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Chat Transcript: Peter Chiarelli

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
ReneeNS: Were you guys happy with the deals made today? Or were their bigger name deals that fell through? (I am quite pleased though! haha)

Peter_Chiarelli: We were happy with the deals made. We had those in place and we worked hard to get them. We looked at a couple of bigger deals but there needed to be a shuffling around of cap space.
Peter_Chiarelli: At the end of the day we weren't able to get the bigger ones done, but overall we are happy with what we accomplished.
recchi-boston: what do u think the impact will be of  recchi
Peter_Chiarelli: I think the impact will be very positive.
Peter_Chiarelli: Recchi brings us experience, great skill, grittiness and two Stanley Cups on his resume.
marc7384: do you think you got what you were looking for to improve the bruins before the trade deadline?
Peter_Chiarelli: Yes, we wanted to make sure we fortified a couple of areas and Montador helps us with depth on defense and a player like Recchi can be very versatile.
FelixTheCat: Hey Peter! Now that young players like Lashoff, Karsums and Nokelainen are no longer in the organization, does this change your approach to the draft and what type of players you are looking to pick?
Peter_Chiarelli: We try and draft based on the best player available.
Peter_Chiarelli: We will look at needs when we are close to a certain range of picks. It turns out that Nokelainen and Karsums played a similar game and both were right-shots.
Peter_Chiarelli: Trading a player like Lashoff was difficult because we think he is a good player and will be a good asset for Tampa
causewaykid09: What qualities does Steve Montadore posses that will be an asset to your team?
Peter_Chiarelli: He is a gritty performer, he is a real competitor and he has filled in on spot duty on the power play. He can also play forward.
Bruinseh?: was getting rid of nok hard for you?
Peter_Chiarelli: Yes it was.
Peter_Chiarelli: When we acquired him, our mandate was to get bigger, heavier and harder and he plays that style of game. He is a real good kid, that was a hard phone call to make.
The_Ref: Keep the questions rolling...
MeanE: R U Surprised that Cole went for a Second and O'Sullivan?  That does not seem like much.
Peter_Chiarelli: I think it is a lot... O'Sullivan is a goal scorer and a second round pick is very valuable. He was acquired in a deal that would require getting a significant forward.
b_s_girl: Do you think the addition of two new players will affect the chemistry in the room at all?
Peter_Chiarelli: Certainly any time you add new players it could affect the chemistry, but these players have common friends on this team and we expect them to blend in well.
justin83: Hey peter, did the bruins recent slide of losing games put a little more pressure on you to make a trade today?
Peter_Chiarelli: Probably a little bit more pressure, but we went in to this whole trade period with a plan... and I thought we executed that plan well.
MamaBear71: Hi PC- so are you exhausted?  What are your plans tonight? I suggest a steak at Abe & Louie's..thank you for keeping the core intact...we are going all the way!
Peter_Chiarelli: Yeah I am pretty tired, it has been a long grind culminating in today. I am ready for a nap.
The_Ref: Feel free to ask more than one question.
Randal411: Did any of the former Flames (Kobasew, Ference) players give any input about Montador?
Peter_Chiarelli: We poll a lot of sources when we acquire players, and we were comfortable when we acquired Montador.
FelixTheCat: Hey Peter! Nice job today! Have you talked to Claude Julien yet about who Recchi and Montador will be playing with?
Peter_Chiarelli: Not today, but I have talked to him at length prior to today.
Peter_Chiarelli: Ultimately it will be Claude's decision but we have had lengthy discussions.
bsfanner34: What do u think of Jokinen going 2 the Flames and how will that affect phoenix in the game 2 morrow against u?
Peter_Chiarelli: Jokinen was a big part of that team. But you can be surprised sometimes how a team can band together when they lose a significant player.
djwilson19: Will Cam unretire his #8 for Mark?  Haha!
Peter_Chiarelli: Actually that's a good question... we were kidding Cam about it earlier when we acquired Mark... the answer is No
RRP1: Hi Peter!  Do u think this trade will light a fire under the Bruins?!  Get The Bruins playing like the first half of the season?
Peter_Chiarelli: I hope an injection of new players will one, create competition and two, bolster chemistry. That will make us a better team.
CanadianB_sfan: Are you pleased with the fact that you improved the Bruins, while some of the toughest competition (NJ, Wash) did virtually nothing
Peter_Chiarelli: Well, New Jersey added a pretty solid defender in Havelid and Washington has a pretty strong team. I look at it from our team's perspective and I am happy with our additions.
The_Ref: Great questions... keep 'em coming.
bruins3317: hi peter, is mark recchi going to see any powerplay time? and if so is that the reason you traded for him?
Peter_Chiarelli: Ultimately that is Claude's decision, but we have discussed it and I imagine you will see him on the power play at some point.
ReneeNS: Was this deadline day any more exciting/stressful than any other, given your position in the standings, and the push to get through the playoffs?
Peter_Chiarelli: I think the anticipation of the trade deadline day is exciting.
Peter_Chiarelli: The day itself is hard because you are dealing with people's lives and careers.
bruinsnut42: what time did you wake up this morning and get started?
Peter_Chiarelli: Very early... 5:00 AM
djwilson19: Did next years cap play a role in your mindset going into trade dealine?
Peter_Chiarelli: That is one of the major concerns you look at when you acquire players at any time.
The_Ref: Peter's going to stay on for a few more minutes.
Justin_81: What is the next step after today for the bruins
Peter_Chiarelli: The team and the coaching staff will welcome the new players and we'll integrate them in to the lineup.
muletman: have u gotten a chance to talk to mark??
Peter_Chiarelli: Yes I talked to Mark and Montador and the players we traded. Mark is very excited and is coming in on the first flight tonight.
The_Ref: A couple more...
bruins3317: how difficult is it for a GM to sit down and talk with the guys you have traded or are going to trade?
Peter_Chiarelli: I'd say it was one of the most difficult parts of the job.
Peter_Chiarelli: Difficult because you are dealing with someone's life.
Justin_81: do you come out of today feeling confident about the bruins ?
Peter_Chiarelli: Yes, I do, I think the additions will help our depth and will play important roles in the rest of the regular season and the playoffs.
Peter_Chiarelli: Thanks everyone for joining me today.
The_Ref: And thanks for the questions everyone. Stay tuned for the chat schedule.
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