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Chiarelli Says New Trio is Excited, Motivated

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON, MA -- Frustration might have been the theme of the day for Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, but depth was the outcome.

Three new Bruins are expected to arrive in Boston, Tuesday.
Earlier this afternoon, Chiarelli spoke about his acquisition of former Boston College Eagle defenseman Mike Mottau, former Boston Bruins forward Brian Rolston (both formally of the Islanders) and blueliner Greg Zanon the man with the second most blocked shots in the NHL last Season (for the Minnesota Wild) and said that although the deals were difficult to find during the lead-up to the trade deadline, he was able to stock his roster for the upcoming playoffs.

"We’ve added some veteran depth to our lineup, specifically on Rolston, he’s a guy most of you are familiar with," said Chiarelli. "Hasn’t had a great year, but I feel he’s a motivated player...[who] can really skate, and he’ll add to our depth and versatility.

"He can move up and down the lineup, you’ve heard me say the same thing before with some of our additions and he has a big shot."

"Mottau, again, adds to our defensive depth –- left-shot D –- we’ve been looking for some left-shot D’s and has a good head on his shoulder, good mobility and I find he keeps a nice gap for someone his size which is hard to do.

"Zanon is a terrific shot blocker, he’s a real gritty competitor. He’s a warrior type defenseman, so now we have eight defensemen in the mix now and we’ve added the forward so we’ve improved our forward [depth]. We’ll wait and see what happens with our two forwards that are currently injured right now."

But the depth wasn't easy to find and Chiarelli said that he spend the day kicking a lot of tires.

"Overall the day was - well, the two three weeks were very long," admitted the B's GM. "Never really seen this type of inactivity.

"I don’t know what the final tally was on the trades, but it was real heavy slugging and I can understand why other teams want to keep players. The number of buyers was far, to me, far exceeding the number of sellers."

Chiarelli said that there was one deal, a pact that had been worked on for over two weeks, that hadn't come to fruition and that he would have liked to add another forward, but was satisfied with his deadline take.

"In the last three or four days, I probably made the most phone calls to other GMs then I’ve ever made in that period of time or the time leading up to the deadline," he said. "Overall it was a long day, I’m satisfied as to the depth that we added and the veteran presence."

However, that depth came at a price, namely P-Bruins defenseman Steve Kampfer and as well as forward Yannick Riendeau and defenseman Marc Cantin - both prospects playing in the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL).

"[Kampfer] had a kind of a tough ride this year," said Chiarelli. "I think it happens, I don’t know if it’s a sophomore jinx, but it happens sometimes, when he came in he had some swagger and gave us that little bit of puck moving and skating that we were looking for at the time and for whatever reason it wasn’t there this year.

"In the defense of Steve I mean he may not of had the opportunity because we didn’t...have the injuries that maybe he would have had the opportunity to play.

"I believe he is an NHL player and I think he will be in the NHL and we got a NHL player in return."

But right now, the Bruins added an NHL caliber forward and two major league defensemen - an important development given the B's system which stresses defensive responsibility.

"I’m not dissatisfied with our shot blocking. ...We have always been committed to blocks," said Chiarelli when asked if he had added Zanon because of his shot-blocking prowess.  "We play that zone defense and the guys have to block shots and have to get in the lanes.

"Not dissatisfied, but I also know that blocking shots you get broken foots, so again back to depth."

And Rolston adds to that depth up front, and along with the two defensemen adds three very motivated pieces to the Bruins puzzle.

"When we go out and we look for these types of players that are rentals we look to see that the players are motivated, and I would put him in that category," said Chiarelli of Rolston. "I mean you are motivated for a number of reasons.

"One, you want to win.  So, you come into a winning team that is a legitimate contender so you want to win.

"Two, and again I don’t know if it applies to Brian but I’m sure it applies to the other two, you want to work for your next contract."

All three players have expressed their excitement about being traded to a Stanley Cup Contender.

"They’re excited and they want to win," repeated Chiarelli. "They say what I want to hear when I call them when you acquire them in a trade.

"We won last year and we want to try and win again," continued the GM. "It’s plain and in it’s in front of them and I feel that they are all motivated."
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