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Chat Transcript: David Krejci

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
the_ref: Hello everyone...David is getting settled in. Start shooting us your ?'s

David Krejci: Hello everyone... thanks for coming, I'm ready to get started
Bruins24: Hey David, great year so far!!! What has been your favorite moment in your NHL career thus far?
David_Krejci: My first NHL game here in Boston
David_Krejci: and my first hat trick this year against Toronto
David_Krejci: I just started my NHL career so hopefully there's more great moments to come
Hailey!: Do you have any pets?
David_Krejci: I have a german shepherd, six months old, named Cody
bruins21: Who is your roommate on the road?
David_Krejci: Phil Kessel
David_Krejci: We have a lot of fun together, he's a good roommate
David_Krejci: He likes to fall asleep with the tv on... and sometimes I'll wake up and have to turn it off because he fell asleep
David_Krejci: That's the only problem I have with him but other than that he's a good roommate
hockeygirl46: Hi David! Okay, what is your favorite thing about playing in Boston?
David_Krejci: I love how the arena looks like here
David_Krejci: and the fans have been awesome, especially this year
Krejci_3: hey david,what do you do on ur days off
David_Krejci: Spending time with my gf and my dog. If not with them, hanging out with some of the guys on the team like Wheels, Kessel and Sobotka
David_Krejci: We play X Box
janney23: Hey David, how much do you think last years playoff experience will help you this year?
David_Krejci: I'll know this year what the playoff atmosphere is all about and know what to expect on and off the ice
David_Krejci: It was a good experience last year
KillerB_s: Why did u pick the 46 on ur Jersey
David_Krejci: Lots of people ask me that actually
David_Krejci: When I first came to camp 4 or 5 years ago they gave me 46 and I stuck with it
David_Krejci: I had a chance to change it this year but I kept it
David_Krejci: There is no real reason for the number 46, I liked it so I kept it
hailey: do you play soccer with the guys before games?
David_Krejci: Yes I play
David_Krejci: Theres a bunch of guys who pretend they are good like Savard, Wardo... you know those older guys
David_Krejci: I have to say I'm the best up there by far haha... but I have some competition now from Karsums
David_Krejci: and Manny has been playing good lately
mwesterberg1093: you've been great this season and you've shown a great awareness of time while on the ice. Is that purely natural instinct or the result of practice?
David_Krejci: I guess it is instinct. I like to have the puck on my stick and when I have it, I try to not panic and try to create chances
archerygrl: was your transition to hockey in the US difficult?
David_Krejci: I played two years in junior in Canada and this is my third year in the United States so I am used to it now
David_Krejci: at the beginning it wasn't easy but I always had good people around to help me with that
David_Krejci: I'm grateful for that
bruins_fan60: Hey I was just wondering...Vezmeš si m??
David_Krejci: odkud jsi?
the_ref: Uh oh, a conversation in Czech!
David_Krejci: She asked "will you marry me"
David_Krejci: I said "where are you from"
fjijsieifj: what do you think is the main source of your success this season?
David_Krejci: My teammates have been great and when you feel comfortable in the room it can really help your game
David_Krejci: It gives you a lot more confidence
Morandi24: how much of a suprise was it to see Bitz get two goals last night.
David_Krejci: Since he got called up he has been playing great
David_Krejci: It was nice to see him get two goals because he has been working really hard
David_Krejci: It was a cool feeling not for him, but for all of us hearing the fans say "we want Bitz" at the end of the game
Joanne: Hey David. Who's your favorite teammate/s to play on a line with?
David_Krejci: Ryds and Wheels and I have clicked from the beginning
David_Krejci: But its not just those guys, I have played with lots of different players this year and I enjoyed playing with them too
pascoejd18: what is your other favorite sport besides hockey?!
David_Krejci: I love watching and playing soccer
David_Krejci: But I also play a lot of tennis in the summer
David_Krejci: Me and Vlade actually played tennis against Wheels and PJ in Florida
David_Krejci: Wheels wasnt very good but PJ carried their team
David_Krejci: Me and Vlade couldnt really find the chemistry on the tennis court
David_Krejci: We might get a rematch later
Savvy91: Hey David! Which team do you think would be the most intriguing matchup in the first round of the playoffs?
David_Krejci: It doesn't really matter who we play, if we play our game I think we'll have a good chance to beat any team we play in the playoffs
KBALL: What is your favorite video game?
David_Krejci: Rock Band and NHL 09
David_Krejci: I like playing the guitar and singing in Rock Band
David_Krejci: I actually played with my parents yesterday and I got 100% singing the song Mud on the Tires
Bruinsgirl91: What kinds of music do you listen to?
David_Krejci: Every European likes techno or dance music
David_Krejci: But Ive become a fan of country in the last few years
xlyssa: Do you like your nickname "The Matrix" that Jack Edwards gave you?
David_Krejci: Thats a good compliment... I actually hadn't heard it before
David_Krejci: It's not as good as Big Daddy Wheels though haha
haleymolly: Krej do you have any pregame rituals?
David_Krejci: I have a few but I will keep them to myself
bsfan13: when you were a kid who was your favorite player and team
David_Krejci: My favorite players were Jagr Lemieux and Gretzky
David_Krejci: I liked to watch them so I became a Pittsburgh fan
David_Krejci: But that was when I was growing up
haleymolly: Krej what do you like to do in the off season?
David_Krejci: I love to do lots of sports activities like tennis soccer and floor hockey
David_Krejci: I love to spend time with my gf and closest friends and family from my hometown
jmc1974: Hi David, congrats on a fantastic year! Not to look past all of the success this season, but are you looking forward to playing in the Olympics next year?
David_Krejci: It is still a long way away but playing for your national team is a big honor and if I ever the chance to play for my country I will never say no
Bruinsfan420: What kind of TV shows do you like to watch?
David_Krejci: Prison Break is my favorite show, Im waiting for the fourth one to come out on DVD
David_Krejci: I like Two and a Half Men
DasJib: When I visit the Czech Republic, where is your best suggestion to visit?
David_Krejci: Obviously Prague... it's a beautiful old city
David_Krejci: and lots of beautiful girls!
bruinsfan1: Do you see your self retiring as a Bruin?
David_Krejci: I would love to play for the Bruins my whole career. If that is possible I would love to stay here until I retire
David_Krejci: Hopefully retirement is a long ways away though!
Sobotka_Krejci: How long did it take you to learn english and how hard was it for you?
David_Krejci: Couple of hours
David_Krejci: haha... at first I came to Canada I didn't speak any English so it took me a full year to understand a lot and be able to communicate
David_Krejci: To speak properly it took me two or three years
David_Krejci: My first two years I played in the Q so they also spoke French but I don't speak much French... just the dressing room French
skark50: Hey Kerch, I want to give you props for such a great season. What has changed between this season and last that has helped you succeed the way you have?
David_Krejci: I feel more confident. I know what to expect from my teammates and I know the teams I play against
David_Krejci: You always have to work your hardest to stay here, and never take a day off... unless coach gives us a day off
playmaker46: if you didnt play hockey, what would you want to be doing for a career?
David_Krejci: I love sports so i would try to be a soccer player or tennis player
David_Krejci: If I couldnt play sports, I wouldnt know what Id do... its a tough question
Canuckle: Hey David, who is the fastest skater on the Bruins?
David_Krejci: I think its Kessel
David_Krejci: Sturmy would be good competition, Chucky can fly too
thebsareback: Where is your favorite place to go in the U.S.?
David_Krejci: I like going down south especially in the winter when it is cold here and warm there
David_Krejci: But I really love Boston, I spent lots of time last summer here and I loved the weather and the city
David_Krejci: One of the reasons I really like it here is because it is a sports town
David_Krejci: I'm looking forward to watching the Red Sox when they start in the spring
sturbridgegirl: is there a team you enjoy playing against?
David_Krejci: I like playing against the teams with the big name stars like Pittsburgh and Washington
David_Krejci: Its great competing against the best
hailey: crosby vs ovechkin, whos harder to play against?
David_Krejci: As a team we have had more success against Pittsburgh this year but it doesnt mean that Crosby is an easier guy to play against
David_Krejci: I think they are both at the same level
Sobotka_Krejci: How many times have you been to a Red Sox game?
David_Krejci: I went once two years ago but I like to watch them on tv sometimes
David_Krejci: I cant wait to go see another game this season
David_Krejci: I like Big Papi
jrl76: Hey David, how do you like being part of the Bruins/Canadians rivalry during your time in Boston so far? Do you players get as hyped up about it as we do?
David_Krejci: It's awesome to play at home against them because its also fun to play in Montreal when their fans boo at you
David_Krejci: It makes you want to beat their team so bad
David_Krejci: Those games are really intense but a lot of fun. Not every NHL team has that rivalry so its great to be a part of
bruins91: How did the team react to Chuck getting physical in the 3rd period last night?
David_Krejci: After every fight you want to show the guy who fought respect and work your hardest and do your best for him
David_Krejci: It was great to see him step up like that after a low hit
Feda: how did it feel like beating the panthers the second time and playin like you used to?
David_Krejci: I really hope that this will help start another great stretch of hockey for us because we need it at this time of year to get ready for the playoffs
David_Krejci: It was a good overall team effort last night
the_ref: A couple more...
CTBruins: Krejci, great job this year's awesome to see you step your game up and play as well as you have. You're gonna have a C on your Jersey in a couple of years if you keep it up...
David_Krejci: Thank you
David_Krejci: But I already have a C on my jersey on the back!
David_Krejci: haha, seriously though that is a great compliment
stifler: Krej what would it take to see you fight?
David_Krejci: I got in a fight in my rookie year and did pretty good... I dont go looking for fights but if it happens, it happens
SEMINOLECEL: David - Huge fan, glad to see the team seems to be back on track, i'll be there tomorrow night when you take on the is tough not to overlook a team like the ducks with the Capitals coming?
David_Krejci: The Ducks are a good team, we can't overlook them
David_Krejci: We will need an all around team effort and play a full 60 minutes and play our game.
David_Krejci: We will need all of you fans to be great tomorrow like you have been all season
David_Krejci: It has been an unbelievable feeling playing in this building this season
David_Krejci: We will need you guys down the stretch as we get closer to the playoffs!
David_Krejci: Thanks everybody for coming! dekuji
the_ref: Thank you everybody. We'll have our next player in two weeks from today!
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