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Lucic Ready to Return

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
WILMINGTON, MA -- The Boston Bruins will -- literally and figuratively -- get a big piece of their lineup back on Friday when Milan Lucic, fresh off a suspension (and a cameo on HBO's 24/7), returns to the B's roster.

But despite sitting for a hit on Philadelphia's Zac Rinaldo, Lucic said he won't think twice about playing a physical game.

"I can't change my game," said Lucic. "I play with a lot of emotion and I do everything I can to keep it safe and follow the guidelines of the new hitting protocol.

"A big part of my game is being physical and creating emotion and I canít lose that for sure.î

Nor do the Boston Bruins want Lucic to change his game.

"I know were going to make sure we let him know we donít want him to change," said B's head coach Claude Julien. "We're going to ask him to come out and play the same way.

"We're a physical team and we donít want that element to creep out of our team, and I donít think the NHL wants that element to creep out of the game.

"They're trying to manage it as best as they can, but we donít wan players playing afraid of finishing their checks."

But Lucic certainly doesn't want to be sitting any time soon.

"It felt a little bit longer because the last time I played was Saturday," said Lucic. "You never want to miss any games due to a suspension.

"From one end, it was good I got to go sit upstairs and watch. You get a different view of the game, you can teach yourself again cause it looks real easy from up there, but its exciting to get back after missing one game."

And the way the B's are playing (19-2-1 in November and December), nobody wants to miss a game.

"It's great, it makes it a lot more fun coming to the rink and having fun," said Lucic. "It's a confident feeling and right now we have that - knowing we can go into every game and win and that ís a huge thing for a team. 

"A few nights we havenít had it, but weíve found ways to win and were staying on one another," added the left wing. "And Claude's doing a good job staying on us to remain sharp and not lose the little parts of our game that have helped us create this run.î 
Lucic said he has no intention of doing anything that elicits another phone call from NHL Senior VP Brendan Shanahan.

"Obviously you don't want to hear from him again and I was upset I had to go through that whole process again," said Lucic. "It's not a guy you want to talk to too much for those reasons, and I wanted to make clear to him that I do understand what heís trying to do and make clear that I understand and Iím doing everything I can to not make dangerous hits."
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