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Happy Thanksgiving!

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Hello all, it’s a very short blog today -- gotta go home (to Enfield, Conn. and Brighton, Mass.) to see the fams!

In the interim, enjoy the win, listen to the latest podcasts and relish your turkey coma -- the General may have to drive me around later.

By the way, I am very thankful for all of you. It is a sincere pleasure to prepare this stuff for you folks. Thanks for reading.

Talking Turkey
"Mom’s cooking dinner, that’s about it…my favorite food on Thanksgiving? Steak…what do you think Bish? Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes."
Paul Mara on his Thanksgiving plans, favorite food

"Maybe a little dinner with a couple of the guys, but nothing too crazy. [My favorite Thanksgiving food is] Turkey."
Patrice Bergeron on his plans, and favorite item on the table

My wife’s family, I think we have 13-14 coming up…my family is scattered throughout the US, so I won’t see too much of them until Christmas. We have a big crew coming up and it’s one of my favorite holidays -- just sitting around watching football and sitting down as a big group. With my two girls now, it’ll be pretty fun…I’m going to have to go with the stuffing [as my favorite food], definitely the stuffing, with gravy. Sweet potatoes and stuffing. I can’t forget about the sweet potatoes, they’re up there on my list."
Mark Mowers on his plans, stuffing and sweet potatoes

"My wife [Laurel] makes unbelievable cranberry sauce. That’s definitely going to be on the menu. It’s an acquired taste though -- it didn’t start liking cranberries until I was thirty. When you are a kid, at home, it was like ’Aw, yuck. Blahhh.’ Now you gotta have ’em. With turkey, homemade gravy and mashed potatoes. Make a little hole in the mashed potatoes so your gravy drains to the middle -- a very important step. Hopefully it’s a nice day and I can shoot the ball in the driveway with my kids."
Jason York on his table, and potato eating technique

"I think my sister is coming to town from New York. My roommate and teammate from college [Johnny Adams] is in Boston here, at his parent’s house…we’re going to go there have a turkey dinner and watch the BC vs. Miami game…I gotta go with the stuffing and gravy. That’s me."
Andrew Alberts on BC football, and his favorite food item

"None right now…but my wife just left [on Tuesday], because she has to take care of the family in Michigan. I have a steak in the fridge…even the dogs left me! I may watch the Lions."
Dave Lewis on his "plans"
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