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Julien: Not All Bad. Not Enough Good

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
WILMINGTON, Mass. -- The lights aren't on yet in Wilmington's Ristuccia Memorial Arena, but Head Coach Claude Julien hopes that Sunday's video session in the TD Garden will spark something in his Bruins by the time the club hits the ice later this morning.

"Only having won three games, eventually it doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done in the past. It’s a natural thing to start hesitating and second guessing and somehow the challenge is to find the confidence to do the right things," said Julien to the gathered press. "Right now, when things are extremely hard, you’ve really got to rely on your structure and doing things properly and get your structure back and get your execution back and keep it simple and then work from there.

"I think right now if we’re trying to be too we’ve got to get back to the things that made us successful. We’re a team that likes to put pucks forward and move it forward and then put it behind their D’s and go to work and grind them out and win those battles.

"From there, a lot of things happen for us. As the game goes on, we get more space, we get more opportunities to make plays and we’ve just got to get back to doing those things."

In order to get back to those basics, Julien made sure his charges knew exactly what they were doing poorly and used video to emphasize those points.

"That’s why sometimes you do video, because a lot of times players don’t think they’re as bad as they are until they see it," said Julien. "When they see it it kind of opens their eyes and we’ve attacked different areas at times and showed them, but [Sunday] was more of the whole package—that’s why we kept our whole day on video more than on practice.

"You need to realize it before you can do something  about it. Hopefully today we realized what really needs to be done and [Monday] in practice we start working on that stuff and make ourselves ready for Tuesday."

Julien said that patients remains part of his prescription.

"The thing is, this is where, as a coach, you have to have control of your emotions," he said. "I think to say that it’s not frustrating would be a lie, but you have to overcome those things and as a head coach you’ve got to help these guys find their way. That’s how it goes.

"It’s got to start with you - and are you [as a coach] frustrated after games and losses? Absolutely. What do you do the next morning? You’ve got to get back to the grind and be patient as far as showing the right things...[and] help your team get themselves out of it.

"This is where I am right now."

Where Boston is -- right now -- is 29th place in the NHL. And Julien knows his club has to reverse that trend, and quickly. And even in the face of the B's troubles, Julien said there were some positive things to point to in the Black & Gold's game.

"You’re seeing spurts of it," said Julien. "But you’re not seeing 60 minutes of it.

"We’re kind of going back to the old comments from other games, we’re not able to sustain it for 60 minutes so you’re seeing what it does.

"The same thing as [during Sunday's video session], we showed how bad we are and we also showed when we do it right what it does for us. It’s not all bad, but there’s not enough good. The bad overcomes the good right now." 
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