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Everything Bergy Could Ask For

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins --
Boston Bruins forward and alternate captain Patrice Bergeron said that while nothing was going to beat the celebration after Game 7, his time with the Cup was very special because it allowed him to say "thank you" to the people who helped him along the way.

"I’m really happy," said Bergeron. "It was great.

"It was a chance for me to be able to spend some time with the Cup and enjoy it but also to...say to everyone around me, 'This is because of you as well.' And it was also a chance to say thank you for all of their support.

"I think I did everything I wanted to do with with my time."

Bergeron received the Cup in Quebec City.

"We started at the airport, I went over there with my close family, so my parents, my girlfriend, my brother had his girlfriend and my grandma," said Patrice. "So the seven of uus grabbed a small bus and the whole day I was with them the whole time.

"We went old midget AAA team that I played for one year when I was sixteen years old, and its pretty much where it all started for me -- all the goals and big dreams of one day playing in the NHL -- so I wanted to give back to that opportunity to them.

"I called the organization and I told them I don’t want any kids to know about it, and that I wanted them to be surprised over it and it worked. Their reaction was fun."

Then it was time for a little fun in a not-so-fun place

"And then we went over to a children’s hospital to see some kids," continued Bergeron. "It’s always hard to see kids like that. But I know it meant a lot to them and just seeing their reaction when they saw the Cup was a great moment.

"All I wanted was to bring smiles to their face and brighten up their day."

Bergeron brightened plenty of faces at his next stop, as well.

"After that we went over to the public appearance," explained Bergeron. "It was two-hours and forty-five minutes in downtown Quebec City and the whole population was invited to go there and meet mr, but mostly to have a chance to touch and have a picture with the Cup."  

Finally it was Bergeron's friends and family's turn to touch the Cup.

"Over 200 hundred people were there," said Bergeron. "It wasn’t just my close family or my close friends it was people who had been then and supported me when I was younger. You know my [billet family] when I was playing junior, my old coaches, family from my mom and dad's sides that I don’t get to see that often. So it was great to say thanks to all these people.

"After that it was a private party," he said. "So, that was really the time that I got to relax and really enjoy my time with the Cup."

The next morning, Patrice had some extra time with Stanley as well.

"Obviously, I felt fortunate that I had a chance to have it for a second day," said Bergeron. "I wanted to leave everything mellow and everything within my really close family, because honestly the first day was crazy.

"So, the next day, we had started off with breakfast at the Chateau Frontenac in a private room looking up the St. Lawrence river. We had a buffet there, and the food was amazing. Then we went outside to old Quebec City and we walked around and...we took some pictures with the Cup with my family.

"We walked around and obviously we drew some attention with the big trophy in my hands so we had a big crowd...and the crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger. So it was fun, we took some pictures, people had some nice words to say and it was fun.

"After we had to kind of stop because the crowd was getting pretty big, so after that we took some more pictures in a studio," added Bergeron. "The weather was ok but not you know not the greatest so we wanted to make sure we had some good pictures.

"Then straight home and we stayed there for the rest of the night, just at my place with both families and just took it really easy and had a nice dinner."

Bergeron said he couldn't have asked for a better Cup celebration.

"Yeah it was great," he said. "We had some great moments.

"I mean to get to share it with [my family] was tremendous; it made me feel happy.

"It was very special, emotional two days but it was everything that I could ask for," said Bergeron. 

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