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Aaron Ward Chat Transcript - 4.09.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Boston's Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward: Hello everybody.

Sturminated: Hey Aaron! Can you tell us about one aspect of the playoff atmosphere that you enjoy the most?
Aaron Ward: Elevated level of play. Players hit harder, shoot harder and play harder.

bergie_37: Hey Wardo, how's the body feeling after all the blocked shots you have accumulated throughout the regular season?
Aaron Ward: All the pain went away once we made the playoffs!

hailey: how exciting is it to be facing the b's rival in the playoffs?
Aaron Ward: It's already intense just being in the playoffs... this raises it a notch.

bruinsarelove: Aaron do you think Patrice will be back in round one?
Aaron Ward: We are hoping, he has looked good in practice the last week.

WheresWardo: Hey Aaron, do you feel as though you're the guy all the rookies look up to in the playoffs?
Aaron Ward: No, it has to be a continuation of the consistency of the regular season.  That leadership will come from Zdeno Chara.

bcprs1: the Canadiens are a very fast and aggressive team, how are you going to combat that?
Aaron Ward: Keep our discipline both systematically and penalty-wise.

bs_upset_habs: Aaron what's the mind set around the team right now? Optimistic
Aaron Ward: Excitement, anticipation with what's to come. And a little bit of impatience, because we'd like to start the series now!

BruinsLover85: Hi Aaron! I had a quick question about heading up to Montreal. How is the team feeling overall considering it's such a tough environment to play at?
Aaron Ward: The feeling is positive, the organization is taking steps to limit the distractions.
jaybird: Hi Wardy, what is the story with your game winner a few months back - did you break the stick and then drop it on purpose?
Aaron Ward: (I didn't know) the stick was broken... that would explain the muffin shot at the net, as opposed to my usual bullet!
lucic_rules17: how the team reaction to bergie's chance of playing?
Aaron Ward: We are excited at the possibility, but guarded.  You don't want expect it and be disappointed.

BruinsFanJoseph: Who are you closest to on the team?
Aaron Ward: Marco Sturm.

BostonBruin1924: Are there any pointers you give the guys with no playoff experiences?
Aaron Ward: Turn up the intensity and remember to enjoy it.

gobruinsgo_1: What do you think the key to winning the series with Montreal is and how do you shut down their power play?
Aaron Ward: The key to shutting the power play down is to limit the seam passes... and not be in the box to begin with! I think the key to the series is understand that it is going to be a war of attrition, and we need to be mentally prepared for a long battle.

JamesJ: Do you think Coach Julien has a good chance at becoming coach of the year?
Aaron Ward: With the parity in the league, I think the final judgment will have to be determined at the conclusion of the season... but I think he has a real good chance.

Lowe_s48: How do you go into this series mentally knowing Montreal has beat you guys each game this season?
Aaron Ward: Through experience, I know that the regular season doesn't mean anything come playoff time. The playoffs are about intangibles, character.  The playoffs are about the here and now, nothing about the past.

WARDFANATIC: how do you respond to the media that says the bruins won't last past the 5th game?
Aaron Ward: They are outside observers, while we respect their opinions, the only opinions that we really care about are the ones inside the locker room.

gobsgo: do you feel like a big underdog going in?
Aaron Ward: Yes, and that's not a negative. It's always best to come in under the radar. If I've learned anything from Animal Planet, it's that you always want to surprise your prey!

LoohBearforprez: Good luck tomorrow night....I'm hoping when u guys win the cup this year Chara is gonna hold a "Resign Ward" sign...what are your thoughts on staying in Boston to finish your career?
Aaron Ward: Thanks, it's appealing to me, but my concentration lies on this series at this point. I will address that and think about it more after the season.

Scottyc: When you going back on Toucher and Rich.
Aaron Ward: When I am done with this chat actually! 5:00 p.m. Tune in... you can listen on your computers too.

bruinsgirl: how does it feel to be in another run for the cup
Aaron Ward: Satisfying after watching it all last year.

samanthabicica: Does the team get along as well as they seem to do in the media, and during games?
Aaron Ward: Yes, we are a tight-knit group. That is the main reason why we have been to accomplish what we have so far.

JaredFromNH: What is one aspect of the Bruins playing style that you do feel is better than that of the Canadiens?
Aaron Ward: I will pass on that question... don't want to provide any bulletin board material!

b_s_fan32: Who do we talk to about getting 'Ward 44' t-shirts and jerseys in the Pro Shop?
Aaron Ward: Ha ha... We need to have more than three people that want to buy them besides you, me and my son!

Black_and_Gold: What can we expect from the team in the first game?
Aaron Ward: A good start while maintaining our composure.

gh: Will you be watching any games tonight?
Aaron Ward: Yes, Ottawa/Pitt for sure. This is the time of year when I will watch hockey 24/7.

plo373: how does it feel to have 5 of the most important goals of the year
Aaron Ward: Haven't really thought of it that way because seemingly everyone has had to step up at different times throughout the year.

whitbyfan12: who is one of the hardest players to defend?
Aaron Ward: Ovechkin, because he possesses the skill to make you look bad and the will to run your head through the boards.

hckybs7: Hey Aaron, how do you feel about the Habs fans? Is it annoying as a player to have thousands of opposing fans in your home building?
Aaron Ward: There is no other answer than, yes, it is annoying... we need you guys to recruit your friends and wear your jerseys to drown them out.

bergie_37: Hey Aaron, the Canadiens are a very fast team with a lot of quick flow with their forwards.  What is the game plan to interrupt this flow just playing a high level of physical play or what?
Aaron Ward: The biggest key is to limit Kovalev's space and time because he is the catalyst of that team.

bb81: Have you and the other guys on the team that have more experience in the playoffs offered any advice to your teammates who haven't played in any postseason games? Has Cam Neely talked to the team?
Aaron Ward: You answer when you get asked, but you don't force your experiences on everybody because it can be unnerving to some. Cam is always around as a resource.

Newfoundland: Aaron: Good luck to you and the rest of my beloved team in the playoffs.  My question for you is.  Will you be on here again chatting before you play in the second round of the playoffs?
Aaron Ward: It depends if I get invited back!

beanpotbrace: are you feeling good about tomorrow?
Aaron Ward: Wouldn't be here if I didn't.  I always have a positive attitude.

Hailey_Dodge: what is the most difficult part of the playoffs?
Aaron Ward: Maintaining your focus. SO MANY distractions... media, friends and family looking for tix, euphoria in the city...

beproud42: How do you respond to everyone who feels that this is going to be a (fairly) easy sweep for the Habs?
Aaron Ward: Games are played on the ice, not in the newspapers, on TV, or on computer screens.  Playoffs have a different flavor.

bruinsrule1211: I saw on youtube when you were on WBCN talking about the Bruins fans that dance at games. But who is the better dancer, Crash Clark or Moustache Man?
Aaron Ward: I will say Crash Clark has the edge on originality. Polka Dot Moustache Man seems to have the same groove every game.  It's a good groove though!

fan_37: what was your favorite team growin up?
Aaron Ward: Maple Leafs, being from Ontario.

BostonBruin1924: Are there any pregame rituals you do? If not any interesting ones one of your teamates do?
Aaron Ward: Every aspect of my pregame is a ritual. I would like to call it good habits, but I do realize that it borders on psychotic! Everything from number of pieces and flavor of gum to who I pass to in warmup to the sequence of fluids I drink and consume before games.

Aaron Ward: If any of the WBCN boys are on right now, I challenge you to bring it!

JaredFromNH: How important is it to score first, or win the first game when it comes to Game 1 of a series?
Aaron Ward: I think winning Game 1 is most important because it challenges home ice advantage. But for us I think scoring first would put our young guys at ease.

janney23: can a loud, rowdy crowd make a difference in a game?
Aaron Ward: YES. It makes it difficult to communicate on the ice and can be intimidating to those who have never experienced it.

thecupisours: Thomas has been great to close out season, how will his nerves hold up vs. Canadiens?
Aaron Ward: I will offer up a bounty of free hamburgers and he will be fine!

jaybird: Did Ax scare anyone after he dropped his gloves?
Aaron Ward: For a moment there I thought we were in a parallel universe! I told Axie I'd call him 'Killer' for a whole period.

DanielleLuvsBs: What's your biggest challenge that you guys need to work on to beat the habs?
Aaron Ward: Limiting their power play opportunities.

Scottbd8: Which fellow player has surprised you the most with their performance this season?
Aaron Ward: Short term, it would be David Krejci. Long term, Glen Metropolit.

ward-o: Do you like having these days off before the series starts to give people recoup time or would you rather be right back playing?
Aaron Ward: I would rather have started the series on Tuesday. As much as we under performed in Buffalo, we had momentum and my wish would be to play right away to keep it.

lucic_rules17: what do you think making the playoffs mean to the rookies like looch and krejci?
Aaron Ward: Tough to say, I think that's a question you'd have to ask them after their first experience...

Pauze: who and what gets you pumped in the dressing room?
Aaron Ward: No one really gets me pumped in the locker, I do it myself. A Red Bull and AC/DC does it for me.

bergie_37: Aaron, any thoughts of trying to get into coaching or the front office after your career is over?
Aaron Ward: Not a chance... just not my thing.

Canadian_Bruin: Do the young players that can't grow play-offs beards get poked fun of a little for not being able to? I've always wondered that.
Aaron Ward: Absolutely!  We suggest as an alternative that they grow their back hair or their neck hair!

MPMiles12: Why would you not like to coach. you have so much knowledge of the game?
Aaron Ward: What are you trying to say, you don't want me back next year?? Just kidding. I'm analytical and I think it's better served doing TV commentary. I have difficulty maintaining a level of seriousness at all times!

lynsielw: Does it feel good to have proven all those wrong who said the Bs would be in last place this season?
Aaron Ward: Our job is not done yet...

81Kessel81: What team do you feel is the strongest from the West?
Aaron Ward: Right now, probably San Jose.

nancy23: Are you stressed or afraid to start the playoffs at Montreal in the crazy mood of this city?
Aaron Ward: Never, you have to start things off with a bang. Couldn't have picked a better place to start.

crashclark: What's the deal with that dancing guy?
Aaron Ward: You can find out what I think by going on BCN right now!  Sorry guys, I have to go do this other interview.  Thanks for stopping by, this was fun! Go to See ya guys.
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