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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Center, Patrice Bergeron

On the importance of tonight’s game:
Obviously we are all aware that we need the two points. Obviously that win was huge. That come back in the third period was awesome. But we need to find a way to get some good starts and go from there instead of coming back in games like that.

On the power play:
We’re taking shots when it’s time to. We’re using our imagination and taking what they are giving us instead of forcing plays.

Center, Marc Savard
On Phil Kessel in the shoot out:
He’s like Rivera from the Yankees. You put him in there late and there is a 90% chance he’s going to get a win. It’s great for us.

On the power play:
(We are) getting confident again, holding onto the puck, and making plays…We’re back to controlling it…It’s been nice to be able to watch it and move it.

Goaltender, Tim Thomas
On the Bruins’ defense:
They did a great job playing under pressure when we tied up the game. It wasn’t just Chara and Alberts, it was the team as a whole.

On the shootout:
We really need the points so I was a little nervous going into it, especially against this team with the kind of skill shooters they have. The guys came out big and got two goals for me, and that makes it a lot easier in the shootout for me.

Washington Capitals Head Coach, Glen Hanlon
On tonight’s game:
We played hard. The penalties at the end of the second obviously hurt us. We scored on a five-on-three. They scored on a five-on-three. It ended up being a fairly even game.

On Washington goaltender Olie Kolzig:
(Olie Kolzig) was great. I think there were a couple saves right in the first period that were excellent saves …The only ones that beat him were deflections or screened shots. He made two really big saves in the four-on-three in the end.

On the Bruins’ power play goals:
The first play was a great pass. The fact of the matter is on a power play if you make a perfect pass with the extra guy it’s going to happen. Five-on-three, with Chara in front, it’s kind of tough.
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