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Andrew Alberts Chat Transcript - 3.26.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Andrew Alberts
Andrew Alberts: Hey everyone bring it on!

raybork: Hey Andrew! Long time Bruins fan (as you can tell by the name). What will it take to get the team back to their winning ways now that the race to the finish is so tight?
Andrew Alberts: In such a tight race like we have in the East, I think our team needs to continue to play our solid defense and just find away to put up some more goals...This week in practice we have been working on gettin' more pucks and bodies to the net...That's our plan!

meg8441: In your three years in the NHL, the Bruins have gone through three head coaches. How had has it been to adjust to each coach's style?
Andrew Alberts: Having three coaches has been tough to adjust to.  This year was the hardest for me...As I continued to learn, it is easy to see why our system works, but it was a lot different from the last two years.

superfan41: What are the three things in life that you cant live without?
Andrew Alberts: I love my big leather couch! and HUUUGGEE TV! and last but not least my boat out in MN. Nothing better than lounging out on the boat!

meg8441: Wideman ragged on you pretty badly during his chat, care to dish out anything on him?
Andrew Alberts: Wides like to take some shots at peeps but he will get what's coming to him...bachelor of the month? Did you guys see those pictures? Nice ten foot scarf you donkey!
Bruin30: Hope all is going well. How frustrating is it trying to sit out for this long?
Andrew Alberts: It has been tough sitting out but all I can do is watch and learn from viewing games from the stands...just have to take it one day at a time to get back.

meg8441: What is your favorite off ice activity?
Andrew Alberts: I enjoying going to movies as most of you know, but in the summers I love golfing and being out on the boat!
iceblue: What is it like playing in Boston? How was it meeting Ray Bourque for the first time?
Andrew Alberts: Playing in Boston has been great. We have great fans here and being able to make the move from BC where I watched all the Bs games to playing in them is pretty unreal! Meeting Ray for the first time was kind of intimidating. He's a really nice guy and helped me out a lot my rookie year.
bostongirl: What do you think of Boston College chances making frozen four?
Andrew Alberts: Got to love the BC fans. I think they have a tough road ahead but they have a good team this year and they have been playing great. I hope they can keep it rolling.

Andrew Alberts: Sorry everyone BISH just cleared all the questions by accident so you have to ask them to me again.
The Linesman: Bish did not clear the questions.

haileyluvsthebs: Are you the funniest on the team?
Andrew Alberts: Funniest.... not a chance, that one would have to go to Reicher or Lucic! They are both space cadets!!

lindsayxo: Who are you closest to on the team?
Andrew Alberts: I usually hang out with Wides and his girlfriend! Ya, call me the third wheel!!! Honestly though, usually hang out with Wides or Bergy.

1Patricia: Have you been able to give Bobby Allen any personality since The Buzz?
Andrew Alberts: OUCH!!!! No he's a great kid and we rag on him a lil' but we had a good laugh over it!

Andrew Alberts: I just pulled a "Lucic" and killed the link. Send ?'s again.

dancer06ox: ur a great player and I miss seeing you on the ice. Hope to see you come back soon. What is ur favorite road place and on the road who is ur roommate?
Andrew Alberts: Thank you. I like traveling to Tampa…good weather, great food and a fun place to play. Roommates have been changing a lot with injuries, but it was Reicher or ERNIE as I like to call him.
haileyluvsthebs: What kind of music do you listen to?
Andrew Alberts: Music.... I've become a HUUGE Country fan this year so I'm always dl new country tunes and that's what you will find on my ipod.

27_06_91_41_37: Whose idea was it for the Teletubby Halloween costumes in the photo from the Wives' Carnival handout? lol Definitely the highlight of the whole thing, by the way.
Andrew Alberts: Wides and I were brainstorming on my couch for Halloween one beautiful Tuesday afternoon and came across some baby Care Bear Costumes, thus we searched for those. Unable to fine Adult Care Bears we settled on TELLETUBBIES! I think we looked pretty good!

bailey653: When are you going to play again?
Andrew Alberts: Hope to be back soon...We will see how practice goes!

Sidney_Crosby: How come Marc Savard always stares at his stick when he is on the bench? haha
Andrew Alberts: Marc has a thing with his sticks...Every stick needs to be painted correctly, taped right and feel perfect for him to use it!

DNC1314: If you weren't a hockey player, what would you be?
Andrew Alberts: If I wasn't a hockey player I would be a...maybe a Home Flipper…You guys ever watch Flip that House??? Great show...Seems like a blast and fun job!

MariaG17: Big fan Andrew...while playing for BC who was your favorite hockey east team (besides BU! haha) to play?...I go to UMass-Amherst and the BC games are always pretty interesting to say the least.
Andrew Alberts: I would say playing Maine in Maine was always a HUUUGE challenge...

suli: You guys do so much in/for the community. Is it hard to get psyched up for so many appearances?
Andrew Alberts: Not really, I enjoy interacting with other people and finding ways to help others. Going to hospitals or places to see kids and brighten up their day gives you a great feeling.

MariaG17: What kind of car do you drive?
Andrew Alberts: I recently purchased a Range Rover...Love it.

Wheeler3: Why do people call you "Prince Albie"?
Andrew Alberts: Before my Frosh year in college, Jeff Farkas and Marty Reasoner gave me the nickname "PRINCE" cause there was a HUGE wrestler named Prince Albert...Thus my name was close enough and I was called PRINCE all through college.

 PJ_Bartley: What Bruins(s) has surprised you the most from the start of the season to today?
Andrew Alberts: I think Lucic and Metro have been the biggest surprises.

Hailey_Dodge: Do you have any pets?
Andrew Alberts: Not yet, looking into getting a dog, but we will see.

rickc11: I heard Savard hurt his back trying to lift too much in the gym, any truth to that?
Andrew Alberts: Savard doesn't know where the gym is.

Jess: Who was you favorite player as a kid?
Andrew Alberts: I grew up watching MIKE MODANO and BOBBY SMITH who played for the MN NORTH STARS. I used to go to games all the time...Loved it.

meg8441: If you were stranded on an island with three of your teammates who would you pick and why?
Andrew Alberts: I've heard some good answers to this question in the past so ill try and use some new guys. I'd bring Reicher for comedy relief. Bring Timmy to hunt and fish...But he might eat most the catch so I'm still up in the air on him. I'd bring Stuwie ‘cause he could communicate with all the other cave men.

samanthabicica: What's your middle name?
Andrew Alberts: James.

Bruins08: How do you feel about Savard playing Britney Spears in the locker room?
Andrew Alberts: I have been fortunate enough to not have to suffer through that ‘cause I've been injured.

Jess: What's your favorite song?
Andrew Alberts: “Country Boy Can Survive” by Montgomery Gentry.

albertsfan44: What is your favorite movie?
Andrew Alberts: Brave Heart, Shawshank Redemption, Transformers, and A Few Good Men.

Sheehanman34: Alby you’re the man, we need to get you and Bergy back soon!
Andrew Alberts: Thanks bud!

Dark_devil: If you could speak any language which language do you want to speak?
Andrew Alberts: I want to be able to speak French so when I'm working out with Bergy and Manny I know what the heck they are talking about! They just sit there and laugh at me.

bruinsgirl: With Ference being "green", have you or any of the guys adopted his ways?
Andrew Alberts: We have in the locker room and I'm more continuously aware of what I use and dispose of and the emissions I use.

amanthabicica: Do ANY of the players on the team agree with your movie reviews?
Andrew Alberts: Some do, some don't...We have discussion about many movies but were all friends in the end.

meg8441: What is your favorite meal to order if you're eating out?
Andrew Alberts: A good steak is always great, but I love Chinese food!

wickedbruinsgal: What has been your favorite NHL career moment?
Andrew Alberts: I think making the opening night roster my rookie year...I had a terrible game but I loved it!

raybork: You should bring Z to pick the coconuts off the trees!
Andrew Alberts: Someone else is already bringing him.

Rhyno: Who has the sickest one on one dangles?
Andrew Alberts: Bergy will turn you in circles...Trust me!

fan101: Favorite fight this year?
Andrew Alberts: Lucic fighting Bradley and then Thorty fighting Brashear opening face off!

plo373: Wides should go so he could attract all the Island ladies.
Andrew Alberts: So you guys all think Wides is a smoke show, eh?

albertsfan44: You mentioned having a boat, I grew up on the lake as well.....Do you water ski or do any other water sports?
Andrew Alberts: I used to wakeboard and water ski all the time, but now it’s too much of a risk to injure you knees so I stick to tubing and lounging!

Patricia: Would you play hockey in Japan if they had it?
Andrew Alberts: Sure, ill play hockey anywhere!

pooleyacht: Do you still keep in contact with Bochenski? How is he?
Andrew Alberts: Yah, Bo's doing ok down in Nashville... He’s a lil' frustrated right now.

lizbister: Where's your favorite place to hang out in Boston?
Andrew Alberts: Boston is a great city. I don't really have one favorite place. I like to go different places and experience new things.

lucic_rules17: How old were you when you started playing hockey?
Andrew Alberts: I started skating when I was 4. I had lake behind my house and I would go back and forth for hours jumping into snow banks.

kyleighx: Who influenced you to start playing hockey? What age did you start playing at?
Andrew Alberts: My uncles on my mom's side played and I watched them growing up…They played college hockey so I was able to go to games and learn from them.

Bruins-r-Bears: What do you think of the Bruins new alternate jersey, and what are the possibilities of it being used in the near future, say the playoffs?
Andrew Alberts: Never seen it ... send a pic.

bruinsfan3037: Do you like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Andrew Alberts: Haven't seen Harry yet... but LOTR is UNREAL and some of the best movies ever... check them OUT!

bosbruin908: Who skates the fastest on the team?
Andrew Alberts: Sturmie.

bruinsfan3037: Does Bergy speak French all the time?
Andrew Alberts: No not at all just to those that speak French.

plo373: Do you get to any Sox games?
Andrew Alberts: Absolutely...I love going to sox games!

haileyluvsthebs: Do you have a Myspace?
Andrew Alberts: Ya.

BsGal127: How has the team managed to stay positive with so many injuries this season, especially with the playoff race so tight and losing guys like Savvy?
Andrew Alberts: Its all part of the game…Every team has issues and teams just need to find ways to adapt and over come injuries.

The Linesman: Get in those final questions!
The Linesman: Just a few more minutes...

Jess: What type of stick do you like to use?
Andrew Alberts: I use a Bauer vapor 40.

lucic_rules17: What other sports do you like playing?
Andrew Alberts: Love playing golf.

Hailey_Dodge: Since I just got out of school, what was your favorite part of going to high school?
Andrew Alberts: Just being around your friends all the time and hockey was great too.

defensealbert: How fast is your slapshot?
Andrew Alberts: I had it recorded at 98 while at BC.

Dark_devil: Where would you like to travel?
Andrew Alberts: I would love to go to Australia, Africa…Heck I want to go everywhere once!

albertsfan44: How would you feel about the bruins playing an outdoor game?
Andrew Alberts: I think it would be a blast...Game at FENWAY...That would be sick...I say we get it set up now.

DeeM518: What is the hardest thing about being injured and out of the lineup?
Andrew Alberts: Watching games and not being around the locker room and the guys...

meg8441: What is your favorite thing to do on an off day?
Andrew Alberts: I tend to spend most the day on the couch and then go out for a dinner with some teammates.

Hailey_Dodge: It seems you guys kid around with each other a lot. Who is your favorite target?
Andrew Alberts: Wides and I seem to take a lot of jabs at each other but it's all in good fun.

Bcbruinsfan: Do u still go 2 BC hockey games?
Andrew Alberts: Yah, I try to get to as many as I can during the year.

albertsfan44: With all of the different nationalities on the team do you ever find it hard to understand anyone or do they all speak pretty good English?
Andrew Alberts: It's not too bad…Most guys speak English or bits and pieces so it's all good.

Sidney_Crosby: Do you think you are the best looking on the team?
Andrew Alberts:

Lucic: Who on the team looks like big earn McCracken???
Andrew Alberts: Well if you look at the hairlines on some guys, you might be able to pick some one out.

bukie031: Was your dream always to play in the NHL?
Andrew Alberts: I wanted to be a cop when I was younger and then just wanted to play hockey in college…But I got to college and it seemed like a real opportunity.

The Linesman: Two more ?'s…

cjhockey7: Kenny Chesney fan?
Andrew Alberts: Kenny is one of the best...along with Gary AWESOME (Allen)

bukie031: Your biggest non-hockey related accomplishment?
Andrew Alberts: Getting my degree from BC.

SavvyFan: Have you ever thought of going into a career in broadcasting down the road - maybe Jack or Brick's role?
Andrew Alberts: Nope, but I enjoying doing it!

Josh4: What was your major?
Andrew Alberts: Comm.

The Linesman: One more question

bruins3327: Have you ever seen the muffin man?
Andrew Alberts: The one that lives on Drury lane! THE MUFFIN MAN! Not my gumdrop button!

Andrew Alberts: Ok I'm out of here on that NOTE!!! Thanks for everyone joining in!
The Linesman: All right everyone; we are TBD on a guest for next week as it is a game day. But keep on checking for the latest update on our next guess.
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