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Erin go bragh. Go Bruins!

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Momentum is a slippery thing. One moment, momentum is there. The next moment, momentum is not.

Get it? MOMENT-um.

The key is finding a way to keep any positive motion garnered during a game to continue into the next game.

According to one member of the Black & Gold, urgency should generate momentum for the B’s.

"It’s pretty easy if you look at the standings. The importance of the two points is obvious," said Andrew Ference.

The new Bruin also added that momentum is important to a win, but said feelings alone will not do the trick.

"Coming off of last game, there are a lot of lessons, too," he explained. "The start that we came out with (showed) a lot of hesitation. And it’s not a lack of will or not wanting to win, it was not wanting to make the first mistake and things like that.

"And when you do that, it usually leads to mistakes.

"It’s learning from that and just playing (from the start) like you are down 2-0," he said.

Play from the get go like you are down 2-0? Brilliant!

"You just go and play the game and you don’t hesitate on the plays or over think things," continued Ference. "You just go and you play your systems.

"And we’re a good team when we play like that."

The recent victories over New Jersey, Detroit and Washington show that to be true.

"Other teams do it," said Ference. "But it’s a necessity for us.

"The power play wins it for us sometimes. Timmy wins it for us some nights. We don’t have that ’go to’ (person or line) every single night."

The Bruins need to play like a team.

"That is the only way we are going to win," said Ference. "It’s nice when you can draw on different aspects of a hockey game and the different aspects of a team to generate wins."

Well said, Mr. Ference. Go Bruins!

Erin go bragh, folks!
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