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Bergeron, Campbell Set to Practice; Not Yet Cleared for Game Action

by Caryn Switaj / Boston Bruins

BOSTON, MA - Training Camp is officially open for the NHL and the Boston Bruins, who reported to TD Garden on September 11 for physical testing and media availability.

Patrice Bergeron and Gregory Campbell have done a slew of interviews throughout the past couple of weeks about their conditions. Both were on track for camp and had been on the ice skating. Now that camp has arrived, they both have the go-ahead to join their teammates on the ice, as they have at Captain's Practices.

"They're going to practice with us, they're going to be on the ice," Head Coach Claude Julien told gathered reporters, of the duo's conditions after physical testing. "And when it comes time to play those exhibition games, it'll be a conversation again with our trainers in making sure if they're going to play, that there's not a risk factor."

"Right now, I would tell you that they would not be cleared to play a game if we started today but that might change in the upcoming days or in a week from now."

Bergeron, of course, had to spend the early part of his summer recovering from the broken rib, torn cartilage, collapsed lung and separated shoulder he played through during the Stanley Cup Final. He's all healed up, including his "perfectly healed" lung, and was able to do his running test today.

"95 percent" has been the mantra from the alternate captain, as he continues to feel his way through any discomfort. He tested out battling along the boards in Sunday's informal skate and felt fine, but the ramped up camp practices should give him a much better indication.

"If I feel fine in the first couple practices and I feel I can bang around and play physical in the 1-on-1's and stuff like that on the ice," said Bergeron, of how to judge if he's ready for game action.

"The next couple days will really tell me where I stand with the lingering issues."

Campbell Adjusting After Surgery

Gregory Campbell is still recovering from the broken leg he suffered during last season's Eastern Conference Final. He's been skating without too much trouble, but is working through the new feeling of the screws and plate put in during his surgery to repair the right leg back in June.

"When you skate you obviously go back and forth, forward and back, so it's constant rubbing," Campbell said Monday at the Bruins' annual golf tournament. "I felt fine when I was out of my skate and then I put my foot in my skate and it was just kind of an eye opener to me."

"But I've worked through that a little bit so going forward I'm not expecting to have to remove that but it's definitely a possibility talking to the surgeon, that's happened before. And if I were to have that surgery down the road, it's not an invasive one where I'm out for too long - it's just simply taking it out and there's no rehab involved. I'm hoping not to have it but if that were the case then I'm sure it would probably be after the season, next summer."

To help the discomfort, the training staff has helped him insert padding in his skate around the tender area to protect it.

"To be honest, I'm gonna feel it for a while," said Campbell. "If you've ever had a broken bone, there's a certain time frame where it's expected to be fully healed but there's weeks and months after that that you still feel the break. So that's where I'm at right now, I'm still going to feel it and I'm fully expecting to feel it for a while now. As much as I can protect the area and make it as comfortable as possible, I think there's still gonna be some pain there and it's just something I'm going to have to work through."

Regardless of how much future recovery time is necessary, it's still great to see both Bruins on the ice skating, and we'll be watching their progress as camp goes along before the team travels to the first preseason game Monday in Montreal.

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