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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Okay. I am sure that most of you out there have played backyard or street sports.

Undoubtedly during each of those heated, most amateur of competitions, something goes wrong, very wrong, that tips the scales decidedly in favor of one team or another.

A car drives through the game. The ball goes in the gutter.

Joey trips over a root or Sally slips on leaves, or your mom calls from the front door in the middle of a play.

And what happens?

Everyone yells, "Do-over!"

Well, Our Boys are looking for a "do-over" tonight versus the Tampa Bay Lightning.

In every game there are always positives and negatives, but last night was an opener I am sure that most of the Bruins would like to forget.

Thank goodness there are 81 more games to go and the next one is happening so soon after the initial setback.

However, there is one moment that I would like to put on the 2006-07 highlight reel.

It was Yan Stastny doing the "I’m Mad as Heck and I am Not Going to Take it Anymore" and dropping the gloves with a monster of a defenseman -- then, seeing Big "Z" come to the aid of Stastny.

Over the last couple of weeks some people have written to me, after reading some of my pieces, talking about how they were concerned that the Bruins were not taking things seriously during practice.

They wrote that the B’s were too loose. That, instead of getting along and bonding, the team should be intense.

I disagree. And it is not only because I have seen this team work very hard during preseason and I know that last night was an aberration.

I believe that this Bruins team is becoming a family.

Families work hard together play hard together.

And good families get through tough times -- they will get through this.

We all will get through this.

And, although I was not around for much of the Bruins success during the 70’s and early 80’s, as a hockey historian I have read extensively on the subject.

Those great teams acted as if they were a family.

They were close, they did many things together.

And they protected each other in good times AND in bad.

But I digress.

It WAS very sweet to see Stastny act like an old school Bruin and take on that huge defenseman.

Way to go, Yan.

Bounce back tonight, boys!

Less from me, More from the B’s
"It’s not acceptable some of the things we did. And we have to correct it as coaches. The players have to correct it. And that is starting right now. We have to get ready for [Saturday’s] game…We’re not going to let this discourage us. We have to prepare now and get ready for the next game and do things a lot better."
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, post game

"The second goal, there. It was a weak goal and it put us back on our heels a little bit for a time period. I pride myself on being pretty stable and steady and I think that it’s pretty much the first time I have been in a Bruins uniform that I have not held up my end of the bargain."
Goalie, Tim Thomas, post game

"I think we’re going to have to work a little bit on our special teams…they have to be better. At the same time we made small mistakes that they cashed in on."
Forward, P.J. Axelsson, post game

"Now it’s over. We have to learn from it. We’ve got a big game [Saturday] coming up, so the mindset is to be ready for [that] one and don’t think about what happened [Friday]. Obviously we have to be a lot better in all the aspects of the game."
Assistant Captain, Patrice Bergeron, post game

"That’s where we started to go wrong. We thought we needed to change some things. And that wasn’t the case. We needed to stick with the game plan. And we slowly deteriorated and it turned ugly. We’ve just got to put it behind us."
Defenseman, Brad Stuart, post game

How about a little levity…
"Most people who don’t know I play hockey think I was thrown through a plate-glass window or something."
Former NHL’er, Theoren Fleury, on his good looks
From the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Shoots and Scores.
One of the favorite volumes in my hockey library.
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