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Campbell is Having Fun

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON -- Bruins center Gregory Campbell's stoic demeanor in the locker room generally mirrors that of his on-ice persona.

Campbell (photo: Babineau)
Meaning, what you see on the rink is what you get in the room.

As such, Campbell's smart, thoughtful answers generally lay the bedrock for a game story or feature in the same way that his line's play often sets the tone for the Black & Gold as they take on the best of the NHL.

But on Wednesday, B's team photographer Steve Babineau caught the often stone-faced Campbell in a (much) lighter moment during Tim Thomas' goalie "fight" with Carey Price.

"Actually, my sister said she saw the picture today, too," said Campbell on Thursday as he broke into another wide grin.

The picture, in which Campbell is framed by Thomas and Price, shows the center standing on the bench in the midst of a smile that would make Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger proud.  

Asked what he was thinking while the two "combatants" traversed the ice to square off, and Campbell just chuckled.

"It was just funny because the noise level in the building was loud and then as soon as they got it going, it was actually another level that I didn’t think the Garden could pull off," said Campbell. "That’s just fun to watch."

"I don’t think you want to see something happen like [injured Islander goalie Rick] DiPietro, that’s not fun to see. But if you’re involved in something like that, why not get a kick out of it.

"[Then] I was watching afterward and I saw how they’re both respectful guys," continued Campbell. "Timmy and Carey respect each other.

"It’s just something that I wasn’t expecting."

The center also wasn't expecting to be caught on film.

"I didn’t realize my smile was that big, I just thought this was going to be something fun to watch," he said.

Campbell admitted that right now he is having fun simply playing hockey.

"I’m just taking it all in," said Campbell. "It’s a pleasure to play in a place like Boston.

"I grew up in hockey, and I appreciate the game and respect the game, and I want to play in a place where it matters.

"This is not taking anything away from Florida, because I enjoyed playing there, but after five years it’s something that I’m just really soaking it up now," he said.

And Campbell is salivating over the playoff possibilities. After all, if the Garden is rocking for a mid-February game against the Canadiens, what might it sound like during the sping.

"We’re not even in the playoffs and I’m sure in the playoffs it’s going to be even another level," said Campbell. "Games like that are fun to play in, teams like this are fun to play on.

"So, I’m enjoying myself."

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