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Chat Transcript: Byron Bitz

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Byron_Bitz: Hey everybody, thanks for coming... let's get started

bruins91: What was it like hearing the crowd in Boston chanting your name to get you to come back out and try for the hat trick?
Byron_Bitz: The crowd was unbelievable. It takes a certain amount of hockey knowledge to pick up on that, I don't think fans in other cities would have recognized what was going on.
Byron_Bitz: It says a lot about the fans here and their knowledge of the game.
bigredfanatic: Great to cheer for you at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. You've got games coming up against two former Cornell teammates--Iggy (Islanders) and O'Byrne (Habs). Your thoughts about facing them.
Byron_Bitz: I played with Iggy for two years and he's done very well in the AHL and its good seeing him getting a shot now and playing well with the Isles
Byron_Bitz: I played against Ryan once, he's tough to play against but it's always fun to see those guys out there.
RCM: I was thrilled to be drowning in one of your game-worn Cornell jerseys last night in Columbus.  Thinking back to your time in Ithaca, did you have a favorite item on the menu at Collegetown Bagels?
Byron_Bitz: Thanks for the interest from Cornell!
Byron_Bitz: The breakfast bagel with egg, cheese and bacon.
bruinsfanatic: byron, what do you and the rest of the team plan to do to fight back from losing the last four out of five games? any type of strategy...?
Byron_Bitz: I think we have been really trying hard, it is just a matter that when we are in slump like this, it's going to be hard work to get us out of it.
Byron_Bitz: There arent going to be any fancy tricks, just hard work.
bruinsboy00: what other sports do you play when you are not on the ice?
Byron_Bitz: Golf a lot in the summer... used to play baseball as a kid and played both football and basketball in high school.
lucic17: what was the biggest adjustment that you had to make switching from wing to center?
Byron_Bitz: Basically just your defensive zone responsibilities.
Byron_Bitz: as a centerman, you have a lot more responsibilities in your own end as far as battling and getting the puck out.
thebsareback: hey Bitzy your an awesome player and i hope we keep you up in the NHL, how does having so many veterans and the newest one, Mark Recchi, influence you as a rookie?
Byron_Bitz: as a young guy playing on a team with so many older guys, it makes it easy to adjust when you watch how hard those guys work everyday.
alieninvasionn: hey byron! you've been doing so well lately. what do you think about the recent additions to the team?
Byron_Bitz: Recchi obviously brings a wealth of experience. He has won a couple of Cups and played a lot of games in this league.
Byron_Bitz: Montador is also a playoff veteran and a very gritty player. Both of them are great guys to have in the room.
talicat: What do you think about the nick name "Bitzy Cat" and how did it come about?
Byron_Bitz: It started out of the blue from Jeremy Reich.
Byron_Bitz: He kind of speaks his own language anyways, so I'm not surprised.
Byron_Bitz: He called me that in camp and it just stuck since then.
zard: what do you like best about being in Boston?
Byron_Bitz: I think just the sports atmosphere. The fans love their major sports teams and its great to see the support we get.
Samantha_46: Hey Bitz!! What guy are you closest to on the team?
Byron_Bitz: Probably closest to Shawn Thornton.
Byron_Bitz: He's been my linemate since I got here and has become a very good friend.
Byron_Bitz: Also young guys like Mark Stuart and Matt Hunwick.
SoSavvy91: Who is your roommate on the road?
Byron_Bitz: It has actually been a revolving door... I've been with Nokey, Stuart, Chuck, and now I'm with Montador.
Byron_Bitz: I hope I haven't done anything to make those guys not want to room with me!
Bruinsgirl91: Hey Bryon Great year so far! What is it like playing with Thornton and his character?
Byron_Bitz: Thorty is a very intense competitor. He hates to lose.
Byron_Bitz: He's been very supportive of helping me with my learning curve up here.
Byron_Bitz: He has such a strong character, he is very supportive of everybody. He has pretty good skill and he plays the same style of game that I do.
Byron_Bitz: That has allowed us to have good chemistry.
revsfan: what do you like to do when your not on the ice?
Byron_Bitz: I've been kind of exploring the city. I still seem to get lost a fair amount...
Byron_Bitz: Where I'm from there's not that many people so that's been a change.
Byron_Bitz: It's been good to get out and enjoy the city, although there hasn't been much down time since I've been here.
Bruins21: What is your pre-game routine?
Byron_Bitz: Usually just an afternoon nap for an hour or so, then go for a short walk, and then head to the rink.
newfie_mike: hey bitz, you guys ever bug ryder about his newfie accent??
Byron_Bitz: Yeah we do, I actually heard Mark Stuart do a bang-on impression of him this weekend. It honestly sounded just like him.
Kaikoura: what is the biggest difference for you between playing for the AHL and the NHL
Byron_Bitz: For starters the schedule. Down there we tended to play a bunch of games back to back to back, whereas here it is not as many back to back games, more of just a steady schedule.
Byron_Bitz: The speed and the intelligence of the players up here has been the biggest difference from playing down there.
BoBs09DK: how do you think hunwick played after being thrown ionto an offensive line from his normal defensive position?
Byron_Bitz: I think he played very well. It shows that he is very versatile and willing to accept any role he is given.
Byron_Bitz: He works very hard and is a very gifted skater, which allowed him to have success playing forward.
letsgoRED: Did you know that Harvard still [stinks]?
Byron_Bitz: Haha, the Harvard/Cornell rivalry has gone on for a very long time. It was amazing to be a part of the games we played at Lynah (Cornell) where our fans seemed to hate them more than we did!
bruinsfan61: hi byron who was your favorite team growing up?
Byron_Bitz: I was a big Oilers fan but ironically my favorite team was the Bruins.
Byron_Bitz: I think I was maybe 5 when they played the Oilers in the Finals and I guess they were kinda the underdog and I just started to like them then.
Byron_Bitz: And followed them ever since.
hartfordwhalers: What was going through your mind as soon as you dropped the gloves with Brashear?
Byron_Bitz: Not much really, I just reacted to a situation in the game and just tried to go in there and do my best.
aaron06: I enjoy your physical gameplay, how hard is it for gritty players to maintain that hard nosed play as the season wears on?
Byron_Bitz: It does get tough at times. Your body tends to wear down as the season goes on so staying in good shape and spending time in the gym helps your body react better to the grind of the season.
Samantha_46: If you had to be anything other than a hockey player, what career would you choose?
Byron_Bitz: If it wasn't for hockey I would definitely want to be a farmer.
Byron_Bitz: I help my uncle John on the farm in the summer and I've always liked the space that it offers as well as the work ethic that it gives you.
Byron_Bitz: It's a grain farm... wheat, barley, canola, peas
JoJo: What type of music do you listen to?
Byron_Bitz: 90% country, the only time I don't listen to country is before a game, then it's all rock... Nickelback, Metallica, Linkin Park to name a few
hailey: whos the funniest guy on the team?
Byron_Bitz: There's quite a few guys with a quick sense of humor, but I really get a kick out of Stephane Yelle and his sarcastic way of making fun of Shawn Thornton.
BruinsFanInTexa: Who are your top 3 country artists?
Byron_Bitz: Garth Brooks #1, Keith Urban #2, and Chris Ledoux #3
BoomerPro62: Who was your fav Bruin gorwing up?
Byron_Bitz: Cam Neely
timesse: bitzy!!!! glad to have you on the team, hey quick question if hnidy and loooooch are such bad roomates due to snoring, why don't the room together? why should the other guys "suffer?" lol
Byron_Bitz: Haha, that's a good point... it's Thorty that has to deal with Hnidy's snoring so I don't feel too bad haha
talicat: What is it like having Neely in the oraganisation?
Byron_Bitz: It's a thrill for me to be able to have Cam help me with my game.
Byron_Bitz: He played the game so hard and any advice that he can give me I will definitely take.
kurji: My question for you, is how difficult is it to keep in touch with your family and friends now that you're up with the big club?
Byron_Bitz: No not really, I still call my dad after every game. He has been a big supporter of mine my whole life and it's special for me to see how much he enjoys following my career.
welderguy: Hey Byron,is the ice as good as the ice I used to make you at home ? (pond hockey )
Byron_Bitz: The ice back home always seems a little faster but maybe that's because it's usually 30 below 0!
bostonbruins: What's your favorite T.V. Show?
Byron_Bitz: I've always been a big Seinfeld fan. I think I have seen every episode, but I still enjoy watching them.
BoBs09DK: What's your favorite place to eat in Boston?
Byron_Bitz: My favorite is Tresca in the North End. They always have good food.
BoomerPro62: I assume you are a Blades fan? You think they have enough to get to the Memorial Cup ?
Byron_Bitz: The Blades are doing well, it's good to see because they have struggled for quite a while.
Byron_Bitz: The city is getting on board and there's a lot of excitement, hopefully they can go all the way.
AMunz_46_26_61: Hey Byron! Are you excited to be back at the Garden tomorrow to face Ottawa? (I know I am, I'll be there!!)
Byron_Bitz: Absolutely.
Byron_Bitz: Whenever we return from the road it always seems like there's a little extra excitement in the building.
Byron_Bitz: It's awesome playing at home.
bruins_60: I have been at the Garden for 3 of your 4 goals!! Is there any way I can get some free tickets to help you score some more????? :)
Byron_Bitz: Haha, I'd get you tickets whenever you want if I could score every game you're at!
SoSavvy91: Hey Byron.  What has been your favorite moment of the season so far?
Byron_Bitz: Personally, probably my first game. My parents were able to come and I was very excited. It was special that I was able to share that with them.
bruinskid: hey byron!! let me ask you, what do you think about sundays game vs pittsburgh?
Byron_Bitz: I think it is going to be a good test for us.
Byron_Bitz: They are a team that have been playing very good hockey lately so we are going to need to have our best against them.
AMunz_46_26_61: It was AMAZING to be at the game (Florida, 2/24) when you scored the two goals. How did it feel to 1. do it in Boston, and 2. have the fans chanting your name?
Byron_Bitz: It made it special to do it at home and very flattering to have the fans chant.
Byron_Bitz: Like I said before, it says a lot about the fans knowledge of the game, to recognize what was happening.
CHARA_33: Where is your fav place to plat besides the garden
Byron_Bitz: Probably Montreal, I've only played there once but their fans were very intense.
Sobotka_Krejci: After getting a taste of the NHL what specific skill do you plan on focusing on this off season?
Byron_Bitz: I think I need to continue to work on my skating. In this day and age, it's probably something that you can always be better at.
bruinfan4: Byron, what is it going to take for the stretch drive to remain at the top of the conference??
Byron_Bitz: I think it is going to take us to pull out of the slump that we are in. With 15 games left we really need to get on a roll heading in to the playoffs.
Byron_Bitz: I'm confident we can do it.
Sobotka_Krejci: Are you going to keep on writeing your blog even tho your in the NHL now?
Byron_Bitz: Yeah I've been meaning to get another post up there, it's just been tough because I've been busy but I'll try.
Byron_Bitz: Good to see the loyal readers want more!
the_ref: Byron's going to answer a couple more questions.
bigredbrouhaha: You ever take the wines class at Cornell?
Byron_Bitz: That's a famous class at Cornell actually.
Byron_Bitz: I never did because it conflicted with practice time, but I knew many people who did and enjoyed it.
Joanna: Is there any one thing the team should focus on heading into this last stretch?
Byron_Bitz: I think just working our way on to a roll to finish out the regular season and go into the playoffs with everything clicking.
Byron_Bitz: Thanks everyone, this was fun.
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