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Milan Lucic Chat Transcript - 2.27.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

THE LINESMAN: Welcome everyone!  We will get started in just a few minutes...

Milan Lucic: Hey everyone, I'm here, let's get this going.

Milan who are you closest to on the team?

Milan Lucic: Our "Chucktown Crew" as we like to call it...which is myself, Marc Savard, Jeremy Reich and Mark Stuart. Great group of guys, lot of laughs, they make the game more fun.

jupeman17: Milan, what do you do as part of your pregame routine? Anything out of the ordinary? Do you have any superstitions?

Milan Lucic: I like to have a chocolate bar before every game, preferably Snickers or Mars and I play soccer with the boys for pregame warmup in the hallway outside the dressing room... which has a fun, competitive edge to it.

Any reason for the number 17?

Milan Lucic: Well I was born on June 7, so I like to have the #7 in my number. Growing up in Junior I wore 27 but obviously it is taken by Glen Murray and 37 was taken by Patrice...7 and 77 weren't available either!

Kapler_Fan: Who has been your idol for hockey?

Milan Lucic: Growing up my uncle Dan Kesa played pro hockey and also played 130 games in the NHL for Van, Pit, Dal and Tampa.

Milan Lucic: I wanted to be like him by being a professional hockey player... he was a guy I looked up to always.

audioking9000: What was it like heading to all-star weekend with Timmy, Z, and Savvy?

Milan Lucic: It was a great experience... you couldn't be happier going with such great guys like those three. I was happy my first all star appearance was shared with Timmy, Z and Savvy.

MarcoSturm16: Are you done fighting for the year after you re-broke your nose?

Milan Lucic: That's a good question haha. I'm going to let the bone heal and we will see what happens... about six weeks left in the reg season so somewhere in the last few games there may be an altercation.

MariaG17: What is your favorite thing about being a rookie in the NHL playing in Boston?

Milan Lucic: It's a great sports town.  I'm a fan of all sports and getting to be a part of what the Red Sox did this year, what the Pats did and what the Celtics are doing has been awesome.

Great questions guys! Keep 'em coming...

raex1791: what is your favorite thing to do in Boston when its not hockey related?

Milan Lucic: The restaurants have been awesome here. Lot of great spots, this town has the best places to eat.

Go_Bruins_Go: I am a Saskatchewan guy so I want to ask you what it is like playing with Jeremy Reich and his character? You are an amazing hockey player.

Milan Lucic: Thanks... he is one of the funniest guys I've ever played with.  We call him 'Sventi' in the room because that's a part of his own language that he speaks. He competes hard, a great competitor and great teammate.

duboispt06: What kind of music do you listen to get pumped up before you hit the ice?

Milan Lucic: Metallica. Their S and M CD is my favorite... Master of Puppets really gets me goin'

What is your favorite arena to visit on the road?

Milan Lucic: I like the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Growing up in Canada you see so many Hockey Night in Canada games there, actually playing in the arena was a really special feeling.

Lucics_Crew: What would it be like to go play in Vancouver against the Canucks?  

Milan Lucic: I think it is going to be an awesome feeling. Growing up your ultimate goal is to play in GM Place. So when I finally get to play there in front of the home crowd it will be exciting.

blackngold: Keep up the great work Milan! Have you received any fighting pointers and help from Thorts and/or Reich?

Milan Lucic: Not really, but they give me good scouting reports... Thorts get out of my chat you can ask me these questions tomorrow. Haha.

how do you like working with the great #8?

Milan Lucic: It's quite an honor... he has helped me out, showed me some little things and I think it has helped improve my game and given me confidence.

oldschool71: first off, congrats on a great season so far! Has the transition to the pros been about what you expected?

Milan Lucic: Thanks oldschool...At first it was really tough to get used to the speed and strength of all the players. You go from playing boys in Junior to full grown men in the NHL. Yes, it is everything I expected.

Hey Milan, it's been fun watching you play this year! Just wondering who you've been rooming with on the road this year, and what do you guys do in your spare time away from the rink? Thanks!

Milan Lucic: I started off rooming with Kobasew. Then he complained that I was snoring too much so then they tried me with Sobotka...He had the same complaint. So that is why I now room alone.

karmac81: It's been a blast watching you develop as a is it being the "youngster" on the team?

Milan Lucic: It's been cool... I learn a lot from the veteran guys. You are like a sponge; you soak up the advice they give you.

MarcoSturm16: If you fought Cam Neely who do you think would win?

Milan Lucic: Cam now or Cam in his prime? I'm actually scared of Seabass!

Good job guys!

blackngold17: do u think your chances are good for makin the playoffs?

Milan Lucic: Good, but it won't be easy. We all know we have a job to do every game for the rest of the year.

jbirdz00: Do you think scoring will be more important for you then the physical play in the push for the playoff?

Milan Lucic: In the playoffs I think physical play for me is the most important thing, because you wear players down in a 7 game series thru physical play. For the push towards the playoffs, it will be a combination of both.

BlackNGold355: You got your first NHL goal this year, how did it feel to assist Krejci on his first?

GONE: Milan Lucic:  

LucicIstheMan: LOOCH where are you?

Milan Lucic: Whoa, sorry about that! Hit the wrong button! We are back...

GOBRUINSGO: hey Milan, can you name two players (one currently in the nhl, and one retired) that you would of liked to have as a teammate? Thanks.

Milan Lucic: Current player - Jarome Iginla. He's my favorite player. Former - Steve Yzerman.

Vermont_Bruin: Looch, no need to drop the gloves on the computer! Save it for Pittsburgh buddy!

Milan Lucic: My bad.

How important is Tim Thomas to this team?

Milan Lucic: He has been real important. When he is on his game, he is a deciding factor. He has done a great job for us this year.

Lucics_Crew: What do you think about the trades yesterday?

Milan Lucic: Some of them I didn't get to be honest... but as a fan you like to see big name players being moved around.

MarcoSturm16: Would you fight Chara if he challenged you and you guys were on different teams?

Milan Lucic: Heck no.

amurphy7362: I was wondering who made up the idea for the hardhat in the locker room.

Milan Lucic: Glen Murray. I think it is a great idea. It is a good reward for a player to get after each win.

Lucics_Crew: Who got it last night?

Milan Lucic: Thornton... well deserved

McBone: How do you feel about the team right now? Do you think you guys can compete against say a Detroit style of play in a seven game series and come out on top?

Milan Lucic: I like our team right now, I feel we have good chemistry and we finally starting to find our groove. I think we can compete against anybody. I feel we have all the tools to win a 7 game series.

King_Kobra: other than hockey what is your favorite sport.

Milan Lucic: I like lacrosse... big NLL fan. Go Cannons!

BoBruins24: Who is your favorite player to play with on the team?

Milan Lucic: I have played with everyone on the team this year because of injuries and whatnot. I have it down to three guys. Metro. Schaef. Kobasew.

audioking9000: Are you a fan of the shootout?

Milan Lucic: Yes I am.

What's the best nickname you've ever been given?

Milan Lucic: "Gino." Because the way I did my hair one time, my teammates said I looked like Gino Odjick.

LucicIstheMan: In between periods, who does a lot of the talking in the locker room?  Big Z speaking any words of wisdom or does everybody chip in?

Milan Lucic: Z, Muzz and Savvy do a lot of the talking, but a lot of guys chip in.

jennysavard91: What is the best thing about being a Bruin?

Milan Lucic: Getting to be a part of an Original 6 team where so many legends have already played. Lets go rapid fire here...

bergeron: Favorite band?

Milan Lucic: Metallica.

scrowe: what was your favorite fight?

Milan Lucic: Home opener vs. Tampa.


Milan Lucic: No, single.

Lucics_Crew: What's your favorite MLB team?

Milan Lucic: Red Sox.

Hailey__3: do you play any other sports?

Milan Lucic: Rugby.

King_Kobra: who is your favorite bruins great?

Milan Lucic: Johnny Bucyk.

beaverjc: Favorite TV show?

Milan Lucic:Seinfeld.

neely: fav accomplishment thus far?

Milan Lucic: Winning the Memorial Cup.

THE LINESMAN: Hey guys, 5 minutes to go!

mdrew: Do you hate the Montreal Canadiens as much as I do?

Milan Lucic: What do you think?

Lucics_Crew: Do you think its cool that you are now on a game like EA SPORTS NHL08?

Milan Lucic: Yes, because I played it growing up. I no longer have to create myself!

BruinsFan30: Were you always a forward or were you ever a Goalie or Defensemen.

Milan Lucic: Always a forward.

cwisto: Milan, have you eaten at Ray Bourque's restaurant yet?

Milan Lucic: Yes, its one of my favorite spots. Been there a few times.

THE LINESMAN: 2 minutes to go! Last couple of questions...

what's the most exciting part of the game?

Milan Lucic: Playing in front of a packed house with a loud crowd.

BruinsFan30: Will you score a goal for me this Saturday on my Birthday?

Milan Lucic: I will try.

THE LINESMAN: Hey, Luch says he can stick for 5 more minutes. OVERTIME!

steph03: Do you follow college hockey at all?

Milan Lucic: Not really, but I enjoyed going to the Beanpot.

plo373: hey kid you're a great player keep it up.

Milan Lucic: Thanks for the support plo.

bruinsfan321: what's it going to take to beat the Pens tomorrow night?

Milan Lucic: They are a good team... we have to keep playing the way we've been playing. Cant let up... a good start is important.

jt112591: who do u hang out with when your not playing hockey.

Milan Lucic: Mark Stuart and Marc Savard.

samanthabicica: Did you get along with the players on the team initially or did it take some time?

Milan Lucic: Everyone was really welcoming, but you still have to earn everyone's trust and respect.

NICK_in_Medford: Why do you and PJ Axelsson "fight" in warmups?

Milan Lucic: Haha, because that's our way of joking around with each other.

Milan Lucic: That's a good one to end on... thanks everyone for being here today. I appreciate all your support. See you at the Garden tomorrow night.

THE LINESMAN: Ok folks. Be sure to log in next week for Marc Savard! Thanks to Milan and to all of you!

End of Chat.
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