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Game On!

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Random thoughts from the first day of a full squad (veterans, remaining rookies) at Bruins training camp…

*I’ll bet the Bruins Pro Shop is just praying Wacey Rabbit makes the squad.
Can’t you just see a bunch of rink rats running around the Garden in a #58 Rabbit jersey?

*You’ve gotta love the on-ice hockey player snot rocket. There should be a beer commercial revolving around the technique. Ahh, hockey really is back.

*Saw Cam Neely in street clothes for the first time. Number 8 still cuts an imposing figure – a really imposing figure.

*Patrice Bergeron is looking and playing bigger – think future Hall of Famer, Ron Francis.

*In practice, defenseman Jay Leach took a stick to the throat, brushed it away like he was swatting a fly and never even said “Ouch.”
All together now: He’s a hockey player!

*Mark Mowers is as fast as I remember from his days at the University of New Hampshire.
Now that you mention it, the whole team seems to have an extra gear.

*During practice and the game Phil Kessel continuously showed an ability to be exactly where he was supposed to be during any scoring opportunity.

*File this under “Somebody messed up.”
Head Coach Dave Lewis (who cuts a very professorial demeanor on the ice) stopped hockey class and told one line to drop and give him some pushups. This semi-untrained eye could not see what happened, but it was humorous to everyone involved – except maybe the guys doing the pushups.

*Bruins Executive Vice President Charlie Jacobs and Bruins great Brad Park were on hand to greet the Team A players as they left the ice to prepare for the scrimmage. Bruins Owner Jeremy Jacobs was very visible, and made the rounds greeting spectators, players, his management team and the press.

*Saw a kid mimicking some goalie moves down by the ice. The youngster got a little bored and tried to take a bite out of a puck. Sign him up!

*In keeping with the goalie notes, Kirk Luedeke of the New England Hockey Journal brings the news that Bruin goalie prospect Tuuka Rask recently had a 40-save shutout while playing overseas.

*According to Bruin marketing, over 450 people attended Boston Bruins Fan Fest. Fans were treated to an appearance by Blade -- the Bruin mascot, Bruin prizes, and giveaways.
The fan fest returns tomorrow at Ristuccia.

Choosing Up Sides…

The Bruins practiced in two groups on Friday. Team A and Team B.

Rosters and tomorrow’s schedule are here.

It was Bruin vs. Bruin…

The game was a high intensity affair that featured goals by Mark Mowers, Nate DiCasmirro, and Shean Donovan.

Hannu Toivonen showed off his gymnastic flexibility during his stint between the pipes, while Martins Karsums and Kessel continue to look at home on pro-ice.

Kessel tested net minder Thomas three times in his first shift.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention how intimidating the D-pairing of Zdeno Chara and Milan Jurcina are when standing on either end of the blue line. You might actually think that if they spread their arms they could cover the entire width of the rink.

A strange moment during the scrimmage saw Tim Thomas sitting on a bar stool watching the game from the wrong side of the glass following his turn in net. Apparently, there are simply too many men on the benches for the extra goaltenders to sit or stand in their usual locations.

Turned around and saw Peter Chiarelli, Tom McVie, Harry Sinden, Cam Neely, and Don Sweeney in the top row of the rink studying practice.

That is a whole lotta hockey knowledge in one place.

By the way, the game ended 3-0 Black.

Heard around the rink…

“It was a pretty exciting performance, these guys are out there to play. I think the enthusiasm is high. The expectations are high too, from everybody – including myself.”
Bruins Owner & Governor, Jeremy Jacobs

“Last year was last year. This year is this year. And we are really looking forward to getting things started…training camp, getting to know the guys, new faces, new coaches…We picked up the best free agents out there that were available. We got [Chara], we got Marc Savard, and Shean Donovan. We got a lot of new faces in here to help the team.”
Bruins Forward, Glen Murray

“I think the [enthusiasm] is pretty high. Obviously this is my first camp here in Boston and I don’t have much to compare it to. But from other camps I’ve been to, just the fact that a lot of guys were here two weeks before camp is a good sign. Everybody is ready to go.”
Bruins Defenseman, Brad Stuart

“It was a good day. I thought there was a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of hard work…today we worked on defensive zone coverage, that’s critical. If you want to win games you have to play solid defense. Not just in the defensive zone, but all the way through the whole rink.”
Bruins Head Coach, Dave Lewis

Navigating New England

“Today I purchased [new vehicle] so I will be able to find my way around. It has navigation.”
Bruin Forward, Marc Savard, on finding your way around the “simple” street scape of the Hub

Hockey vs. Surfing

“I just love being out on the water. It’s a great workout. Getting to sit out there on your board with a bunch of your buddies, there is nothing better…Surfing is fun, but hockey is a lot of fun. Surfing, I just picked up as a hobby. And hockey is what I have done my whole life and everything I have now is because of hockey. So hockey is my life.”
Glen Murray, on his hobby and his vacation
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