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Bruins Not Trading #2

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Los Angeles - Beyond the news on Johnny Boychuk, Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli had plenty to talk about on the last day before the 2010 draft.

Things are heating up, and the Boston Bruins are in the middle of the firestorm.

"Generally there is more discussion around the draft because draft picks are involved," said Chiarelli. "You can come away with a trade involving a draft pick and you get a concrete player.

"Historically that has always happened, you’re always thinking you can do a deal at the draft.

"The free agent market is thin. There are a lot of teams...that are ahead of it as far as trying to get these deals done heading into July 1.

"Guys are being more proactive. I think a lot of that is due to the parity we see. And once you get into the playoffs anything can happen."

Asked if the trades had taken the fun out of the draft for him, Chiarelli just smiled.

"No. Not for me," he said with a laugh. "I mean, July 1, I know it’s covered well in the U.S. and Canada, July 1 but it’s just [time to] get your stuff done and do it in a prudent manner.

"As a manager you have to sense the timing out there and you have to sense the market, you have to sense where deals are going and you have to act accordingly."

That is especially because the number of free agent forwards is dwindling.

"For forwards in general the free agent market is thin," said Chiarelli. "Centers are very thin. I know that there are a lot of teams who are looking for centers. That’s not just from the rumors you hear, and I won’t comment on those.

"You just look at the lineups and there are a lot of teams that are in the market for centers."

That said, Chiarelli will NOT be trading the B's #2 spot.

"I have had a couple of interesting emails but I’m not trading that pick," he said. "I am keeping that pick and selecting one of those forwards."

Of his ongoing evaluation of Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin, Chiarelli said, "We have one above the other. What I’ve said all along is that I think the gap is so small, if there is a gap.
"Ultimately you have to pick one over the other, so we have one over the other.

"I am not in a position right now, and I don’t know if I ever will go to Edmonton and say, 'Here is this, this, this and this. Let us take our guy.'

"I think those players are so good at that 1 and 2 that I don’t think it’s worth to me, to go and give something where I could maybe get something somewhere else," he continued. "They’re so good that I’m not really running over chairs and jumping over things to try and get that player we have at one."

That said, the Bruins will talk with Edmonton.

"I’m going to have at least one more discussion with Steve [Tambellini]," said Chiarelli. "Any time you’ve got multiple picks laying around teams will approach you about moving up.

"So teams have approached me about our two seconds for a first. Again, one of the things, one of the reasons why I put 15 in the deal for Horton was that we felt that the draft was so deep that there is a good chance we can get who we have at 15 at 32, so I’m not inclined to do that right now.

"Now who knows what happens on the day of the draft and who will be there...but right now I just came out of our amateur meetings and right now I’m still in the same position as far as this is deep, we think we can get someone at 32 that we would get at 15."
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