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Head Coach Claude Julien Postpractice Transcript from 4/19

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Saturday, April 19, 2014
On if he expects Matt Bartkowski and Kevan Miller to be available tomorrow…
I don’t know yet. This is their first – well [Matt] Bartkowski’s first day practicing this week and [Kevan] Miller it’s his second. It’ll depend on how they feel tomorrow. We’ve got contingency plans here, whether they play or not. So confirmation, I can't give that to you today.

On what he thought about Milan Lucic’s incident…
I didn’t see it, in our video it doesn’t show it so I can't comment on it. Again, I think it was seen on another station, I haven’t looked at it yet so I can’t say much about it. But obviously, if it’s serious enough to get a call, you know, hopefully he has to adjust and rectify that. So I’ve heard of it, I haven’t seen it.

On the mood of the team…
We’re fine. It’s a seven game series and you certainly don’t get down on yourself for a one – nothing loss that could have gone either way. It just shows you how close and tight it is. I think we just have to be better in certain areas that we talked about this morning that we hopefully will be able to bring to the game tomorrow. If we do that, then hopefully the outcome with change.

On how he wants to see the team get the puck into areas where they like to have it…
I know you guys would like to know our strategy here but I am not going to discuss our adjustment fr the right reasons here. We, as coaches, we agree not to watch each other’s practices most of the time and in the playoffs, for those reasons. So for me to come out here and start talking about our adjustments – I know we have to get more pucks to the net, I know we need net front presence, that’s something that always needs to be done. But overall I think there are certain things that we are going to adjust for tomorrow that we hope will help us but at the same time, scoring chances they were low on both sides. So I think defensively, both sides did a good job. It’s about finding ways to create more offense and that is what we looked at this morning, that is what we discussed and that’s what we tried to work on a little bit.

On how a tight defensive game impacts the physical part of the game…
Well, again, I think we were physical enough yesterday, we still had a lot of good hits. They do a good job when it comes to our fore check. They get there, they like to have bodies in front of is on the fore checkers to kind of slow us down and we have to find ways to get through that. There is no question about that, I think that is one of the reasons we weren’t as effective on our fore check yesterday as we have in the past. So we have to find ways to get through that and if they are going to slow us down, if we’re skating, hopefully they’ll end up taking penalties. But we have to work through those kind of things and establish the for check that we feel is an important part of our game.

On getting encouragement from the third and fourth lines…
Well, again, yeah I think your third and fourth lines play against other third and fourth lines so that doesn’t mean that the other lines aren’t trying and they're playing against better lines, so that is a little bit tough. But in my mind I agree with you that, - especially our third line had more scoring chances than our top two. SO we have to find a way to get our top two lines to get better scoring chances. I’m sure that they are probably looking at the same situation from their end.

On Justin Florek’s potential…
You're right, I answered that question, I thought that line had the most opportunities of all of our four lines and obviously he was part of that group that did a good job.

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