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Looking for Positives

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
WILMINGTON, Mass. -- Only one Bruin took to the ice today at Ristuccia Memorial Arena and that was injured defenseman Mark Stuart.

After media spoke to Boston players in the Bruins locker room, they met with head coach Claude Julien, who said that there were some things that the club could take from their loss in Montreal.

The Black & Gold's play in the third period was one positive.

"We started to turn our game around in the second period, as well," explained Julien. "Again, we go back to trying to find a way to get that game right from the get go.

"It seems like it either takes us a while, or we have our backs against the wall, before we start playing the type of game we want to play.

"So somehow we have to find a way to create that and it's about composure, making the good plays and putting some emotion in that and hopefully get better starts," he said.

Julien was asked if it were time to remind the Bruins that they are, after all, playing a game and that the game is supposed to be fun.

"Well, it could be," said Julien. "Sometimes you over think all these situations

"And that's the other part, too -- if you keep hammering [a point] over and's going to start creeping in your head and sometimes it can be more of a negative than a positive, so sometimes it's about changing, I guess, your way of sending the message and hopefully getting that result."

It also helps to have healthy players, too.

"I thought he was better last night," said Julien of veteran center Marc Savard, who is still working his way back. "Probably one of his better games, actually.

"He got more involved and then skated more and made some plays and you know, I think it's about him starting to feel more comfortable playing his game.

"I think if he does that he's going to be fine and I thought yesterday was by far his [best] one since the start."

And rookie center Tyler Seguin returned to form, as well.

"You know, he jumped in there and he seemed fresh," said Julien. "It was the most I've seen him get involved.

"He was really excited hope that that keeps going because he's got so much going for him.

"[Seguin is a] player that I think could be a real impact the future," he said.

Juline clearly thought that Seguin's time in the press box had done the trick for the rookie.

"He sat up with Peter [Chiarelli] and [Doug Jarvis] during the game," said the B's head coach. "Those kinds of things are really good for him, and I know it's been done in the past in other places, and for a young player, it's really beneficial for him.

"I thought he came back and played really well, and I was really happy with his game."

And Julien hopes that he is happy with the entire club's performance post-game on Saturday. However, noting the Capitals uneven play of late, Julien implied that the B's must focus on their on game.

"No matter who you are, when teams go through those things, and we went through it last year, [they're] desperate and fragile," said Julien.  "It can go either way.

"For us, it's a mater of making sure we get a real good start and then play our game and hopefully put them on the fragile side."
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