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Day 2 for #37

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins and NESN are in Quebec City with Patrice Bergeron...

Bergeron and Cup tour Quebec
08.08.2011 / 01:15 PM ET

Patrice Bergeron continued his day with the cup by taking photos with family in the very scenic setting of old Quebec. He made quite a scene as passers-by hovered around the Cup, and cheers, honks and screams from all over were plentiful as they tooij a tour and photo shoot of old Quebec -- he began to look like the Pied Piper of Quebec City as he made his way up the historic streets.

The streets filled up as people seek their time with Patrice and the Cup -- a good ending to an adventure with the Cup, as he finishes off his day at his home with a select few. Bergeron hopes that he can repeat his day next year with the Cup.

-- Ryan Bader

Bergeron joins the club
08.08.2011 / 11:15 AM ET

Bergeron and his family enjoyed a small breakfast at the amazing Chateau Frontenac in Quebec.  The small crowd got the chance to drink OJ out of the Cup and enjoy a fantastic breakfast. Even in a private room, the Bruin faithful were able to find the Cup -- one Boston family walked by and was able to get a photo with Patrice and the Cup.

Later in the morning Hockey Hall of Famer Curator Phil Pritchard was on hand to present Bergeron with a gold watch from the International Ice Hockey Federation recognizing his membership in the Triple Gold Club -- he is the 25th player in the history of hockey to win a gold medal at the World Championships, an Olympic gold medal and the Stanley Cup. The watch cannot be bought, only won, and just 24 others  players have accomplished the feat.

-- Ryan Bader

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