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Dennis Wideman Chat Transcript - 3.12.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Dennis Wideman (photo: John Bishop)
THE LINESMAN:  Dennis is here folks, start sending in your questions!
Dennis Wideman:  Hey everyone, let's get it going.

tilyin: The trade that brought you to Boston wasn't necessarily one that was popular among fans -how does it feel to prove all the naysayers wrong?

Dennis Wideman:  I'm just trying to do the best I can. Whether that proves people wrong is their own opinion. I'm glad to be here in Boston.

Jon_Rourke: Dennis who has been your favorite teammate to play with this year?
Dennis Wideman:  Tough one to answer. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, they are all my favorites!

B_sownmyheart: What do you feel is the thing the team needs to do in order to make the playoffs?
Dennis Wideman:  Score more goals and continue to outwork the other teams.

StayWide06: Hi Dennis!  What did you think of being voted one of the most eligible bachelors in Boston?
Dennis Wideman:  It was a great honor, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people that voted for me. lol

Bosbruins6: Dennis do u like playing with Chara on the PP?
Dennis Wideman:  Yes. He shoots the puck very hard. no seriously, I have learned a lot from playing with him.

mike_bergeron: Who was your favorite player growing up?
Dennis Wideman:  Nicklas Lidstrom.

TheWomps: Congratulations on a great season to this point, both individually and as a team. What has surprised you the most since coming to Boston?
Dennis Wideman:  Thanks... I was surprised by the passion you guys have here, especially when we have a full house. Just like the Washington game this weekend.

tilyin: How do you feel about Savard playing Britney Spears in the locker room?
Dennis Wideman:  It is an embarrassment to the Boston Bruins hockey club and he should be banned from playing any music in the room for the rest of his career.

hacker75: how has Lucic made such an impact as a rookie?
Dennis Wideman:  He is a big kid and he uses his size to his advantage.

hacker75: which forwards in the league are the toughest to play against?
Dennis Wideman:  Kovalchuk and Ovechkin.

meg8441: Great job this season.  What is your favorite thing to do off the ice?
Dennis Wideman:  Golf

DwideGuy07-08: Do you think Andrew Ference really deserved the best body award
Dennis Wideman:  No, I think Marc Savard should have won it! lol

LeSage12: haha what does the team need to do to get out of this little slump?
Dennis Wideman:  Shoot the puck more, drive the net.

nickoli: who would win in a fight, you or Aaron Ward?
Dennis Wideman:  Probably Wardo... he has that 'old man' strength.

britt: who are you closest with on the team?
Dennis Wideman:  Andrew Alberts.

Wideman_s_Posse: Do you have any pregame rituals?
Dennis Wideman:  Actually I don't.

B_sownmyheart: What do you think of Alex Auld being in next the last couple of games
Dennis Wideman:  He has been great for us.

meg8441: If you had to be stranded on an island with three of your teammate which three would you pick and why?
Dennis Wideman:  Thank you for your question meg...Shawn Thornton to wrestle any wild animals. Z in case we needed to reach some fruit in a tree and didn't have a ladder and Andrew Ference to make sure we don't kill any endangered species.

Dennis Wideman:  best question we have had yet, lol!

crazybsfan6: how do you like Boston as a sports town?
Dennis Wideman:  It is probably the best sports town all around that I have ever been to. I've caught some Sox games in person, they were a lot of fun.

bergeron9: What's your best hockey moment???
Dennis Wideman:  Playing in my first NHL game with St. Louis in Columbus

Lisa_37: Do you have a favorite restaurant in Boston?
Dennis Wideman:  Anything in the North End really.

britt: What other sports do you like to play or watch besides hockey?
Dennis Wideman:  golf and NASCAR and yes, I am a redneck. I also enjoy country music.

hacker75: favorite road town?
Dennis Wideman:  Calgary

__6: what country band is your favorite?
Dennis Wideman:  Tim McGraw.

bergeron9: Who is your favorite NASCAR driver??
Dennis Wideman:  Jeff Gordon #24.

SavvyFan: Hi Dennis, how fast is your slap shot?
Dennis Wideman:  Unofficially, 103.8.

plo373: I think that's what SAVVY said

Dennis Wideman:  ok, I actually think it was 103.9!

pacman13: Besides Britney, are there any songs he plays you just really can't stand?
Dennis Wideman:  Savvy doesn't play any country, so all of them!

patrice_37: Do you enjoy having Cam Neely involved with the team seeing that he is a Hall of Famer? Have you learned anything special from him?
Dennis Wideman:  Yeah to have him around is a great resource to be able to talk to and learn from.

Sturm01: Hi Dennis, all my questions have been asked already so this Is all I have left lol what's your favorite movie?
Dennis Wideman:  The Notebook. Just kidding... Wedding Crashers

single??: Hey Dennis, Are you still single? The three things you can't live without are...?
Dennis Wideman:  Yes I am still single. Let me get back to you on the three things.

hacker75: who was your first NHL goal against?
Dennis Wideman:  Columbus, back door power play.

JoeGBruinsfan7: I'm going to be at tomorrow night's game, if your shift scores a goal, can you do a special dance for me ? I'll be in section 306.
Dennis Wideman:  Papelbon has the dancing market cornered in this town.

iloveyouwideman: what players are your favorite in the NHL right now?
Dennis Wideman:  Nicklas Lidstrom is my favorite in the NHL, right now.

DwideGuy07-08: What made you decide to cut your hair this year?
Dennis Wideman:  I didn' just fell out.

bullet: who do you think is the best player in the league right now ? also when is Chara coming back.
Dennis Wideman:  All around- Jarome Iginla. Best goal scorer probably Ovechkin or Kovalchuk. Not sure about Chara, hope to get him back soon…

NUbruinsgirl27: Hey Dennis! I think you're an amazing D-man!! I know there was a date auctioned off at the charity event Have you gone it yet?? and if so how'd it go??
Dennis Wideman:  Haven't yet...

superfan6: Who's the biggest prankster in the locker room?
Dennis Wideman:  It's a combination of Savvy, Muzz, Ax and Sturmy. They all have their hands in on everything.

L3BUCK: Have they ever got you with a prank, if so what happened?
Dennis Wideman:  No, they have left me alone so far!

StayWide06: I think you just jinxed yourself.
Dennis Wideman:  Might have, but I'll be ready!

Heather_Strader: who is your favorite Sox player
Dennis Wideman:  Manny.

Allie_Silvera: Everyone vote Dennis Wideman for the 7thPlayer Award!!!
Dennis Wideman:  Thanks Allie!  There will be a Dennis Wideman for 7th Player Award campaign unveiled soon!

Jon_Rourke: how much do you attribute the team's physical play with success this season?
Dennis Wideman:  The games that we have won have been a direct reflection on how physical we have been on the other teams defense and forwards through the neutral zone.

JPH: Dennis--I met you at the Hard Rock a while back---My question is how much is fatigue playing a factor at this stage of the season. Are you guys running out of gas--due to the injuries etc...
Dennis Wideman:  We are professional athletes, we just have to battle through it at this point in the season.  You are running on adrenaline at this point with where we are in the season.

jessjones1682: what do you do in the off-season
Dennis Wideman:  I roofed three of my friend's houses this summer and I golf and hang out in my cottage. If anyone needs any roofing help, call The Linesman!

THE LINESMAN:  Do not call the linesman

B_SFAN4LiF: Did you play for a top high school when you played high school hockey?
Dennis Wideman:  In Canada not everyone plays high school hockey, I played for a city team

SavvyFan: Who do you feel is the toughest goalie to shoot against?
Dennis Wideman:  Manny Legace

Bosbruins6: u have 12 more games left How can the team go on a roll?
Dennis Wideman:  Get back to basics, get the puck in deep, cycle and score.

gt46convert: do you miss having Andrew Alberts in the lineup?
Dennis Wideman:  Andrew Alberts provides a certain comedic relief. I enjoy watching him try to toe drag and then end up firing off the glass. He shoots harder at the glass to clear the puck then he does he at the goalie! Seriously though, I only say that because he's one of my closest friends. We miss his big body on the blue line We call him "The Punisher."
Any more questions on Albe? I feel like I hit my stride here!

bruinsfan773599: How strong do you feel your chances are of making the post season and if you accomplish that is there a matchup that you feel would be more favorable to the Bruins?
Dennis Wideman:  We are in the drivers seat for making the playoffs, we have to stick with what got us to this point and just keep plugging away

nickoli: do you ever read the Andrew Albert's report on and what do you think of his movie reviews?
Dennis Wideman:  The last movie he told me to see was so bad, I lied and told him I liked it so he would have to waste 3 hours of his life too.

jessjones1682: Do you feel that scoring the 18000th goal in Bruins history was a great personal accomplishment
Dennis Wideman:  Not a great personal accomplishment, but its a great accomplishment for the franchise and it speaks highly of their success over a long period of time.

bergeron9: Is Andrew Alberts a good checker?
Dennis Wideman:  Yes he is a good body checker.

bruinsfan773599: Is playing with Zdeno Chara as a defense partner considerably different then playing with other defensemen?
Dennis Wideman:  I have played with Zdeno all year now and he has helped me in my progress as a player and a person. His everyday approach to the game is an example we should all follow.

Lisa_37: who would win in a fight? You or Andrew Alberts?
Dennis Wideman:  I would, no contest!

__6: is Andrew Alberts going to read this and see what you said about him?
Dennis Wideman:  I know Alberts is going to read this... I haven't said anything on this that we haven't said face to face... we hang out every day, this is all in good fun

Dennis Wideman:  He is a great player and a vital part of our team

THE LINESMAN:  Hey, Dennis has agreed to another 10-min!
THE LINESMAN:  No more Albert's questions!

Andrew_Alberts: IM HERE!!!
Dennis Wideman:  Hi Drew!

gt46convert: Do you have a favorite routine before a game
Dennis Wideman:  I put on my ipod and listen to some Tim McGraw followed by a little Carrie Underwood and then I start to get dressed.

Rickya13dot: So does "Jesus Take the Wheel" get you ready to hit someone in the corner???
Dennis Wideman:  lol. Actually her new song gets me fired up even more!

SavardOwns91: Dennis, what was your reaction when you first found out about being traded to the Bruins last season, and are you happy about it now?

Dennis Wideman:  I was extremely excited to be traded to an Original 6 team. I had been to Boston before and I knew it was a great city.

headsuphky: Dennis, growing up what player did you aspire to be like?
Dennis Wideman:  Lidstrom.

royall: What part of your game do you think you most need to improve?
Dennis Wideman: I have always had to work on my defensive play and I think that can still get better.

machoman911b: What's the best fight you've watched from the bench this season?
Dennis Wideman: Shawn Thornton vs. Riley Cote. Honorable Mention- Lucic vs. Ruutu.
brucrew30: What have you guys been working on in practice to get back to winning
Dennis Wideman:  Today we worked a lot on the power play and finishing scoring chances

hacker75: what bruin has the best off-ice hidden talent?
Dennis Wideman:  Matt Lashoff is actually a really great guitar player and singer.

DwideGuy07-08: Dennis, we love you! whats the loudest game you ever played in the garden?
Dennis Wideman:  Last year, my second home game here against Montreal. You could hear the fans cheering before we came out for warmups from the locker room -- Early March.

Postringer: Does staying in Boston as a bruin seem like something you could see yourself doing for a long time?
Dennis Wideman:  That is something I would love to do... I would like to stay in Boston as long as I can. As you guys can see with the amount of trades at the deadline each year, there are so many more variables within the new salary cap system that prevent players from staying with the same team their entire career.

Dennis Wideman: Thanks guys for stopping by... had a lot of laughs! As you guys can see, I like to joke around with the guys... glad I could share my humor with all of you. Hope to see you tomorrow agains Tampa... and if not, I better see you Saturday against Philly!

THE LINESMAN:  Don't forget to check back next Wednesday for Shawn Thornton.
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