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Marc Savard Chat Transcript - 3.05.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Marc Savard
THE LINESMAN: All right. Start sending in your questions for Marc!

Marc Savard: Hey everyone, let's get started...

zman: Other than a Bruin who is the best forward/center in the NHL today?

Marc Savard: I like Alexander Ovechkin. He does it all, he is physical, and he can score and make plays.

clydesdalecm: Savvy - Who do you think is the toughest guy to take faceoffs against in the NHL?

Marc Savard: For me, I'd have to say Bobby Holik. He is a bigger center and I seem to have trouble with him.

B-Man: Hi Savvy,. what is the best this about playing in Boston?

Marc Savard: The greatest thing about playing in Boston is the fans and having the other great sports teams all in the same city. It's a great town to be a professional athlete in…

Kapler_Fan: Hey Savvy, Who's the better golfer... You or Kessel?

Marc Savard: I'm the way better golfer, for sure. Kessel couldn't even carry my bag...

junior123: do you think you guys will have a chance to make it to the playoffs?

Marc Savard: I think we have a great chance to make the playoffs. We have been in the playoff picture all season and the guys have been really focused on achieving that goal.

TimmyTheTank30: Savvy, Do you actually have eyes in the back of your head?

Marc Savard: Haha, I wish I did!

Jdog3: How does it feel to be the assist leader in the NHL?

Marc Savard: It feels good, but obviously without my teammates it wouldn't be possible. I try to do whatever I can to contribute to the team's success.

No_4_Fan: You don't typically play a very physical game, but we've seen you get a little more physical over the last couple of games. Where is that coming from?

Marc Savard: It's that time of year where the games are a little tougher -- you have to be willing to get your nose dirty to help the team win.

5_for_fighting: Marc, first of all, you are my favorite player. Congrats on being the current assist leader. My question to you is do you think you are playing more defensive minded than in the past?

Marc Savard: Thanks... it is partly to do with our system. I think also with Patrice being out, I've had to focus more on the two-way game and playing against the other team's top lines more

SavvyFan: What pumps you up before a game?

Marc Savard: My ipod...which the team gets to enjoy every night before games!

DNC1314: When you were younger who was your favorite hockey player?

Marc Savard: Wayne Gretzky. I was able to play two years with him so that was pretty special.

rubbah_biskit: Marc, who do you think deserves the Bruins 7th man award?

Marc Savard: I think a bunch of guys are deserving. For me, it's probably Dennis Wideman. I think he's the most improved this year.

hulbujo: Marc, great to speak with you. How difficult or easy has this year been for you to adjust to the various players you had to play with because of the injuries? Also how do I get a hardhat shirt!!!

Marc Savard: It's tough but it's part of the game. You just have to be ready to play every night no matter who is on your wing. For the hard hat shirts, maybe playoff time!

not2savvy: Hey Savvy, great season so far! How did it feel to participate in the All Start Game and then top it off with the Game-winning goal after you weren't even originally chosen to attend?

Marc Savard: It was a great honor playing in the game and to get the winning goal back in Atlanta where I played was just icing on the cake. It was also great having three of my teammates along with me too. Definitely made it more special.

thebeav: What is your golf handicap?

Marc Savard: 0. I have to give Kessel about 15 shots when we play to make it interesting...

B-Man: Who are you closest to on the team?

Marc Savard: Probably Glen Murray, Marco Sturm and PJ. After that, it's the Chucktown Crew. Lucic, Reich and Stuart.

Kapler_Fan: Besides the Garden, where is your favorite place to play in?

Marc Savard: All Canadian cities. The atmosphere is tremendous.

blackngold17: what is the atmosphere in the locker room before games during this push for the playoffs.

Marc Savard: It is pretty intense. We try and stay as loose as we can, but staying focused at the same time.

collin03: What is your favorite golf course?

Marc Savard: Augusta. But the best one I've played is TPC at Sawgrass.

bruins76: is this team the closest or have you played on another team that's closer?

Marc Savard: We have a great group of guys here. It is tough to beat the closeness. Everyone here gets along great.

TimmyTheTank30: Savvy, how does it feel to start to get the recognition you deserve after being one of the most under rated players in the league?

Marc Savard: It feels great. It has to do with the team winning and that is probably the best way to get recognition.

Johnny_The_Rod: Who's your favorite NHL official?

Marc Savard: Kerry Fraser

pablobigbadb: why did you choose number 91

Marc Savard: I used to wear 9 in Atlanta. My little girl was born on the 9th. And Johnny Bucyk's #9 is retired here so I just added the 1.

plo373: You need to play in IRELAND courses are Amazing.

Marc Savard: I did a trip to Ireland last summer. Played 8 was amazing.

rubbah_biskit: Marc, do you feel that the bruins are underdogs... especially since ESPN rated the bruins 30th in the preseason rankings? If so, do you enjoy being the underdogs?

Marc Savard: It is nice because you have something to fight for at the beginning of the season to prove the critics wrong.

bostobbby5: first of all you are such a good player and my favorite... and second what other sports do you like to play?

Marc Savard: Thanks... my other favorite is golf. I'd like to play professionally one day if I can...

BOSTONBRUINS195: how do you rate the Bruins chances a) to make the playoffs and b) to play more than 1 round ?

Marc Savard:
I think our chances are great. Once we make it, I feel like we have as good a chance as anybody.

bostonfan55: do you think the team is coming together even more now compared to the regular season?

Marc Savard: It is a process that we have been building since day 1 and now we are coming together even more down this final stretch.

janney23: Must be nice to have the crowds getting bigger and bigger and louder?

Marc Savard: Definitely. I think it plays into our hands when we have rowdy crowd... we feed off it.

morrisos: What kind of impact has having a former great like Cam Neely around had on this team?

Marc Savard: I think it is great for the young players. and even the veterans too, he has some great input on things.

savard_91: what would it take to get you to fight?

Marc Savard: A 5 foot 5 player! Or Kessel!

pablobigbadb: do you want to finish your career has a bruin, I know that I want you to.

Marc Savard: That would be amazing to be able to stay in this city for the rest of my career?

bruinsgirl3759226: how do you feel some of the younger players are coming along as professional hockey players. Especially Lucic and Krejci.

Marc Savard: The young guys have been a big part of our success. Luch has gotten better every day. He is going to continue to be a force in this league every year. Krejci is beginning to contribute more and more. He is a very talented player who will continue to get better each game he plays.

savard_91: What did you think of Lucic's fight against Ruutu last Thursday?

Marc Savard: That was one of the better fights I have seen in a long time.

Brudog24: Who do you see winning the Western Conference?

Marc Savard: Anaheim.

DNC1314: Is there anyone on the P-Bruins, that stands out to you, that could be a force in the NHL?

Marc Savard: I think Tuukka Rask is a big part of our team's future

sobotka: Savvy? What's up :)

Marc Savard: Vladi, what are you doing... go get some rest

BigZ: Any thoughts on how Providence is doing and how they have contributed this year?

Marc Savard: They are having a great season and when we've needed to call someone up they have filled in and played well.

morrisos: If you could make one rule change to today's NHL what would it be?

Marc Savard: Good question. Maybe make the goalie gear smaller again?

savy91: I'm sure Timmy wouldn't like to hear you saying that!!!!

Marc Savard: You are probably right. lol

ToyStoryWasOK__: Where can I get one of the t-shirt that you created?

Marc Savard: Another t-shirt comment! We will have to see if we get more of them if you guys want them.

bruinsnhl08: How hard is your slapshot?

Marc Savard: Second on the team behind Z... 103.6

bruinsince67: Who got the hard hat last night? Or is it handed out in losses?

Marc Savard: We don't hand it out after a loss.

5_for_fighting: I have read comments you made about how you learned so much from the Atlanta coach. How is Coach Julien to work with. Have you learned a lot from him and his style of play?

Marc Savard:
Claude has definitely helped out my game for sure. Especially on the defensive side and using me in penalty kill situations with Bergy out.

With the front office making no moves at the trade deadline, does this give the team a sense of confidence? Knowing the front office has confidence in the current roster.

Marc Savard:
It is a credit to the guys in the locker room. We have had a consistent season in staying in the top 8. We have a great group and I'm glad we kept everyone together.

bruin_faith: Savard with the numbers ur putting up your shot at the 2010 Canadian Olympic team is lookin promising how great would that be and have u thought about it?....Go Canada Go!

Marc Savard:
It would be a honor to wear my country's colors. Haven't thought too much about it but again it would be a great honor.

BruinsFanNC: What advice would you give to young hockey players who want to go pro?

Marc Savard: Practice and hard work. You have to stay with it. There will always be some tough bumps along the road.

THE LINESMAN: Ok folks...just about 10 minutes to go. Get those questions in!

charasavvy: Marc, the way this team is built I think you can go far in the East, what do you have to do the rest of the way to ensure that playoff spot?

Marc Savard: You just have to be ready each night. it is like the playoffs right now... every point is important

Black&Gold: Are you looking forward to the schedule change for next year?

Marc Savard: I am looking forward to the schedule change. It'll be good to see other teams that we haven't seen in a while.

Bruins08: What is your favorite hockey movie?

Marc Savard: Slapshot.

Last couple of questions!

patricelover: what has been your favorite part of the season so far?

Marc Savard: The last streak we were on...7-0-1. Hopefully we start another run like that tomorrow.

boston67: how do you feel about the determination of Tim Thomas from playing in the elite leagues and now at his age bring an all star?

Marc Savard: It is great to see a guy stick with it all these years and get rewarded.

Postringer: does having vets like Murray and PJ help your development as a 3-zone player?

Marc Savard: They are great players to play with and we have been together for two seasons.
I enjoy each game playing with those guys.

MattNS: How'd you like playing with Sturm and Kessel?

Marc Savard: When we played together we had a lot of great chances. They are both fast players. It gave the team a different dimension.

ShaneC1978: Do you like any of the other Boston teams Red Sox, Patriots Celtics?

Marc Savard: I enjoy watching the other sports teams here and always enjoy going to Fenway. I saw the Celts the other night take down LeBron.

mikebergeron: what stick is your favorite to use?

Marc Savard: Warrior.

BruinsFanNC: When did you first start skating as a kid?

Marc Savard: When I was 3.

chrismara0956: Who is your favorite Bruin of year's past?

Marc Savard: Chief!

Brudog24: Favorite song right now?

Marc Savard: Britney Spears Piece of Me - me and Shawn Thornton love that song.

savard_91: have you listened to the rest of the cd? It's her best one yet

Marc Savard: I'll take your word for it.

GoB_s16: Do you watch a lot of other games in the league?

Marc Savard: Yeah for sure. I am an avid hockey watcher.

THE LINESMAN: last question...

thebeav: Next goal do a little celebration for your chat buddies will ya

Marc Savard:

BigBadBruin8: Have you ever tried to convince Chief to let you wear the ol #9, even for just one game? LOL

Marc Savard: I offered to pay him for it, but he wouldn't bite.

Marc Savard:
Thanks everybody for stopping by today. Come down tomorrow to root us on. We need your support!
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