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Chat Transcript: Matt Hunwick

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
The_Linesman: Welcome everyone. Fire up those questions...

Matt_Hunwick: What's up everyone... thanks for coming, I'm ready to get started
hockeygirl3773: Who is your Roomate at home and on the road?
Matt Hunwick
Matt_Hunwick: No roommate at home, Blake Wheeler on the road.
bruins_60: How is Blake as a roommate??
Matt_Hunwick: Great roommate, we like a lot of the same movies. I think we watched Step Brothers 5 different times during this last trip.
gobigred: What nickname do you like better - Hunny or Braids?
Matt_Hunwick: Braids
Janney23: Hey Matt, how tough was the transition from D to playing a wing?
Matt_Hunwick: It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The hardest part was probably picking up pucks on breakouts.
Matt_Hunwick: I liked the freedom offensively and I was able to skate and hit more often.
bsgirl81: what music to you like to listen to before a game
Matt_Hunwick: Usually on the way to games I listen to rap.
Matt_Hunwick: During my warm-up I listen to rock.
Matt_Hunwick: Lil Wayne on the way in... and during my warm-up and stretching usually Linkin Park, Three Days Grace
k2www14: what’s it like to play with such a big player like Zdeno Chara?
Matt_Hunwick: He makes it a lot easier for whoever is playing with him.
Matt_Hunwick: His size and reach are tremendous assets on the PK. He has been unbelievable on the kill recently.
Annie: Temporarity insanity? A lost bet? Why why WHY did you cut off those beautiful curls? Aargh!
Matt_Hunwick: Haha there’s actually been a few questions about my hair so I guess I have to answer it...
Matt_Hunwick: Two reasons, one we were going to Florida and I didn't want to have a lot of hair in the heat.
Matt_Hunwick: Secondly, we have the Cuts For A Cause event to raise money for cancer research coming up where I'm shaving my head...
Matt_Hunwick: ...  so it would be a less drastic change going from what I have now to a shaved head
Matt_Hunwick: I'll let it grow back after I shave my head though
The_Linesman: ...
bdpendleton: Hey matt how is the team handling the stress before the playoffs
Matt_Hunwick: I think with our recent play we've started to find our game a little bit and once the playoffs come, we should be ready to go.
Matt_Hunwick: We have high expectations for our play, that being said we just want to go out and play our game each night.
mike43: you had one fight this punch KO. any chance we'll see a few more?
Matt_Hunwick: Yeah maybe, maybe one more before the season is up.
mlpb1737: Who do you hang out with most on the team?
Matt_Hunwick: I was really close with Nokelainen, but now its probably Wheels.
c_S_C_D: what was your favorite class in school?
Matt_Hunwick: At Michigan, was probably my European Economics class... was very interesting and had a great professor.
hiya_hunny!: hey matt, how has playing in boston for your rookie season been, and what has your favorite part been?
Matt_Hunwick: It's been a lot of fun so far. The success of the team has made the year that much more special.
Matt_Hunwick: Living in Boston has been awesome.
Matt_Hunwick: I'm a big walker, I walk everywhere in the city. Boston is a big city but at the same time you can get just about anywhere by walking.
The_Linesman: Outstanding questions!
hockeygirl3773: I miss Nokie, was so sad they traded him. Being a 12 year lung cancer survivor, I would like to thank you for shaving your head to help research....
Matt_Hunwick: I'm glad I can help. There should be more information about the event on the Bruins website and WBCN on how everyone can contribute.
shawn: when you watch hockey what is your favorite part of the game, watching a team on the PK or a team on PP, just straight 5 on 5 ?
Matt_Hunwick: I think 4 on 4 actually because you see all the skill players with a lot more room to work.
bostonB123: who was your hockey idol when you where young??
Matt_Hunwick: Steve Yzerman.
bananas713@yaho: How do you think the team is holding up without Phil Kessel? And is there any information you can tell us about his injury?
Matt_Hunwick: Right now we are doing ok, but he is obviously a big reason why we are tops in the East right now.
Matt_Hunwick: It's tough to lose a player with his game breaking ability.
Matt_Hunwick: Alright guys here's the full scoop on his injury...
Matt_Hunwick: Just kidding, that's my April Fools joke!
CamTokarski: You think Timmy Thomas can win the Vezina?
Matt_Hunwick: Absolutely he can win the Vezina. He has had an outstanding year.
LucicCrewdotcom: Hey Matt, how has Mark Recchi been in the locker room and as a mentor/veteran in general?
Matt_Hunwick: It has been great having a guy with his experience come in to the dressing room at this time of year.
Matt_Hunwick: I think he is a calming influence for our younger players and a guy we know we can ask any type of question because we know he has been through just about everything.
Matt_Hunwick: Plus he's been great on the ice in front of the net, on the pp, just in general.
habs_stink: pepsi or coke? pizza hut or dominos?
Matt_Hunwick: I'm a pro athlete, I can't eat or drink any of that stuff!
Matt_Hunwick: (coke and dominos)
Bruinsfan09: Now that Fernandez has gotten back to his old self and is feeling a lot more comfortable in goal, how does it feel to know that you can count on either one of your goaltenders?
Matt_Hunwick: That's huge.
Matt_Hunwick: I think the past two or three years every Stanley Cup winner has used two goalies along the way.
Flyingp: Matt, what's the nickname the team has given you? Through NESN, I swear I can hear the guys yell "Hunny!" when they want to pass to you. Say it ain't so!
Matt_Hunwick: Huddy or Huds was the nickname I had in college, but that never really caught on here in Boston.
Matt_Hunwick: "Munch" has actually stuck, and that's what the guys call me. That nickname was given to me when I was a kid because I used to constantly eat.
Matt_Hunwick: I'm not a big fan of "Hunny", but I'm a rookie so what are you gonna do!
46-26-73-81-91: Hey Matt! Great season so far! What do you do to train yourself in the off-season?
Matt_Hunwick: How come there's no 48 in your screen name??
Matt_Hunwick: But on to the question...
Matt_Hunwick: last summer I trained at U of M with Mike Barwis and his staff. We would lift three times a week, run twice a week and do speed and agility twice a week.
Matt_Hunwick: As the season got closer we began on ice training.
The_Linesman: ...
sportsluva1995: what is your favorite position to play? Left wing or Defensemen?
Matt_Hunwick: Probably defense because you one, you get more ice time and two, when you jump into the play it's usually an odd man rush
jrballa619: are you nervous heading into the post season or is there a ton of confidence with being at the top of the eastern conf.
Matt_Hunwick: Personally I am not nervous, more excited for the opportunity to play in the playoffs.
Matt_Hunwick: We are confident, but not at all $%&*y. If we play our game we feel we can match up with anybody.
Matt_Hunwick: I typed "c o c k y," looks like the computer edited it
broonsfan: how are the fans in boston compared to college fans?
Matt_Hunwick: There's a different atmosphere for sure.
Matt_Hunwick: Playing at Yost, it was a much smaller venue with great fans and the band.
Matt_Hunwick: The Garden atmosphere has also been great this year, the fans have really gotten behind us.
Matt_Hunwick: I love playing in an Original 6 building
c_S_C_D: what is your favorite type of music to listen to?
Matt_Hunwick: Probably country.
The_Linesman: keep the questions coming...
bostonB123: what do you do in your spare time
Matt_Hunwick: We don’t have as much spare time in Boston as we did in Providence.
Matt_Hunwick: But when we do have some time, and when the weathers nice, I like to get out and walk to the movies or meet up with friends for dinner.
I_LIKE_HOCKEY: Where is your favorite place to play other than Boston?
Matt_Hunwick: Ann Arbor... for a NHL city Montreal because they are our biggest rival and its fun to go in to a place where they don't like you.
bruins42: what is your favorite movie?
Matt_Hunwick: My all time favorite movie is Grumpy Old Men
IBleedBlackNGld: Who is your least favorite player to play against on the ice?
Matt_Hunwick: It would have to be Z in practice.
surfcaster: What do you enjoy doing in your time off from hockey?
Matt_Hunwick: In the summer I'm big into cycling and tennis as well as just relaxing at the lake.
Bergy_Savvy: What is the atmosphere in the locker room before a game?
Matt_Hunwick: Some guys are more serious than others.
Matt_Hunwick: Me personally I am hardly in the locker room before a game because I do a lot warming up and playing soccer outside of the room.
Matt_Hunwick: We have a good group that plays soccer every game... me, Stuey, Wardo, Manny, Savvy, Krech, Luch
Matt_Hunwick: We play before almost every game.
I_LIKE_HOCKEY: Have you been to any of the BU Northeastern or BC games this year? And if so what do you think of College Hockey in Boston?
Matt_Hunwick: I went to the BU/BC Hockey East semifinal.
Matt_Hunwick: It's crazy to have so many teams in such a small area.
Matt_Hunwick: I had the flu during the Beanpot but that's something I'd like to check out next season.
The_Linesman: ...
bruinsfan4life: Hey Matt, did the Bruins do anything special for Ryders b-day yesterday ?
Matt_Hunwick: It was his birthday yesterday?? I am going to text him right now!
NE_Champs09: you been to any concerts in the area?
Matt_Hunwick: I saw Dropkick Murphys on St. Patrick’s Day and I saw Metallica when they were in town.
Hunchwick: Why did you choose the number 48?
Matt_Hunwick: It was given to me during training camp.
Sobotka_Krejci: Do you still talk to Jack Jonhson your former college teammate?
Matt_Hunwick: Yeah I got to see him when LA came to town a few weeks ago. We still talk whenever we have time.
nokie_4_ever: What is up with Savvy playing Britney Spears in the locker room? Does it annoy you?
Matt_Hunwick: Thankfully Savvy is no longer in charge of the pregame music anymore.
The_Linesman: ...
Beantown: do you think Thort's will grow out some killer side burns?
Matt_Hunwick: I think he is going to grow out a full beard. Hopefully we will be playing long enough to see it at its peak, to rival his look when he was with Anaheim.
The_Linesman: A couple more, guys!
newfaloop: You willing to spill the news on Phils injury?!?!?
Matt_Hunwick: I addressed that earlier... you'll have to read the transcript.
looch17: What is your favourite timmy thomas save this year??
Matt_Hunwick: Any one he made when I was the ice and he saved me from getting a minus!
lucic17: I hear a bunch of you guys like PEARL JAM...are you a fan?!
Matt_Hunwick: I like Pearl Jam but Stuey is the real fanatic.
The_Linesman: Okay, two more...
Sobotka_Krejci: What was it like playing against Detroit for the first time, considering you were such a big fan?
Matt_Hunwick: The first time I played against them was in preseason in Detroit. I was nervous but I thought I played my best preseason game when I was there.
Matt_Hunwick: It was special playing in that building in front of my family and friends.
jdssportsshed: Hey Matt.  What was the general feeling in the room after meeting Lashoff and Karsums for the first time as opponents??
Matt_Hunwick: We had to approach it as if we were playing against anyone else. At the same time, after the game when we saw each other we are still friends. It was good seeing them and seeing them do so well.
Matt_Hunwick: Thanks everyone for the questions, I appreciate the support throughout the season.
The_Linesman: Okay. Thank you everyone!
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