there's nothing you can take away from him, but I think right now we're getting some good results.

Do you ever see yourself being wearing the "C" one day?

Patrice Bergeron
That's a tough question to answer. I'm just trying to go out there and be a leader in my own way by leading by example in games and practices. If I get that chosen one day, I'd be honored, but right now, I'm just thinking about winning games. I think all the guys need to step up and show leadership, and I'm just trying to do that in my own way.

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What do you do when you're not playing hockey?

Patrice Bergeron
I listen to music or watch movies. My favorite movies right now are Wedding Crashers and the 40 Year Old Virgin. I love comedy, and I'll always love funny movies.

Bergy, I noticed as of late that you are becoming more of a stronger presence playing the point on the power play, which is typically more of a defensive position. Has having Ray Bourque as a defensive consultant helped you create more opportunities in that position?

Patrice Bergeron
Yeah, I think Ray's a big factor in me feeling more comfortable at the point. He's there at practices and always giving me tips about how to play on the power play. I really appreciate the fact that I get to work with a guy like Ray Bourque.

What was your favourite experience... World Juniors or NHL playoffs?

Patrice Bergeron
They are both up there. It's a totally different experience. World Juniors was awesome, going in with the younger players my age, making friends with those guys, and getting to win the Gold. But just making the NHL and the playoffs is a huge deal, so both of those achievements are pretty high in my life.

Who is the hardest goalie to score on?

Patrice Bergeron
Roberto Luongo in Florida. He's so big in the net that when you come up on him, there's almost no space and he's tough to shoot on. He's a great goalie that's not only big, but really quick as well.

Who would you say is the funniest/craziest teammate you've had?

Patrice Bergeron
Right now it's Wayne Primeau. He's really funny and a great guy. He's always quoting Wedding Crashers in the locker room and stuff like that.

Patrice has to get going now. Thanks for all your questions today.

Patrice Bergeron
Thanks for being a fan and supporting the Bruins. Also, thanks for taking time out to chat with me today at It's a real honor. I enjoyed chatting with you and I'll see you on the ice soon.

Join us again next week for another chat. Stay tuned for details. Good night.
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