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A Look Behind the Scenes

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

A commentary by John Bishop,

"In short, a Quartermaster General should anticipate every thing, see every thing, and be prepared at all times as far as human foresight is capable of for all emergencies."
Major General Henry Dearborn

No army, or hockey team for that matter, can do anything without a strong corps of background personnel ready to help give the necessary logistical support to their group.

The Boston Bruins are no different and recently, a situation occurred that illustrates the point perfectly.

On March 16th, a late winter storm blanketed New England and much of New York with almost a foot of heavy wet snow. The Boston Bruins attempted to leave on their 2:00 p.m. chartered flight out of Hanscom Field in Bedford, only to have to return home because of unsafe conditions and decided to ride out the storm and fly out in the morning.

Nice idea, in theory.

But Mother Nature conspired against the team for a second time. The next morning, it was the same story and the conditions were too icy for the plane to depart. Ma Nature 2, Bruins 0. Final.

Or was it final?

No way. It was Carol Gould, the Bruins Travel Coordinator and Assistant Director of Administration and her linemate John Bucyk to the rescue.

"She makes all of the arrangements for all of the hotels and all of the flights," said Bucyk, a Hockey Hall of Famer and the team's Road Services Coordinator.

Bucyk very rightly pointed out that without Carol and her hard work the B's would not have made it to New York on St. Patrick's Day. Chief said that he got a lot of credit for getting the B's to New York, but admitted, "All I do is to basically follow through on it."

And Bucyk wanted people to know, that although he takes point on the road, it's Ms. Gould who always gets the B's where they need to go.

"If there are any problems, I just call her and she takes care of them," said the proud Bruins alum.

It’s a labor of love for Carol, an equally proud Bruins alum.

"I have dedicated most of my adult life to working for the Bruins," said Gould, tracked down in her office before a Bruins home game. "It's all about a team effort here, putting the team's needs first.

"I can't imagine working anywhere else."

Chief can't imagine it either, and counts his lucky goals, all 545 of them, that Carol is with the Bruins.

"Basically, the two of us work very well together," said Bucyk. "On the (New York) weekend, we did a lot of changes and she did it all from the office. It's important to have somebody (in Boston), because when I am on the road, for me to look up numbers and find places is pretty difficult.

"She's here. She gets on the problem and she finds the places.

"(With the team traveling by bus) Carol found a restaurant halfway between here and New York and everything worked out great," he said.

Obviously, with the B's going through a bit of a slump, the score could have worked out better, but Gould, and by extension Bucyk, got Our Boys where they needed to go.

"She does a lot of work behind the scenes," said Chief. "Not only her, but there are other people in the offices in the Garden who do a lot of stuff to help the team.

"They should get some credit once and a while for what they do."

For her part, a very humble Ms. Gould is just happy to be able to be part of the hockey club.

"You just take whatever action is necessary to get the players moving," said Carol of the New York trip. "Obviously, I've been the travel coordinator here for a long time and I plan everything as much in advance as possible."

Gould is also very happy to work with Bucyk -- a beloved figure in Bruins nation, but also within the B's offices.

"The best thing about Chief is that he is a great communicator," said Carol. "We just talk throughout the entire trip so that everything goes smoothly."

Just like a well-oiled line on the ice, don't you think Carol?

"Exactly," she said with a laugh.
So, this is a thank you to John, Carol and the rest of the people behind the Bruins. You don't get enough credit, my friends. Thanks.
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